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I can’t afford to regret it. I read it straight through—could hardly put it down. After months of hanging them up, I just left all the blouses on the floor, where they’d fallen after she’d pulled them off the hangers. Profound, thoughtful, and with characters who are at a tug of war. 71% of the earth is ocean. Gaige balances the piecemeal explanations of Michael’s involvement with a profound depiction of the weight of depression and the pains of a complicated relationship. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 23, 2020, I found the 'wife's side of this book so irritating......self obsessed and her analyzing of just about every thought that comes into her head drove me to say "enough!". They've gone straight to the top of my reading list. Boat go, fish go. I am uncertain whether or not I can survive this day. Second is that she's constructed an "adventure" story to drive the narrative, and even though the reader knows something has gone wrong very early in the novel, there's continuing suspense about the what, how and why to drive this unusual story of a marriage of two strong-willed people who love each other deeply but who cannot always escape damage from their pasts. Surfacing portside with a head like a periscope. Sprinkled all around the hydrosphere. Only the sound of the surf crashing against the windward reef. Piercingly written and compelling from beginning to end, Sea Wife is a major accomplishment." It's revealed fairly early on that a tragedy occurred, and the narration alternates (sometimes by the paragraph or sentence) between Juliet's reflections and Michael's captain's logbook (which becomes something of a journal), as well as occasional interludes consisting of Sybil's sessions with her therapist. "Sea Wife is a gripping tale of survival at sea—but that’s just the beginning. I now suspect that my mistake took root in an innocent experience I forgot to decipher, the mystery of which has quietly ruled me. — Mary Laura Philpott, Parnassus Books, Nashville, TN, Hours & Directions | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Return Policy | FAQ. Which sheet to pull, which one to tie off, how to ready the lines for Dad, when to ask questions, when to shut up. - Sea Wife : A Novel by Amity Gaige (2020, Hardcover). A mistake has roots in both time and space—a person’s reasoning and her whereabouts. Just cleaned all the corroded connections on the battery.

Deckhand George “Doodle” Partlow (age 2½) is doing his best to stand upright in the small swell. January 17. This is an unforgettable portrait of a family that ventures out to sea, only to be riven by the weight of the past, and the politics of the present. What do you call me underway, Bosun? I was wondering, whether we were to go or to stay, what would we do— about us? In order to convince Juliet to buy the boat, I had to channel that great salesman—Artist of Spit and Staples, Prankster, Tightwad—my dad, Glenn Partlow. After all, if your wife is like mine, she probably married you for your stability.

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