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The NBA hadn’t implemented the specific and stringent salary cap rules that are now in place, and the small forward had more than proven his value. In October 2016, Scottie, 53, filed for divorce from the former Real Housewives of Miami star. His total NBA career earnings were actually larger than Jordan, who earned $93.29 million at the time of his retirement, according to the Bleacher Report. Scottie went on to become an NBA Hall of Famer and was named to the NBA all-star team seven times and was awarded the game’s MVP in 1994. While these recordings speak for themselves, Ms. Pippen did not make any allegations of physical violence by Mr. Pippen.”. Ironically, Barkley had taken a cheaper contract the previous offseason in order for Houston to take in Pippen at his maximum salary. The Last Dance on ESPN is rekindling an already recognizable fervor for the team. In the last two years of their reign, the West team that came closest to knocking them out was the Houston Rockets. Pippen averaged 14.5 points, 6.5 rebounds, 5.9 assists, and 2.0 steals per game during the lockout-shortened 1999 season with the Rockets, who were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs after going a disappointing 29-21 (.580) in the regular season. Larsa Pippen is speaking out in support of her estranged husband Scottie Pippen after his career earnings with the Chicago Bulls were brought up in the ESPN Michael Jordan docuseries The Last Dance. Sunday, May 3, 9 p.m. Johnson of NBC Sports Chicago: In January, when the league was about to resume and free agents could be signed, Pippen’s agents asked us to do Scottie a favor. In episode 7 of The Last Dance they explore MJ’s steampunk phase. Larsa’s defense of Scottie came as a surprise to fans considering she filed for divorce from the NBA star in November 2018 and was rumored to have cheated on him. He ultimately stayed on to play another season with the Bulls and made a good amount of money doing it. Like the contract disputes with Scottie Pippen, which has people wondering: just how much did he make in his ball-playing career? His filing came just days after two voice recordings surfaced of Larsa making calls to police alleging that her husband was being verbally aggressive toward her. The comparison prompted fans to label Scottie as one of the most underrated and undervalued players in the NBA. Nonetheless, he did finally get his much-deserved big contract through cooperation between the Rockets and his longtime Chicago GM. By doing a sign-and-trade with Houston, Scottie could get more than $20 million more than he could by just signing a straight-out contract. The 10-episode series is playing on ESPN — here's the entire schedule from the network's website below: Dennis Rodman Idolized Michael Jordan, According to the New '30 for 30' Documentary, Dennis Rodman's Battle for Sobriety Is a Life-Long Struggle, Dennis Rodman Opens Up About His 1993 Suicide Attempt: "I Wanted to Be Loved", See Where All the 'Great British Baking Show' Winners Are Today, BLACKPINK (Sort of) Can't Have Boyfriends Because of Their Management Company's Dating Ban, What Does Elvira Look Like Without Makeup? Scottie's ex-wife, Larsa, tweeted out that he made $109.19 million, with the lion's share of that money coming after his time with the Bulls. After finishing his rookie contract with the Bulls, many expected Scottie Pippen would get a huge payday. Pippen and his contract moved on to the Trail Blazers in the 1999-00 season, while the Rockets began a rebuilding cycle as Olajuwon and Barkley’s storied careers approached their conclusions. ET -- Episodes 1 and 2. Thanks again to his family for their trust: But he was very underpaid for most of that tenure, and with Chicago’s dynasty coming to an end, the free agent thought he had a better chance to contend by teaming up with Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley in Houston. The Last Dance offers some shocking insights into how much drama was occurring behind the scenes, and a lot of it centered around General Manager Jerry Krause's willingness to trade Scottie Pippen in order to bring some fresh talent into the franchise. In a newly released excerpt from his unfinished and unpublished memoir, former Chicago Bulls GM Jerry Krause wrote that his “going-away present” to future Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen was a January 1999 trade to the Houston Rockets. With the Bulls, Scottie won six NBA titles. Larsa Pippen is supporting her estranged husband Scottie Pippen after his career earnings with the Chicago Bulls was one of the major highlights … According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN, the Houston Rockets didn't want to completely commit to smaller lineups as part of their flurry of moves at this past season's trade deadline in February 2020. He then joined the Houston Rockets, nabbing a meaty five-year, $67.2 million contract, but left after only one year due to … A seven-time NBA All-Star forward, Pippen had helped Michael Jordan and the Bulls win six NBA titles over his first 11 seasons. The last year the Bulls won a championship was in the 97-98 season, and if you can believe it, the team's main roster was in danger of being broken up. With All-Star guards Steph Curry and Klay Thompson back from injury, the 2020-21 Golden State Warriors will likely look closer to the group that won the Western Conference for five straight years from 2015 through 2019 — as opposed to the one with the NBA's worst record in 2019-20. He stayed on the team for one year before getting traded to the Portland Trailblazers until 2003. The story focuses predominantly on the last year of the Bulls' second three-peat and is full of fascinating details about not only Michael Jordan, but the organization as a whole. He then returned to the Bulls for 23 games before retiring. I called Steve [Kerr] and Jud [Buechler] and told them the situation and to take the first good contract they could because we were not going to bid for them. It wasn’t until Scottie left the Bulls in 1998 that he began to earn more money. Jerry and I gave him his going-away present. This juxtaposition clearly establishes a distinction between the early days of Chicago building itself into a legitimate basketball team that got the city excited about attending games (they went from being at 1/3 capacity to selling out the entire stadium once Jordan came into the picture as a rookie), to a dynasty's future and attempt at capturing a sixth title in jeopardy. Pippen landed a five-year, $67-million deal since he signed with his original team and was then traded, as opposed to the four-year, $45-million maximum if he had signed with a new team. Larsa shut down those claims in since-deleted tweets captured by TMZ on Monday, saying, “I was married to him for 20 years, I did everything for him and my family. ET -- Episodes 7 and 8. According to The Last Dance, Jordan was getting $30 million per season. ET -- Episodes 3 and 4. Scottie's ex-wife, Larsa, tweeted out that he made $109.19 million, with the lion's share of that money coming after his time with the Bulls. Thx for your concern Scottie did ok #TheLastDance Rather, it happened in part because a planned deal for an established backup center didn't work out following the blockbuster trade of center Clint Capela for versatile forward Robert Covington. Sign up for the Rockets Wire newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morning. “Thx for your concern Scottie did ok #TheLastDance,” Larsa wrote alongside a screengrab of a Bleacher Report article on Pippen’s earnings, which totaled $109,102,430 during his NBA career. Besides the odd interpersonal dynamics in Houston, Pippen never appeared to be quite the same physically after back surgery in July 1998. People change and that’s what really happened.”, “Most people can’t even imagine being in a relationship for a week so I know it’s beyond imagination,” Larsa continued adding, “Cheating wasn’t the problem.”, RELATED: Larsa Pippen Files for Divorce from NBA Star Husband Scottie After More Than 21 Years of Marriage. Pippen then got into a public feud with Barkley that offseason, and Houston traded him to Portland after just one season with the franchise. Now 66 years old, Lucas was previously a head coach for three different NBA franchises in the 1990s and early 2000s. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Krause passed away in March 2017. He then joined the Houston Rockets, nabbing a meaty five-year, $67.2 million contract, but left after only one year due to heated exchanges with Charles Barkley. It was also revealed on the docuseries that Scottie’s earnings were far less than what Jordan was earning while the two played for the same team. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Three-time All-Star and NBA champion Draymond Green certainly seems to have noticed. As ESPN’s “The Last Dance” documentary on that era’s Bulls comes to its conclusion, here’s how the late Bulls GM remembered Pippen’s departure, via K.C.

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