sectarianism in northern ireland

It outlines how, despite strenuous and continuing efforts, sectarianism persists in Northern Ireland 21 years after the Good Friday Agreement. A couple famous examples are the Nationalists vs. the Unionists in Northern Ireland and the Sunni vs. Shia Muslims. Wherever people of different religions live in close proximity to each other, religious sectarianism can often be found in varying forms and degrees. The “dire” and “adverse” consequences of sectarianism hinder the “steady growth of reconciliation”, the authors argue; and as such, are damaging to Northern Ireland’s global image, at a time when the region is promoting itself as a base for inward investment. In Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland the term sectarianism is widely used to name and address divisions between Protestants and Catholics, mostly, but not exclusively, related to Irishness. In this sense it is used routinely to describe incidents and processes. The report points out that there is now a measureable trend towards a Catholic majority in … sectarianism on Northern Ireland economic and social life, and also into the feasibility of introducing measures to replace division and promote reconciliation between different sections of the community. Usually, conflict is based on a belief that the ideologies of opposing sects cannot coexist peacefully without doing damage to the religion or political entity as a whole. Sectarianism can lead to violence at times. These were matters about which Sir George felt particularly strongly and had in fact recommended should be placed at the top In some areas, religious sectarians (for example Protestant and Catholic Christians) now exist peacefully side-by-side for the most part, although these differences have resulted in violence, death, and outright warfare as recently as the 1990s. the sectarian nature of sport in Northern Ireland there has been a tendency for this research to concentrate upon two of Northern Ireland’s most popular sports, that is, association football and Gaelic football to the detriment of sports which have a smaller participation and spectatorship (e.g. Although the First Crusade was initially launched in response to an appeal from Byzantine Emperor Alexios I Komnenos for help in repelling the invading Seljuq Turks from Anatolia, one of the lasting legacies of the Crusades was to "further separate the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity from each other." Sectarianism is alive and well in Northern Ireland – and Boris Johnson is recklessly picking at the scabs. Probably the best-known example in recent times were The Troubles. "Sectarianism is therefore part of the historic legacy and of the everyday."

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