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Please note that masks are required when entering the haunted house. All rights reserved. Silence. Last night, there was somebody who got scared and put on the gas! Click below to see how we are handling your safety, as it is our number one priority. Wearing tattered costumes soaked in fake blood, dozens of ghouls chat amicably, holding Halloween masks at their sides as they take their positions for the night. Cursi shows me that he’s actually wearing a cloth mask underneath his Halloween mask, which is splattered with blood and appears to have three scowling faces fused together. “Of course, sometimes you see the teenagers on their phones in the backseat, and they don’t even look up at you,” he said. This year for the first time ever, we’re letting the monsters out and bringing them to you in the “safety” of your parked vehicle, announcing City of the Dead: Drive In Haunted House! #The Dark Carnival # Haunted Attractions #Haunted midwest #Scary Milwaukee, #Haunted Milwaukee #Haunted Waukesha #Haunted Chicago, #Haunted Kenosha #Haunted Madison #Haunt Located at 212 E Wisconsin Ave, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066, Waukesha County Credit card and cash payment available at the door. Family Friendly The glowing entryway for the Pirates of Emerson drive-through haunted attraction at the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton. Of course, there's an impressive pirate ship, and a red-and-white "Carn-Evil" tent looms in the distance while haunted trees with claw-like branches stretch toward the sky. When traveling North from Tulsa look for our billboard. During moments like this, I’m grateful to have my car as a barrier between myself and the performers. The incredible set design, attention to grisly and graphic detail in all the props and production, the characterizations that the scare actors embody while they are terrifying you, and even the scents. All material is car paint safe and we will provide a wash station near the exit – that is, IF you want it to use it. EXPERIENCES: You will notice things you had not noticed before. FAQ Normally, the haunts would take place in tents, but the Pleasanton Fire Department advised the park that they would have to scrap all roofs this year if cars would be driving through. For a more intense experience that guarantees a blood and gore covered automobile, upgrade to the “HANDS ON” package. Mystery and suspense is waiting for these invaders. Claiming the mansion as its house, our ghost character is irritated by the living residents, and it came up with a plan. Everything you see here, we put in ourselves.”, He gestures toward a light pole labeled with the letter “F.”, “See that? Along the haunt you must also be on the lookout for hidden tasks, objectives, and clues that will help you decipher the witch hunters spell! It’s a great opportunity to do something fun — I hear people screaming all night.”. White mist from a fog machine floats toward the sky, offering guests a hazy view before they enter the haunted attraction. Not your run of the mill drive in, this is a first of its kind reimagined haunted house experience. “I guess I was afraid that people might run into us. Purchase tickets at The Haunt or online Exclusive Check-In Table for Eventbrite Ticket Holders. It can change from mysterious to rancid in a millisecond. **This is only available as an ADD ON to the Haunt Drive. October 8th – November 1st, 2020! This open air COVID safe path will thrust ONLY your party deep into the dark woods. Navigate three haunted houses infested with vampires, dark cupids, and evil babies. Limited Availability RESERVATIONS REQUIRED The oldest Kearny daughter, Alvina was dressed in the same pink gown she always wore to church on Sundays. To this day, no one knows who or why the Kearny family was murdered. Use … By joining the witch hunters, you will be part of a secret society. reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone. There are NO REFUNDS. He built a huge Hacienda which was one of the finest and largest of the area. The event was created with the recommended health guidelines in mind, focusing on a completely contact-less experience from the moment you arrive. You must follow all posted instructions while attending the City of the Dead: Drive In Haunted House. More. So far, he said the haunted house has been especially busy this year, with dozens of cars lining up for the haunt each evening. Realistic and wildly unpredictable, these haunted houses in Michigan are proud to present itself at its peak, in full-fledged horror chiller form! Is working from home (literally) a pain in the neck? Mystery and suspense is waiting for these invaders. A skeleton sits at a dining room table at the drive-through attraction. Please note: proper shoes for walking on nature trails must be worn. The sun is setting over the Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, where the Pirates of Emerson Haunted Theme Park is underway. He’s about to tell me more when we’re interrupted by a massive animatronic monster next to us. Alvina, who later became known as the “The Pink Lady” continues to haunt the Yorba Linda Cemetery. Amanda Bartlett is a culture reporter for SFGATE. The event was created with the recommended health guidelines in mind, focusing on a completely contact-less experience from the moment you arrive. Site contents Copyright Arriving during your designated time-slot is not required. Home I mentally thank them for giving me nightmare fuel for the next month, though I can’t help but pity the poor mother in the car behind me. Haunt Drive was designed with two goals in mind – to keep the screams going this Halloween season, while also keeping our staff, crew, and guests safe. Now, everything is getting canceled, and it drives me crazy!” he said. It’s 7 p.m., which means it’s my turn to go through the haunt. Your harrowing descent to the basement is only the first step in your journey to madness as you uncover ancient evils in the underground temple and catacombs, first disturbed by the Von Rose family’s mining operations generations ago. Your objective in this game is pretty fun! Our schedule for this year is posted below! IMPORTANT: your reserved time-slot that you choose during checkout is the time that your group must show up at the property to check-in. You will walk through our old, run down cabin where only the most depraved souls reside - waiting for victims. They’re not going to school, they’re not socializing. But nothing prepares me for one of the final moments in the haunt. Brian Fields, vice president of operations at Pirates of Emerson, takes SFGATE on a tour through the attraction before it opens. And it will be the most fun you’ll have while getting scared! “At first, I was like, this is never gonna work,” Cursi said of the drive-through attraction. A first of its kind immersive experience from the creators of Denver’s favorite Halloween events, 13th Floor Haunted House, Asylum and City of the Dead. Nothing. “We started with a keg and some friends in the backyard and a bunch of the neighborhood kids,” Fields tells me as we walk through the park. A ghoul threatens cars as they drive through the haunt. “No, scarecrow has a mask.” She gives him a thumbs up and disappears inside the trailer again.

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