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scene from the game! Hell, even the Double Dragon movie seems multi-Oscar worthy in comparison to this junk. Pirates of the Caribbean is more scary than the skeletal bad guys in this film. They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. Kirk the German captain shows up to reveal he was smuggling weapons and all hell breaks loose as we get a bad zombie shoot em up; with shitty editing, and horrible techno music throughout. | Rating: 2/5 Kill The Things... To properly convey the jaw-dropping shoddiness of this videogame-based 'horror' 'movie,' one must approach what scientists call Absolute Stupid. Full Moon Features. Add the first question. A Haunting - Season 2 Episode 8: House of the Dead. Screen Rant Upset the head and you're dead!

With respect to the soundtrack, it presents some decent moments and much higher than what we see on the screen (the camera overlapping the sea and directing his gaze towards the island or the later moments when the protagonists take refuge in the house seeing that they can not flee by boat, crowded with the living dead).

House of the Dead 2 (TV Movie 2005) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. It's spring break and these college kids just want to party. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. And what of the designers of the game it is based on, who will no doubt look on at these images and find themselves inflamed with outrage that their source will now forever be disparaged by this stain of an incompetent adaptation? Loretta's problem is she's having an affair with Lance owner of the town diner and Howard's getting suspicious. They show up to the island of death and find the rave completely deserted and wrecked( they even find a shirt covered in blood); but think nothing of it and pour themselves some beers and try to hookup. In contrast to the crude, amateurish New York sexploitation films (see "Olga's House of Shame" clips), this is the first Hollywood roughie with a developed storyline, characters, and slick production (despite a budget of only $11,000). And they are not alone.

Use the HTML below. None other than director Uwe Boll. You are all doomed I tell you! Do you really think the producer, director and cast intended this to be serious?

A group of college students travels to a mysterious island to attend a rave, which is soon taken over by bloodthirsty zombies. | Rating: 1/5   |  By opting to have your ticket verified for this movie, you are allowing us to check the email address associated with your Rotten Tomatoes account against an email address associated with a Fandango ticket purchase for the same movie. And the ending is such an inconclusive mess that there is no incentive to heave a sigh of relief at the prospect of any ending: we become too distraught by the underlying motives of the story, which has the arrogance to assume anyone would be interested in a sequel. I appreciated -- and enjoyed -- it. Exaggerated, infuriating, and about as funny as a root canal without anesthesia. House Of The Dead Remakes Confirmed By Developer.

Coming Soon, Regal A woman is swimming off the shore of an island, her boyfriend is nearly passed out on the beach, and the camera pans under her dangling legs while the soundtrack thuds ominously, suggesting a reenactment of the famous opening sequence of “Jaws.” Instead, no attack comes; she turns back to the beach to find her man missing, and there is nothing further said of his disappearance.

House of the Dead makes some idiotic reference to Romero in a lazy attempt to be 'post-modern' but it only irritates that they think THIS is in the same league as a REAL zombie movie.For what it's worth, the 1.85:1 anamorphic picture looks great and the Dolby 5.1 soundtrack is clean but very unimpressive and only serves to pronounce the heavily over-used ADR even more. As for rail shooters. Academy-Award (R) nominee Nick Nolte stars in the poignant drama HEAD FULL OF HONEY, Til Schweiger's English language remake of his hit German film.

What possessed the director, Uwe Boll, to orchestrate his maddening opus with the hands of a clueless lunatic? Drek. January 8, 2007  Looking for something to watch?

At South Beach University, a beautiful sorority president takes in a group of unconventional freshman girls seeking acceptance into her house. But while they search, things go wrong.

It truly baffles and boggles the mind how movies this unfathomably bad can get made and George A. Romero can't even get anyone to take his calls. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Action, Adventure, Horror. |

There's little dialogue and the plot is simplistic and usually explained in 2 or 3 brief cutscenes. A tongue-in-cheek parody of all those cheesy horror flicks I used to enjoy as a kid -- that's what I think this is supposed to be. ½ Adam B A virus breaks out at a university and people start to become zombies. Apparently no one ever bothered telling him that true dedications ought to come in the form of passable entertainment, not mere seconds of an old game that is probably far more amusing to sit through. Storyline : A group of college students travel to a mysterious island to attend a rave, which is soon taken over by bloodthirsty zombies. Ergo, Boll’s shameless edits have all the finesse of a jarring blob sticking out between shots of actors running in different directions. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? (at around 1h 4 mins) When Rudy talks to Alicia about Casper's death, an electric light is on, even though the house was built and furnished before the light bulb was invented.
A private investigator reads a book of sinister origins and unknowingly puts his daughter and himself in a fight for their lives...and their eternal souls. Title: Top Critic. Premiere in USA: 10 October 2003. Zombies inevitably show up and our troop of morons start running through the woods. A grieving father living with his son develops a drinking problem with severe consequences; A young girl discovers a strange toy head in her newly acquired dollhouse. I don't know why I do these bad things to myself. Adblock also blocking our video and unstable our function. Duration: 90 min. The image is an example of a ticket confirmation email that AMC sent you when you purchased your ticket.

I don't know if "House of the Dead" got a theater release ,but if so I'm sure it was short lived. And don’t even get me started on the film’s lazy use of blood, which looks less like the actual substance and more like someone spilling red Kool-Aid on the nearby rug. I kid you not, you'll see the same zombie die a dozen times.Who's ultimately to blame for that scandalous waste of celluloid? * Andreas C

The source: a rather old looking church-like structure at the center of a clearing, said to contain the spirits of early settlers who have turned the island into a death trap for anyone who wanders within. An alien determined to capture human females takes over a radio station to do it. This works remarkably well, thanks to self-ironic, exposing humor (continuity-issues, plot holes, sub-par acting performances etc. It’s hard to see how. The movie ends in a cliffhanger thinking there will be a sequel, and guess what? I think it's poking fun at an entire genre. It's so bad you'll go off movies forever. A group of college students travels to a mysterious island to attend a rave, which is soon taken over by bloodthirsty zombies. A laughably horrible movie. Another half hour of stumbling around in the forest follows, as an excuse to kill of some of the lesser characters, and after much tedium they arrive back at the house again.

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