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This means all his power is mostly used inefficiently because he’s kind of on the dumb side. However, if you think about, he has to be incredibly strong just to be able to swim well and survive at the vast depths of the ocean that Atlantis sits in. [45] It is revealed that threeboot Element Lad is from Earth-Prime's future.[46]. Whether he comes from the alternate universe Bizarro World or he’s a failed genetic clone of the big man himself, he does possess the kind of raw power only Superman can match. There have been several interpretations of OMAC over the years, but they have all wielded incredibly physical strength. [44] Soon after, Conner Kent (Superboy) enters the battle, his corpse dug up by Starman in the present and placed in a Kryptonian restoration chamber for the past 1000 years. By saying the the magic words, he gains the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. He laid waste to Justice League International at one point, and also violently defeated the likes of Power Girl, Steel, and the King Shark over in Suicide Squad. [25], When the Sinestro Corps attack Oa, Superboy-Prime is released from his imprisonment and joins them. No matter where she gets her powers from, Mary Marvel has proven herself to be one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. Although she uses her newly discovered powers for good, it's not long before the military becomes wise to what happened to their secret weapon. However, the ring, reacting to his mixed emotions, switches between the powers of the emotional spectrum, resulting in a mixed-light burst that eradicates the Black Lanterns and the ring itself. Upon reading Adventure Comics #4, and the online solicitations for the two-part storyline possibly dealing with his death, he embarks with his fearful parents on a wild goose chase, hoping to find a comic book store willing to sell him a copy of the fifth issue. Jim Corrigan, Hal Jordan, and Crispus Allen have each taken control of the spirit of vengeance in order to enact his version of justice onto the world. [47] Unable to damage the Black Lanterns, Superboy-Prime flies to the DC Comics building in New York and attempts to take revenge on the writers he believes made him the way he is. D&D Beyond See also Powers Templates. In an attempt to create its own super powered soldiers, the military conducted tests using dark matter energy left over from the Dark Nights: Metal event. [48], During a battle with the Teen Titans, a young villain named Headcase opens up a wormhole that accidentally transports Superboy-Prime back to New Earth. Whether it’s the Justice League, Justice Society, Legion of Super-Heroes, or from the depths of the DC Universe, the publisher has a tremendous supply of the most powerful superheroes in existence. Superboy-Prime becomes frustrated and angry. Her father is a known criminal who now sits in federal prison, but still casts a shadow over Ashley’s life. However, that all changed when the son destroyed the father and he ripped Darkseid’s heart right from his body. A hero with amazing powers and super strength swoops in and makes the impossible a reality. [34] He promptly kills that world's heroes and destroys the planet. In the meantime, Ashley has bounced from foster home to foster home and represents a real challenge to the social workers who try to help her--not because she's inherently bad, but because trouble always seems to find her. Whether his half-human DNA will allow him to become just as strong is yet to be seen. A graduate of Arizona State University with a PhD in 20th Century American Literature, Michael has written novels, short stories, stage plays, screenplays, and how-to manuals. [27] In Legion of 3 Worlds, Superboy-Prime dons his original armor once more, taking it from a statue in the Superman museum. He subsequently assembles a cadre of young supervillains consisting of Headcase, Zookeeper, Indigo, Sun Girl, Persuader (Elise Kimble) and a new Inertia, each of whom have a personal grudge against the Teen Titans. using paints, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. [48], Superboy-Prime then accepts the hopelessness of his situation, and willingly puts on a black ring, which wills him to "die". Most people see the Martian Manhunter as a quiet and reserved hero, and something of a pacifist, but if he’s pushed into battle, he is able to come at you from every angle possible. [43], During the war between the Legions of Super-Heroes and the Legion of Super-Villains, Prime battles several opponents with whom he has a history. Superman-Prime gets the upper hand over Yat by exposing him to lead, and defeats him. [53][54] As a Mister Mind-controlled C.C. It has been debated for years whether Diana could beat Superman in a fight, and though she has shown to be capable of hurting him, she doesn’t have the same raw power. Wonder Girl has also wiped the floor with powerful villains like Major Force and Mammoth of the Fearsome Five. Michael Jung is a mild-mannered freelance writer-for-hire, actor, and professional storyteller with a keen interest in pop culture, education, nonprofit organizations, and unusual side hustles. He has all the superpowers of Superman, just on a much smaller scale. Sure, Superman was the first superhero, but he has essentially become the quintessential superbeing since then. If only he could get a more prominent role when the team eventually returns. The brainchild of Thomas Krajewski, Jennifer Muro, and Gretel Lusky, Primer introduces readers to Ashley Rayburn, a sassy young street artist with a good heart but a troubled past.

If Bizarro ever smartened up, he would be a real danger to the world at large; not because he’s necessarily evil, but because he usually doesn’t know any better.

He was Superboy a little bit before Crisis on Infinite Earths and then—BOOM!—his world was wiped out and that was it". This Article Contains Spoilers For Primer. Though Daxamites are not considered to be as strong as Kryptonians, they can still hold their own.

If it were up to the Main Man, Lobo would be the number one person on this list. Welcome to the Official Site for DC. When she gets her hands on some superpower-granting body paints her new foster mother invented, however, Ashley learns she can be far more than just a normal kid… by becoming the paint-splattered superhero Primer! The Miraclo drug proved to be addictive, making his superhero career dangerous. [49] Superboy-Prime also brings three clones of Superboy (formed from the remains of Match), and he uses them to assist in the attack on the Titans. Batson has Shazam cast the spell to unite the Seven Magiclands, Superboy-Prime is shown wandering the Monsterlands as he asks the readers if they know how to get out of the Monsterlands. [51], In the "DC Rebirth," Doctor Sivana and Mister Mind head to the Monsterlands' Dungeon of Eternity to free the Monster Society of Evil. [24] Also, unlike most versions of Superman who can store yellow solar energy to extend the use of their powers, Prime requires constant exposure to yellow sunlight to maintain his, otherwise he will depower almost instantly. [24] Kal-El and Kal-L defeat Superboy-Prime by flying him directly through Krypton's red sun Rao, destroying his armor and diminishing their powers in the process.

Who is DC’s The Question, And How Did He Inspire Watchmen’s Rorschach? After Alexander Luthor confirms Ted's belief that he has been manipulating events and denounces Prime as an idiot he manipulated into helping him, Luthor kills the Earth-2 Superman and Lois when he tries to kill Prime with a specially designed kryptonite weapon, only for Prime to kill him.

[45], During the battle, Prime kills two Legionnaires whose abilities manage to hurt him: Sun Boy of Earth Prime's "Threeboot Legion", who uses red solar powers; and Element Lad of Earth Prime, who managed to turn the ground around Prime into green kryptonite of the Earth Prime universe. Comic Shops Enter Zip Code. Just as soon as he proved to be possible, the hero known as Captain Marvel showed up to compete with him. Given that he possesses so many powers, he is often considered to be the most powerful member of the Legion. [38] Solomon tells him that if he releases Forerunner, he will show Prime what he wants; Prime does so. The New Gods of New Genesis and Apokolips are some of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe.

He represents the physical or violent aspect of war. Black Adam previously gave her his power, making her more prone to violence. To top it off, the “Tan” spray paint grants her power mimicry, allowing her to gain any ability she happens to lack. Aside from his incredible ability to heal from any wound imaginable, Lobo also possesses a massive amount of physical strength. Typically she seems to have all the abilities of Wonder Woman herself, though it seems that she is unable to beat her mentor in hand-to-hand combat.

It isn't long before she realizes that she's stumbled upon something much bigger and a lot more dangerous. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN, GREEN LANTERN, THE FLASH, AQUAMAN and more. Perhaps the potential was there, but just as quickly as he debuted, he also fell into obscurity. However, given her age, she is also just a little less powerful than Donna Troy. In the pages of "Dark Nights: Death Metal," Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman travel back to the times of the three great crises to stop Perpetua's attempts to manipulate those events. His most impressive physical feat, though, would have to be the time he engaged the Anti-Monitor in hand-to-hand combat and was able to overpower him for control of all creation. Power Girl can also stand up to the likes of Supergirl and Wonder Woman in the heat of combat. Even he, with his own super strength, couldn’t match up to Atom Smasher, who easily pinned him down with one hand and knocked him out. Related: Superman’s KRYPTON Still Exists In The Star Trek Universe.

He even asks the readers how they can still be reading comic books since the last time they interacted. Mary Marvel has the distinction of being the first female spinoff of a male superhero, predating Supergirl by more than a decade. Together, they set into motion the events that culminate in Infinite Crisis: The Superman of Earth-Two breaks open a portal to the DC Universe, and the four residents of the paradise dimension return,[17] making themselves known to Power Girl and Batman. Still, she has established herself to be one of the strongest members of the superhero community, able to take on almost any villain on her own. It was ripped off by the aforementioned Black Lanterns. His work has been featured in Screen Rant, ASU Now, Sell Books Fast,, and Free Arts among others. But it’s Kitch’s government scientist wife Yuka who inadvertently gives Ashley an even greater gift when Ashley discovers the superpower-granting body paints Yuka’s been developing for the military’s top secret “Project Warpaint.” Created from DNA samples found in superhero blood, sweat, and even snot (yes really), the paints can grant a variety of special abilities to anyone who first sprays themselves with an aerosol “primer.”. J’onn J’onzz also has all the same abilities as Superman, and he’s just about as strong as he is too. Just how strong has she proven herself to be? She has fought and defeated a laundry list of enemies that includes the Cyborg Superman, Lena Luthor, and the villainous Superwoman. From super-powered alien to demigod to cosmic god, here are the 25 strongest DC superheroes officially ranked. She can overpower her former team members and has defeated the likes of Knockout and Kalibak in single combat. DCAU Aquaman Vs. DCEU Aquaman: Who Is Better? You saw his reaction when he did what he did in Infinite Crisis, but at that same time, he's walked over that line.

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