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He seems to revel in the obvious false presentation of it all. Speaking of mediocre, Rancho Notorious has not been well served on home video over the years. Personally, I love that song very much.”. On the subject of budgets and makeup, Gloria Henry remembered, “Marlene Dietrich had to have a certain makeup and hairdresser, but RKO had no money, so she did it at home with her people. In Wyoming , when his sweetheart is murdered , then an embittered cowboy (Arthur Kennedy who was playing a young man , he was actually three years older than Mel Ferrer) hunting enemies and on the trail of his fiancee's murderer . I’m very fond of this movie too, but then I’m a big fan of all Lang’s US movies. Not a great picture, and one that is prodded along by a laughably corny folk ballad, though Lang does manage to come up with a few fresh twists on the genre and the supporting players are solid. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. |

Vern falls in with the gang — and with Dietrich — before finding his girl’s killer. When the film was released, Bosley Crowther of The New York Times was critical of it, writing, "In the department of western action, the show has its interesting points, including a couple of fist-and-gun fights that have been racily staged by Fritz Lang. Vern finds a bunch of men in residence, but has no idea if the killer is one of them. I want a script that even an idiot can shoot.’”, Rancho Notorious tells the tale of rancher Vern Haskall (Arthur Kennedy) whose fiancé (Gloria Henry) is raped and murdered in a holdup. He sets out after the two thieves, first with a posse, then by himself. Fritz Lang a disappointment..period. However, before she can leave, a gunfight breaks out between Vern and Frenchy on one side and the rest of the outlaws on the other. Great post, Toby. 's Superman). So we never talked to each other for a long time, we just went ahead and did the work.”, With the end of shooting, the troubles didn’t stop. Vern Haskell, a nice rancher, seeks out to avenge his fiancé's death when she is killed during a robbery. Obviously, they were right. “She became younger and younger until finally it was hopeless. Compared to other Westerns of the 50s, Rancho Notorious seems quite dated. Everybody comes to Marlene's. Unfortunately a terrible narrative theme, "The Legend of Chuck-a-Luck" used throughout the movie becomes very grating to the ears. It fits her like a glove and she hits the ball way out of the park. When this movie was originally released ( 1951 ) as i recalled panned by the critics. The trail leads him to Frenchy Fairmont (Mel Ferrer) and Chuck-A-Luck, a retreat for outlaws run by Altar Keane (Dietrich). However, shortly after Vern leaves her store, a thug wanders in to rob the place and then assaults and murders her as well. Easy. Available with an Apple Music subscription. “Stylized weirdness” is a great way to describe Rancho Notorious.

Period. Great pulp Western by the great Fritz Lang, Despite rich Technicolor and a heated performance from Dietrich...a mediocre western, Thrilling Western of murder , hate and revenge ; being compellingly directed by the great maestro Fritz Lang. Adapted by Daniel Taradash from an original story by Silvia Richards, the story follows Arthur Kennedy's frontiersman Vern Haskell as he trawls the West in search of the culprit responsible for the rape and murder of his fiancée. The new DVD-R from The Warner Archive makes up for it. He got very abusive to some of my camera crew. Later that year, Lang did the noir-ish Clash By Night for the studio. Arthur Kennedy and Mel Ferrer play rivals for her attention in this tale of frontier revenge. ‘I cut 15 minutes out of it.’ Now I knew it had been a tight cut for Fritz, so I said, ‘What did you cut?’ And, so help me God, Welsch said, ‘I cut the mood!’”, Even the title was subject to change. It turned out that he hadn’t seen it either, so we watched it right then and there. Hey, I love Arthur Kennedy. I said, ‘Why are you doing it this way?’ He said, ‘I’ll tell you, Dan. Thirteen years after Marlene Dietrich lit up the old west and the town of Bottleneck in particular in Destry Rides Again, she got another chance to play an older, but maybe not so much wiser version of Frenchie as Altar Keane in Rancho Notorious. Although he gets the most out of his acting ability in this film, he's just not a legit romantic lead, especially opposite Dietrich. Could have been deeper and more complex but is still an enjoyable genre film, The worst thing about this movie is the grating narrative theme music, enjoyable and well-paced unconventional western. I was showing him pages — that was mandatory. Lang milks the concept of a community of outlaws, or brotherhood of outlaws to the maximum in this film. It almost reaches the poetry of a John Ford film, or a great film noir, but falls just a little short. No matter what Marlene says. Arthur Kennedy plays Vern, a rancher whose fiancee is brutally raped and murdered. The ballad singer William Lee (who is he anyway?) Her renditions are not quite on the level of her "See What The Boys In The Backroom Will Have" from the western classic "Destry Rides Again" but are still captivating. One does, however, recognize him. With it being directed by the great Fritz Lang (a director with a great and distinctively Expressionistic visual and directing style, with 'M' and 'Metropolis' being two of the finest examples) and starring Marlene Dietrich (especially fond of her work with Josef von Sternberg and in 'Witness for the Prosecution'), 'Rancho Notorious' had a lot of interest value. doesn't help the situation. Posted in 1952, DVD reviews, releases, TV, etc., Fritz Lang, RKO | 5 Comments. Altar is shamed, and decides to give it all up. First of all, the word "noir" is thrown around much too carelessly, so let's be clear: This is a Western. This one is run-of-the-mill. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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