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: QUICK BITES : Bet You Thought Bela Lugosi's Neck Biter Was True to Bram Stoker", "OLD BOOKS SUCH AS "DRACULA" ARE IN WINONA RYDER'S BLOOD", FILM; Neither Dracula Nor Rumor Frightens Coppola, Coppola's 'Dracula' A Hit on First Weekend, "The Sexiest Vampires To Inspire Your Halloween Makeup This Year", "Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves, Really, Really Love Each Other",,,,,, Movie Review – Bram Stoker's Dracula – Review/Film; Coppola's Dizzying Vision Of Dracula –, Bram Stoker's Dracula – Capsule by Jonathan Rosenbaum – From the Chicago Reader, "MOVIE REVIEW : 'Dracula': Letting the Blood Flow", "Keanu Reeves: 24 Career Highs -- and Lows", "Dialect Laughing: 22 Horrible Movie Accents", "Accent Watch: 5 Worst English Accents in Movies", "Dracula Takes a Big Bite Out of Box Office : Movies: The Francis Ford Coppola production overshadows competitors with an estimated $32-million gross", "Weekend Box Office 'Dracula' Counts for Plenty", "Top 1992 Movies at the Domestic Box Office", Movie Dracula – Box Office Data, News, Cast Information, "Top 1992 Movies at the Worldwide Box Office", "The 65th Academy Awards (1993) Nominees and Winners", "Bram Stoker's Dracula by Mike Mignola Returns to Print! In the March 10, 2013 City Arts the often intemperate but occasionally insightful critic Armond White referred to Nicole Kidman as a culture vulture and denounced Stoker, declaring, “Park may not be sensitive to the blather in Wentworth Miller’s script (‘To become an adult is to become free’) that seems to be working out the same transgressive vengeance against ‘the family’ as The Deep End and Savage Beauty but he’s not a realistic director anyway. Vampire movies, which run in the face of all scientific logic, are always heavily laden with pseudo-science. "[27] Another reason why Oldman wanted to play Dracula was because he wanted to say: "I've crossed oceans of time to find you" and to him it was worth playing the role just to say that line. Where to watch. (Park Chan-wook had made a vampire film: Thirst. While Bram Stoker’s Dracula was praised for many reasons, Keanu Reeves was not. A novelization of the film was published, written by Fred Saberhagen. Oldman and Ryder and Hopkins pant with eagerness. In his fury, Dracula transforms Lucy into a vampire. There are horrors in families and in society that emerge from darkness into light: a husband who rapes or shoots a wife; a mother who prefers an ordinary dead child to a creative living one. Many women are flattered when a man says he has been waiting all of his life for them. Nicole Kidman was an elegant but direct young American in The Portrait of a Lady, and a tormented mother in Alejandro Amenabar’s The Others, and a glamour queen in Baz Luhrman’s Moulin Rouge. If that is safely asserted supposition, it remains difficult to tell who is good and who is not. Roger Ebert was the film critic of the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 until his death in 2013. Dracula may not be suitable for children this young, but Coppola read it to them so that they would go to sleep so that he could go visit his girlfriend at a nearby camp. Bram Stoker’s Dracula needed to be a hit with not just fans but critics alike so that he could start to pay off some of his debt. While CGI can sometimes be a useful tool, Coppola wanted all of the effects for Bram Stoker's Dracula to be done practically. In 1982, his movie One From the Heart didn't make a lot of money, which was part of his financial troubles. It inspires speculations of dread and fear. As for Coppola’s Dracula adaptation, the movie received a comic book written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Mike Mignola, as well as a video game, a pinball game, replica weapons, and a coffin-shaped VHS box. The eerie complexions of mother and daughter made me wonder initially how deep into horror this film might go: would we find out that mother and daughter are vampires? For example, any sequences that would have typically required the use of compositing were instead achieved by either rear projection with actors placed in front of a screen with an image projected behind them, or through multiple exposure by shooting a background slate then rewinding the film through the camera and shooting the foreground slate on the same piece of film, all the while using matting techniques to ensure that only the desired areas of film were exposed. Back in London, we meet other principals, including the fearless vampire killer Prof. Abraham Van Helsing (Anthony Hopkins), and Lucy Westenra (Sadie Frost), a free spirit who has three suitors and is Mina's best friend. Since Dracula’s release, Reeves has stated that he was exhausted from filming several other projects in 1991 and “just didn’t have anything left to give.”. Yet, Stoker lacks the great thesis that would make it a truly exceptional work. Hitchcock’s still pleasing forms were shaped by a particular time and taste and are vivid to us now as our time and taste are different (our differences help to define his); and some of what was taboo in his time are no longer taboo in ours—such as rage against mother; adultery; and homosexuality. Fox Searchlight Pictures, 2012. Edward Van Sloan, Christopher Plummer, and Hugh Jackman have all played versions of Van Helsing in different movies. In order to get everyone on the same page for what he wanted in the final product, Coppola created a slideshow that quickly showed the storyboards like an animated version of the movie. The cinematographer, Michael Ballhaus, gets into the spirit so completely be always seems to light with shadows. "[51] Salt said that Winona Ryder is "equally rubbish",[51] an opinion echoed by Glen Levy in Time. The family in Stoker is a startling nightmare: a father dies, and his brother returns, and the widow and daughter are charmed and threatened. Jonathan slits his throat with a Khukri knife while the wounded Morris stabs him in the heart with a Bowie knife. Before Mina can feed on his blood, Van Helsing places a communion wafer on her forehead, leaving a mark. Bram Stoker's Dracula is a 1992 American gothic horror film directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola, based on the 1897 novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Sometimes illumination seems to come too late: and that can be because we are not looking or listening in the right places: we are not looking and listening everywhere. It almost looks unnatural, but the hairstyle seemed to fit the character of the Count. As Mina changes, Van Helsing hypnotizes her and learns via her connection with Dracula that he is sailing home in his last remaining box. And this is something I thought anyone could identify with.”. She decapitates him and gazes up at a fresco of Vlad and Elisabeta ascending to Heaven together, reunited at long last. Is it safe (logical, true) to say that the good person cares about his effect on others; and the evil person does not? In the book, the group of men are destroying all of the boxes containing dirt from Transylvania and the story ends with Jonathan cutting off Dracula’s head while Morris drives a knife into his heart. And something is revealed when Charlie steps away from, and then awkwardly embraces, his doctor, a pretended normality, before leaving the institution in which he has lived. It's enough to scare horror-film traditionalists", "Francis Ford Coppola remembers Dracula, firing his VFX crew, and Keanu Reeves' accent", "Defending the "Guilty Pleasure" BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA", "The 11 all-time worst British accents in film", "A look inside Hollywood and the movies. However, it wasn’t actually Oldman who yelled. However, it almost went to Liam Neeson. A fight between the hunters and gypsies ensues. The father-trained daughter is revealed as ascendant and amoral. Yet, when Shadow of a Doubt first appeared Bosley Crowther had cheers and doubts: “Yes, the way Mr. Hitchcock folds suggestions very casually into the furrows of his film, the way he can make a torn newspaper or the sharpened inflection of a person’s voice send ticklish roots down to the subsoil of a customer’s anxiety, is a wondrous, invariable accomplishment. Christopher Orr in the March 15, 2013 Atlantic wrote: “With Stoker, Park—best known for his Vengeance Trilogy and in particular, its middle installment, the 2003 stunner Oldboy —has created a macabre neo-gothic thriller, elegant in its malevolence. Grey, gothic statue heads (as seen on the original film poster) adorned the front cover of the book against a grey stone background. Daniel Garrett, a child of the American south, Louisiana, where he grew up reading, taking photographs, and enjoying fishing and a good summer barbecue. The good intentions (intelligent, protective) of father Richard, aunt Gwen, and the housekeeper do not prevail over the aggression of mad, selfish desire. She faces appalling and occasionally preposterous circumstances with a mixture of innocence and skeptical intelligence that is close to heroic. Expressionistic – an interpretation from an individual point of view, a perspective of colors and moods; a saturation of feeling into form. While Oldman didn’t get to try on the batsuit in that set of movie, he did get to wear a batsuit in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Of course, there is nothing like being young and alone, exposed to dangers horizontal and vertical, the wounds from authorities and peers: certainly some of us can recall, have heard of, or can imagine: a bitter, depressed mother, a distant father, an indifferent stepparent, a molesting uncle or aunt or cousin, a censorious school principal without sympathy or understanding, a teacher who was mocking or suspicious or discouraging, and fellow students whose allegiances were to cliques, harassment, and differing styles of ignorance. A decent attitude, or a sensible plan, can be subverted by a more adaptive sensibility. While almost all movies are given collectible merchandise to go with the home release of films, not all rated R movies will get tie-in materials and other merchandise unless the film is part of a popular series.

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