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Even led me to your TV programme on Third Lanark, available on iPlayer until Sunday night.

The map below shows the area north of Strathbungo village circa 1858, just before major development began. Malcolm Rennie’s Queen’s Prize Certificate 1894. Volunteer corps were created with view to countering any French invasion.

In addition to the football the public will of course gain admission to the Carnival a show in itself worth all the money (sixpence) asked. third lanarkshire rifle volunteers The Athletics Club was formed in the Regimental Orderly Room, East Howard Street, Glasgow on 12th December 1872. It was a mistake for the club to connect itself with the regiment. They won 13 games, drew 8 and lost the remaining 17; they scored 67 goals and conceded 78. The nearby Junior club Pollok also received many new fans. Meanwhile away from the football field, Clydesdale Harriers, the first open Scottish athletics club, was founded on 4th May, 1885: and their first ever track competition was held over 300 yards with 54 entries. Blue trousers or knickerbockers with blue stockings." An original Victorian Era (1874-1881) Scottish 3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers blackened brass cap badge.

Its initial shareholders were mostly middle-class fans who were wealthy enough to invest in the club. Very few of them were business people or entrepreneurs. The sports of 1896 were cancelled late in the day but the comments contained in the Press indicate that they maybe did not take the athletics aspect too seriously.

Hardy Kiwi Prolific, Athletes were as lik ly to be attributed to the simple LRV as to any single regiment. Available from: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West in Scotland [Internet]. The result was unfortunate but they will know better next time.”. 23rd July 1897, Scottish Referee, looking forward to the Saturday Meeting at Cathkin: “The Third Lanark’s tournament has now become a thing of perpetuity, and year after year is increasing in popularity.

After Third Lanark went into liquidation some Third Lanark fans began supporting other local clubs like Queen's Park or Clyde, and others began supporting the Old Firm. The Athletics Club was formed in the Regimental Orderly Room, East Howard Street, Glasgow on 12th December 1872. From the HISTORICAL FOOTBALL KITS website:Background:As association football grew in popularity in the late nineteenth century, a number of clubs were formed as offshoots of volunteer regiments, forerunners of the modern Territorial Army – twenty-three are recorded on Brian McColl’s site as being formed between 1870 and 1900. On a positive note I have a silver shooting spoon that Rennie won at a Darnley long range meeting, I also have a cabinet image of Rennie sitting outside what I take to be his home with his prize rifle and Gold Medal. I had a reply from Roger Mundy at the National Rifle Association. This may have been a disincentive for anyone who was not close to Hiddelston to remain working for, or remain as a shareholder of, the club. Scottish international football players who were interested enough to joing a specialised athletic club. They held a Grand Rifle Competition in South-Side Park (now Queens Park) on 20th October that year, against the West Yorkshire Rifles. The small red square marks the site of their drill hall. Third Lanark went out of business in 1967 as a result of mismanagement, six years after having finished in third place in the SFL. They all entertained the public in their thousands but the content was different. The first race organised by an open athletics club in Scotland was won by a man from the 1st LRV. Unfortunately this will clash with another important meeting in the city, but as the sports under the auspices of the Volunteers are outside the pale of ordinary club gatherings, they will doubtless be accorded a good measure of support.”. The Thirds sports are now recognised as a sort of introduction to the football season, and on account of the variety of entertainment which they afford are looked forward to with pleasure.”. Rennie was even awarded the much cherished Sloper’s Award of Merit. This sounds more like a football day out than a sports. The Dumbarton goals came from Ally McMillan (2), Harry Kirk (2) and Roy McCormack. Ram Aur Shyam Child Artist, He further reported that Lieutenant-Colonel H E Crum-Ewing, the majority of the Officers and twenty-five other members of the Regiment had signified their willingness to support such a club.”. The Sculptress Cast,

Robert Walker was a Scottish footballer who was one of the first black players of the sport. A grandstand was built, and a Scotland-England international was played there in 1884.

Third Lanark won their final senior trophy - the Glasgow Cup - on 8 April 1963, beating Celtic 2–1 in the final at Hampden Park. The Thirds line-up in that final game at Boghead was: Bob Russell; Tony Connell and Gerry Heaney; Hugh McLaughlan, Jim Little and Gordon McEwan; Hugh Rundell, Bobby Craig, Drew Busby, Don May and John Kinnaird. The team played on the regimental drill ground at Victoria Road in Glasgow before moving into the first Cathkin Park in Cathcart Road in 1875. It was a short programme and very varied with a strangely named ‘Lemon Cutting’ which was won by a Hussar so it may well have involved sabres and horses! Despite almost not making it to the start, Private Rennie won it for the Third Lanark, and the story featured in all the papers . They played in the top division of the SFL for the majority of their existence, and were league champions in 1903–04. Terrell Edmunds Net Worth, There is often a moving spirit in the development of any sports club or section and in this case it might well have been James A Crerar. [cited 2017 Feb 15]. He just seemed to go on racing successfully – open races or races confined to the LRV members, 100, 220 440 or hurdles, high jump or long jump he did them all. [cited 2017 Feb 15]. Descartar. While the prize may not be known to many, it is the ultimate sporting accolade for a marksman. The last Third Lanark home game was against Queen of the South and was played at Cathkin Park on Tuesday 25 April 1967. Define Unmerited, There are many instances of members of both 1st and 3rd Lanark taking part in open meetings. Not all sports organised by football clubs in the nineteenth/early 20th century were he same. On the contrary, theirs is a meeting peculiarly their own, and none the less interesting because of that.

Living In The North East Of England, Barry Sanders Sons Ages, . The Thirds also have a claim to one of the world’s first black footballers, Robert Walker, and the first to play in a major competition, the Scottish Cup Final of 1876 . The Athletics Club was formed in the Regimental Orderly Room, East Howard Street, Glasgow on 12th December 1872.

A friend of mine has undertaken the task of looking for the family. Skotlannin cupin se voitti 1889 ja 1905. In 1905 they moved into New Cathkin Park purchased from Queen’s Park and formerly known as (Old) Hampden Park. The loop fittings on the back are original and intact. That there were still members of Third Lanark who were keen athletes is maybe shown by this article that appeared in  the “Scottish Umpire” of 30th November 1886: “Apologies to C.H. Goal:   Phillip (Pilgrims); Backs:   Gow and Vallance (Rangers), Cherrie (QP);  Half backs:  Gow (QP), Auld (3rd LRV), Cameron and McIntyre (Rangers); Forwards:   Marshall and Thomson (3rd LRV), McKenzie and Gow (Rangers), Cleland (Cowlairs), Allan (QP).”    It should be noted that Auld, Marshall and Allan were all capped for Scotland 14 days later. [cited 2017 Feb 15]. Far from it, but these were held by organisations other than the football club. The soldiers, inspired by the first ever international friendly which had taken place two weeks previously, decided to form their own team.

3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers Cap Badge. The ‘Glasgow Herald’ of 2nd June 1884 had a lengthy report on Military and Athletic Sports at Burnbank under the auspices of the 1st Lanark RV. The following day, 8th August, the south Glasgow corps were incorporated together into the 3rd Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers (3rd LRV), and the corps was based in the southside of Glasgow, around the village of Strathbungo . The final attendance at Cathkin Park was given as just 325 spectators.[13]. The gymnastic club in connection with the regiment gave some very clever displays on the horizontal bar, while the musical and bayonet exercises by the Gordon Highlanders were probably the leading features in an afternoon’s sport. Although it was still before the establishment of open amateur clubs, it was described as “the annual sports promoted by the athletic club of this popular corps”, so the public appetite was there for athletics meetings and the LRV had been promoting them. Ally Sloper was the world’s first fictional comicstrip (anti)hero, and a huge phenomenon in late 19th Century Britain, and his joke awards were given out to those who made it big in the news. Far from it, but these were held by organisations other than the football club. They won the FA Cup twice, scoring notable victories over both Celtic (1889) and Rangers (1905), as well as winning the football league in 1904.

Notable events too in his career were were his defeat twice in the half of JD Finlayson , a runner who may be remembered for his excellent record in the Mile.

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