silver bullet syndrome

£220bn per year off taxes on Capital formation could mean we abolish NIC’s, VAT, Corp Tax, several nuisance taxes and be left with a flat 20% on all income. His solution is a national plan to re-balance the economy away from London, led by investment. We’d also see higher rates of agglomeration and re-cycling of existing sites. States with unique cases that involve oncology and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), also known as COVID-19. St. Louis has silver bullet project syndrome. I’m feeling mildly guilty at the moment. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2017 Global Risks Report, cyber attacks are the sixth most likely risk faced by societies and enterprises globally, ranked just below natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Cost Operational Effectiveness Analyses (COEA). It’s easy to conclude that the fix is already in when the consultants contracted to study airport privatization only get paid if the airport privatizes, and our current President of the Board has introduced a bill to discuss how the funds from privatization will be spent, before the study is completed and a contract for privatization has even been signed. Deliberately Forgetting Failure Can Be Hard Work Silver bullet syndrome is where the problem is presented as obvious (but here, in each case different) and the solution is a radical departure from the status quo.

The City will still be paying on these bonds when the expansions occur, setting us up for yet another credit downgrade.

Just last year, the City had our credit rating decreased after approving bonds to upgrade the Scottrade (now Enterprise) Center. For the average UK household that equates to £11,000 in their pocket. Clearly each of these arguments has merit and deserve a much fuller discussion. It is going to take a different type of decision-making, that looks long-term, to redevelop our City in a way that works for everyone. For sure we get “poor widows in mansions” downsizing and working families up sizing. Helping renters doesn’t have to mean harming landlords,, Rebalancing the economy away from London to the extent that housing affordability is actually changed is difficult, dangerous and probably very expensive. St. Louis has silver bullet project syndrome. The great Lords would undoubtedly pay more, but we can pass the hat for them. Under another banne…, ‘Corporate Memory is Unreliable’ We can move from our current development system, which is driven entirely by developers, to a community-driven system that plans based upon the needs of residents. Silver bullet syndrome won’t help solve the housing affordability crisis affecting 9 million private renters, millions more social renters and young families stretching to borrow huge mortgages with the looming threat of rate rises. Subsidies cause deadweight losses i.e market inefficiency and mis-allocation. If the top 1% of households own 50% of Land by value, how the hell is majority of the electorate going to be worse off?!

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