the march song

To offset the rhythmic martiality of most of the strains, the final strain (the trio) often has a lyrical (if somewhat bombastic) quality. North Korean marches are heavily influenced by the Soviet military band tradition mixed with Korean influences. Marches, which are played at paces with multiples of normal heartbeat, can have a hypnotic effect on the marching soldiers, rendering them into a trance,[citation needed] This effect was widely known already in the 16th century, and was employed to lead the soldiers in closed ranks against the enemy fire in the 16th and 17th century wars. Marches and marching bands have even today a strong connection to military, both to drill and parades. In mood, marches range from the moving death march in Wagner's Götterdämmerung to the brisk military marches of John Philip Sousa and the martial hymns of the late 19th century. [Chorus] This sprightly piece of piano music starts quietly and gradually increases in volume, before fading away again - as though a procession is passing by. (Ah, cut the shit, you ain't goin' to the gun range) Notable Czech (Bohemian) march composers include František Kmoch and Julius Fučík, who wrote "Entrance of the Gladiators". And you'll probably recognise the triumphant trumpet solo, blessed with one of Verdi's unmistakably hummable tunes. Oh, I'm an army of one Famous French marches include "Le Régiment de Sambre et Meuse", "La Victoire est à Nous", "Marche de la garde consulaire à Marengo", "La Galette", the "Chant du départ", "Le Chant des Africains", "Le Caïd", "la Marche Lorraine" and "Le Boudin". At least one strain of a Swedish march is usually dedicated to the low brass, where the tubas also play the melody, with the rest of the instruments playing on the off-beats. Taken from the English Folk Song Suite, the healthy dose of piccolo and snare drum give a military band feel to this sprightly movement. The lyrical reference … It concludes with a call to action: “Use your voice. Several German, British and French marches (and even the US march Semper Fidelis) are also used by military and civil bands in parades and ceremonies most especially during national holidays. The style of the traditional symphony march can be traced back to symphonic pieces from renaissance era, such as pieces written for nobility. The Greek Flag March (Greek: Προεδρική Εμβατήριο "Η Σημαία") is the sole march used during the parading of the Greek Flag at ceremonies. Scottish bagpipe music makes extensive use of marches played at a pace of approximately 90 beats per minute. March music originates from the military, and marches are usually played by a marching band. Swedish marches have many things in common with the German marches, much due to historical friendship and bonding with states like Prussia, Hesse and, from 1871 and on, Germany.

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