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Edit Report This. Although the main storyline behind The Night Of revolves around who killed Andrea, there are many underlying issues, with race playing a big role. Everyone is left disillusioned, with many losing more than they bargained for at the start of the trial. All rights reserved. He even gets his lawyer to smuggle drugs for him, not to mention smuggles drugs in front of his lawyers.

After the events of the finale, Box and Helen team up to presumably take down Ray. Bart Bromley is a highly intelligent night clerk with Asperger Syndrom. If this act ends here, then it would be nothing more than an act of passion and Chandra finding love in a hopeless place.

'The Night Clerk' Rated: R, for language, some sexual references, brief nudity and violent images Running time: 1 hour, 30 minutes Playing: Starts Feb. 21, Laemmle Glendale; also on VOD. He states that strangers are far less likely to commit these types of crimes, although Andrea and Nasir did come into contact with two strangers on the night of her death, with one of them having a history of using knives from the victim's home. Did anyone see the movie The Night Clerk starring Tye Sheridan, Ana de Armas, Helen Hunt and John Leguizamo? Don Taylor, Andrea's stepfather, at times appears to be her murderer.

Bart also speaks up by going against Andrea, the girl the audience is led to believe he would run away with at the end by leading detectives to the perpetrator. It is directed by Michael Cristofer. He's addicted to drugs. Hotel night clerk Bart Bromley is a highly intelligent young man with Aspergers Syndrom. He trades in Crisco and saran-wrapped feet which are clad in sandals for dress shoes, which at one point in time was more implausible than exonerating Naz. Although not as important as other storylines — unless, of course, you believe the cat was a metaphor for Nasir, the key witness, or some other bizarre situation — fans might have missed or forgotten the final destination of the cat, who's the final character seen onscreen. However, Freddy discovers the tape of them kissing and has it sent to John, who then tells Naz that it's grounds for a mistrial. If anything, he enters jail innocent and leaves guilty because of what he did in prison, yet the perception of his arc changes depending on him being innocent or guilty. When a guest is murdered Bart gets caught up as a suspect when police are uncomfortable he produces an unbelievable alaby. While the series ends with Box and Helen going after Ray, the show also makes a point of zoning in on Duane Reade and Trevor Williams on the night of, as Duane — who has a criminal history that involves the use of knives — stares at Naz and Andrea going inside the home.

However, this is also circumstantial evidence, and the audience just got done watching that hand play out for an entire season with Nasir.

Although Helen states that no one else was in the house on the night of the murder, she's hesitant during her closing argument because of what detective Dennis Box told her before closing arguments: Ray Halle was following Andrea.

Is the killer still on the loose? He puts a man in the ICU. The Night Clerk at a local hotel with Aspergers, Bart, trys dealing with his social awkwardness by watching patrons on hidden cameras. Andrea, who says she can't be alone on this night, gets Nasir out of his comfort zone by giving him drugs and taking him back to her place. After more of the plot is revealed, it's made clear that Don is still around and reentered Andrea's life because he's trying to collect on Andrea's mother Evelyn's estate, as they were both given the $10 million home when she died.

In The Night Clerk, Bart Bromley (Tye Sheridan) is a graveyard-shift hotel clerk at the Mercer Hotel. © 2020 Although the evidence points to Nasir, said evidence is circumstantial and speculative at best. While on duty, a young, socially challenged hotel clerk (Tye Sheridan) witnesses a murder in one of the rooms but his suspicious actions la He also knows the real killer. It's later made known that Don maxed out his credit cards and is on the verge of claiming bankruptcy for the third time. Bart Bromley lives with his mom and has Asperger's syndrome. Unfortunately, after eight episodes, we're left with no further indication of what really happened to Andrea Cornish or whether Naz is innocent. Nasir leaves with a criminal background, though he wasn't convicted of the crimes he committed in prison. Tensions run high in this series, but the journey of Andrea's cat offers a nice change of pace and some comic relief. Here's the ending of The Night Of explained. Nasir Khan leaves prison as a completely different person than the one he was when he entered. Show creator Steven Zaillian told The Wall Street Journal: "In the British series he's a white kid because most of the cabdrivers are white. A death similar to Andrea's occurs while Naz is in prison. Box is miserable in retirement. Although John's closing arguments are strong and play a part in the split verdict, the last time we see him, he has an eczema-covered face, sitting at home and taking a phone call from one of his normal $250 clients. His parents are also presumably broke as a result of the trial. There's footage of Ray and Andrea arguing on the night of her death, as well as footage placing him near her house around the time she was killed.

As the police investigation closes in, Bart makes a personal connection with a beautiful guest named Andrea, but soon realizes he must stop the real killer before Andrea becomes the next victim. When a woman is murdered during his shift, Bart becomes the prime suspect. During John's statement, he mentions that Naz is the only person on trial and the prosecution didn't investigate any other suspects. Most importantly, Don is seen arguing with financial advisor Ray Halle at the funeral. Making Nasir Muslim American helps explore how racial bias affects the criminal justice system in the United States. Gay homosexuals Nick and Joseph spoil The Night Clerk - a 2020 crime drama film, written and directed by Michael Cristofer. Most of the cabdrivers in New York City are not... That one decision affected the whole show.".

Nasir has a history of hurting people, although at a young age, and that rage reappears while he's in prison. Yes, a mountain of evidence was stacked against him, but would he have been prosecuted differently if his parents were, say, white? Sure, Nasir is a free man, but at what cost? Did Nasir kill Andrea, or did someone sneak in and murder her in the middle of the night?

*Warning: Spoilers for The Night Clerk ahead.*. Unlike Naz, Ray has a motive to kill her, as they were previously dating and seen fighting, which is likely why Andrea said she couldn't be alone in the first episode. When a woman is murdered during his shift, Bart becomes the prime suspect. He smuggles drugs and also presumably recruits a new prisoner to smuggle drugs for Freddy. Naz, although not acquitted, is free. Cookies help us deliver our Services. By all means, this was a lapse in judgment for Chandra, but it also led to John's strong closing argument. Unfortunately, Naz will never be the same, in large part due to the criminal justice system. A worse fate could be in her future if a video of her drug-smuggling surfaces.

As he gets closer to Freddy, he appears to like his life in prison more than his life outside. The best films tend to lead to reflections, and The Night Clerk is by far a 4-star film that gets one thinking.Cristofer avoids a cliche conclusion by allowing the character to come to terms with himself and the world around him. Hotel night clerk Bart Bromley is a highly intelligent young man with Aspergers Syndrom. Lawyer Chandra Kapoor kisses Naz in a meeting. Although the audience will never know, it's interesting to wonder what would have happened if Nasir wasn't of Pakistani descent. He's also seen driving out of the city. He knows a lot more about the murder.

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