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I have added this song to a different hub as well, I wonder how many more hubs I can add it to. For the guy in this 2017 country ditty, he rattles off every unforgettable portion of the memory, from what day it was to the song that was playing and what she was wearing. I love that you listed your song favorites in this category, I can't wait to look them up and maybe add them to a part deux. My brain is simultaneously focused not only on driving but thinking of what grocery items I will need to pick up after I drop him off. Bruce Springsteen draws you in with his signature, driving sound and then makes you think about life in retrospect. The way he recalls it, the attraction was instant. He is one of eight children and has lost two siblings in the last six months. Thank you for reading. There is also "Wildest Dream" by the Moody Blues. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on May 10, 2020: Cedric - Unfortunately, I was unable to find a song that matched those lyrics in the song databases. The theme is " A Year to Remember". Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 04, 2018: Memories are what life is made of; they are to be cherished. You're not alone! I’d love to hear a band come along and take it down another level, to the third degree. But how did it become such an, excuse the pun, “Rappers Delight?” You can watch the awesome video above or read the following transcript based on the video: In late 1979, Debbie Harry suggested that Nile Rodgers join her and Chris Stein at a Hip hop event in a communal space taken over by young kids and teenagers with boom box stereos, who would play various pieces of music to which performers would break dance. The Isley Brothers' "That Lady" was sampled by Kendrick Lamar for his 2014 single "I." What makes them so good is that they are old. In the USA "Rapper's Delight" did not achieve as much chart success as "Good Times" (peaking at #36 on the U.S. pop chart and #4 on the American R&B charts, compared to Chic's #1 peak on both charts) but it helped to popularize the bassline and the song, and it became one of the most sampled tracks (and hence one of the most distinctive basslines) in the history of recorded music. In this emotionally wrought pop song from 2016, the narrator unexpectedly runs into an old lover at an evening event. Country music in 2014 was as much about remembering the past as it was about living in the moment.

Music and nostalgia are intertwined in this way. And it’s a universal message, because one can become lost in the present if they cling to the past. Make sure they are good ones. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on July 01, 2020: James - I don't recall this but perhaps someone else does.

I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about itBut I probably willYeah, just sitting back trying to recaptureA little of the glory of, well time slips awayAnd leaves you with nothing, mister butBoring stories of glory days. Michelle Liew from Singapore on August 29, 2012: Fantastic songs, favorites are Brusce Springsteen and Paul Simon. - Kim Carnes (1983), Don't Wanna Be Reminded - Jerry Butler (1976), Don't You Remember Me - John Lee Hooker (1958), Don't You Remember When - Vera Lynn (1976), Everything Reminds Me of You - Dusty Owens (1954), Few Things to Remember, A - Stuart Hamblen (1956), Give Me Something to Remember You By - Gary Brooker (1979), I Can Remember - James and Bobby Purify (1968), I Can't Help Remembering You - Dean Martin (1967), I Can't Remember - Stephanie Winslow (1980), I Can't Remember When I Didn't Love You - Freddy Fender (1960), I Guess You Don't Remember Me - Grandpa Jones (1948), I Just Remember Just Enough - Doug Kershaw (1974), I Promise to Remember - Frankie Lymon (1956), I Recall a Gypsy Woman - Tommy Cash (1973), I Recall the Telephone Booth - Joy Electric (2008), I Remember it Well - Maurice Chevalier (1957), I Remember Linda - Little Julian and the Tigers (1957), I Remember Loving You - Sheb Wooley (1968), I Remember the Feeling - Barbara Lewis (1966), I Remember the Music - Rick Monroe (2005), I Remember the Night - The Del Satins (1961), I Still Remember - Blackmore's Night (2001), I Wanna Remember This - Linda Davis (1998), I Will Remember You - Sarah McLachlan (1999), I Wonder if She Remembers Me - The McCoys (1967), I'll Always Remember - Jonathan Cain (1997), I'll Always Remember That Song - Con Hunley (1977), I'll Remember You in My Dreams - Ralph Stanly II (2000), I'm Beginning to Remember - Jimmy and Johnny (1954), I'm Sittin' Here Rememberin' - Bob Braun (1965), I've Got Dreams to Remember - Otis Redding (1968), If You Remember Me - Barry Manilow (1990), It Always Takes Me Back - William Van Dyke (2002), It Hurts Me to Remember - The Uniques (1968), It's Easy to Remember - John Coltrane (1966), Just Remember I Love You - Firefall (1977), Kiss to Remember You by, A - Susan Rafey (1961), Moments to Remember - Barrett Strong (1976), More Than I Care to Remember - The Ames Brothers (1951), Most of All I Remember You - Oklahoma Wind (1984), My Heart Reminds Me - Emilio Pericoli (1963), Nights I Can't Remember, Friends I'll Never Forget - Keith (2003), Occasion to Reminisce - Robert Farnon (2004), Places I Remember - The String-a-Longs (1969), Please Remember That I Love You - The Reno Brothers (1996), Recollections - The Coleman Hawkins Quartet (1944), Remember, I'm Just As Close As the Phone - Rose Lee Maphis (1966), Remember Me, I'm the One Who Loves You - Willie Nelson (1976), Remember Me in Your Dreams - The Three Suns (1950), Remember Me to Jennie - Tommy Sands (1961), Remember My Love - Erskine Hawkins (1952), Remember My Name - Nadine Goellner (2001), Remember the Days of the Old School Yard - Cat Stevens (1977), Remember the Good Times - Paice, Ashton, and Lord (1976), Remember the Ride - Perfect Stranger (1996), Remember (Walkin' in the Sand) - The Shangri-Las (1964), Remember What You Said - David and Jonathan (1965), Remembering the Future - Victor Sanz (2000), Remembrance of You - The Country Gentlemen (1961), Reminds Me of Missouri - Wil Maring (2006), Roses for Remembrance - Vaughn Monroe (1948), Roses Remind Me of You - Eddie Dean (1951), She Made Me Remember - Bill Anderson (1980), She Reminded Me of You - Mickey Gilley (1988), Someday You'll Remember - Luke McDaniel (1960), Something Beautiful to Remember - Slim Whitman (1971), Something to Remember You By - James Young and Jan Hammer (1985), Song Remembers When, The - Trisha Yearwood (1993), Stars Will Remember, The - Vaughn Monroe (1947), That's All I Can Remember - Cowboy Copas (1960), That's the Way I Remember it - Chris Gaines (1999), Then You'll Remember - Sterling Whipple (1978), There's Always Something There to Remind Me - Jose Feliciano (1968), These Foolish Things Remind Me of You - Bryan Ferry (1973), Things I Remember Most, The - Bobby Helms (1967), This is the Time to Remember - Billy Joel (1998), This Night I'll Remember - Al Martino (1953), This Will Be a Night to Remember - Eddie Holman (1977), Those Oldies But Goodies Remind Me of You - Little Caesar (1961), Try to Remember - Gladys Knight and the Pips (1975), You're Here to Remember, I'm Here to Forget - Merrill Osmond (1987), You're Still on My Mind - Luke McDaniel (1959), You're Too Easy to Remember - James O'Gwynn (1960), For Sentimental Reasons - The Cleftones (1961), I Love You For Sentimental Reasons - The Rivileers (1955), I'm a Sentimental Fool - Bob Eberly (1954), I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - Barry Manilow (1994), Little Sentimental, A - Dustin Evans (2003), My Sentimental Friend - Herman's Hermits (1969), On the Sentimental Side - Billie 'Lady Day' Holiday (1938), Sentimental Dream - The Owen Bradley Quintet (1958), Sentimental Favorite - Anne Murray (1994), Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia - Dinning Sisters (1950), Sentimental Journey - Alan Freed and His Band (1957), Sentimental Ol' You - Charly McClain (1983).
She’ll never know if any of them made it. American Pie might just be one of the most culturally significant songs that’s also incredibly cryptic. That’ pretty obvious because this is a song about summertime and making love, and back in 1969 Adams was just 9 years old! Take a listen here. Listening to John Mellencamp's "Jack and Diane" feels like eating a slice of apple pie that leaves a sour aftertaste, It is a song about American dreams that fall apart and how "life goes on, long after the dream of living is gone." Lyrics about remembering the past: So take the photographs, and still-frames in your mind, Hang it on the shelf of good health and good time, Tattoo’s of memories and dead skin on trial, For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while, It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right. Take a listen here. Songs do bring back memories for me but I think looking at old photos bring a reality to how much time has passed. Music is like a date stamp, a time machine that can transport you to another era. This country song from 2014 reminds us of the simpler days before cellphones and texting, automatic dryers, navigation systems, email, and everything else that's instant. He strings Anne Frank to the present, and he shoots himself to the end of the world. When I am not singing, dancing or playing an instrument, I am writing articles about the songs that I hold dear. Is a song that I remember well from my childhood. Some lyrics get imprinted in our heart and mind. In this 1980 country classic he belts out longing for an ex whose memory still haunts him. The narrator in this 2016 pop song recalls the wild days of his youth when he and his friends had time on their sides and few adult responsibilities. You'll realize that what you remember is not what it was). If you've ever experienced a break-up in which the relationship is over but the heart refuses to move on, then you know that memories can haunt you.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on February 14, 2020: Rob - I'm sorry that you're apparently in a funk. What are some songs about memories and good times? The song "100 Years" works so well because it pulls the listener away from focusing on the tedium of their day, inviting them to look at the much larger landscape and contemplate just how fleeting the moments and even years of life can be. - Johnny Darrell (1978), Years and Years Ago - The Dinning Sisters (1947), Ancient Ancestors - Colette and Phil (2000), Ancient Wisdom - Jean-Claude Bensimon (2008), Ain't No Way to Forget You - Levon Helm (1978), Ain't That Easy to Forget - Little Esther Phillips (1963), Can You Forget? Too often it’s conflated with naivety and subsequently dismissed or derided. Our list could have stretched all the way to 100, and beyond! Again, we find the songwriter citing distinct imagery as he waxes nostalgic: “Brass buttons, green silks, and silver shoes/ Warm evenings, pale mornings, bottle of blues.” –Jon Hadusek, Always curious about the ways technology might color sentiment, Grandaddy predicted an extremely specific brand of nostalgia on the second-to-last song of their breakout record, The Sophtware Slump.

Some of my favorite memories involve him at the center. Great job. Most of them are frankly very sad, as the past is always dotted with could’ves, should’ves, and would’ves, which are easy to dwell upon. Thanks for a wonderful article. Rob Sheffield once compared music to a time machine. - Kenneth L. King (2008), Do You Remember These? But at the center of the song, Mangum weaves in the memory of an intimacy too pure to be troubled by the violence around it: “This is the room one afternoon I knew I could love you/ and from above you how I sank into your soul/ into that secret place that no one dares to go.” –Sasha Geffen, Innocence is underrated. However, she cannot find the words to express herself except to ask whether her friend will remember her. Alessandro Augusto Lucia via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway, My dad traveled six hours to take my nieces and nephews trick-or-treating for Halloween, because their family of seven doesn't "do" Halloween. The clearest example I can give of this is cell phones. Question: What’s the song with lyrics “the memories of love”? 0:35 [Deleted video] Good Songs, Good Memories, Good Times jariddle; 64 videos; 1,531 views; Last updated on Nov 7, 2014; ... Live and Let Die - Good Evening New York City by PAUL McCARTNEY. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on November 11, 2019: Bob - Thanks for the suggestion which I'm adding. Know a song about memories that should be on this playlist? This song truly takes you back and makes you smile. This song, put out in 2004, is pretty cool because it samples "Rapper's Delight,"  so it’s like a sample of a sample. I also think its incredible that I can remember the words to a song I haven't heard for 30 years but can't find my car keys that I had two hours ago. While you can’t really escape your past or go back to it completely, all you can do as you move on in life is to keep all the memories – both the good and the bad.
Glory Days, one of Bruce Springsteen's most recognizable hits, has the kind of upbeat rhythm that makes you want to get out of your chair and dance, but the lyrics set a different tone entirely. Interestingly, Nelly Furtado said that although she wrote the lyrics she doesn't necessarily know what they are about -- that it just captured a feeling.

- Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper (1954), Can't Forget About You - Ernie Maresca (1962), Can't Remember to Forget About You - Kim Hill (1994), Don't Ever Forget it - Johnny Williams (1964), Don't Forget 127th Street - H.B. The incomparable George Jones was known for his drinking and his songs of relationship regret. (And God forbid, you discover your old diaries or letters or anything written at that time. But it’s oh so fleeting, and that’s what affected Ray Davies the most. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on August 11, 2020: Saugot Chowdhury - That's not ringing a bell with me but perhaps a reader will have a suggestion and leave it in the Comments Section below. Tell me this hasn't happened to you. They eventually have to part ways as they grow up, but it’s evident that he still wants to find her again and start over. "The Way We Were" was the first one I thought of from your list. LOL. Voted all the way across (except funny) and shared with my followers. I bet you're one heck of a buddy with your different take on life. Spend that time well. The guy in this 2004 country song hears "Jack and Diane" and suddenly he's carried back to his high school days. My family is not necessarily share my ideas, but I try my best.

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