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While Osmosis Jones is a boyish movie, the fandom is overrun by girls. PB is the leader of the Lead Head gang.

Then Ozzy's launched out after him by Drix where Ozzy and Thrax fight on Shane's eye and then they end up on Shane's false eyelash after she blinks which she was wearing atop her natural ones. Billy attempted to return to civilization, only to cause Ozzy and Drix to slap cuffs on his wrists.

Ellen Patella is the attorney-at-law and helps cells find homes in the City of Hector. Meechee | (as John Jordan), Docky's Clamshack Waiter Parzival | Ozzy and Drix later reconciled and defied Phlegmming's orders to stop Thrax. Wendy Torrance | He begins attacking the city, planning to kill Hector. Tom Colonic was the political opponent of Charles Phlegmming who wanted to be the next mayor of Frank so that the city will be healthy from a better diet.
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Ozzy's also very brave when confronts Thrax two times. However, it shortly relapsed. He would also illegally control Frank's thoughts on a few occasions and made him take a cold pill against the wishes of his secretary, Leah, which is how Ozzy met, and joined forces with, Drix to stop Thrax's plan. He's a white blood cell and a rebel cop. Smokey and Steamer | He eventually became convinced on Thrax's plans. Voiced by Brad Garrett (season 1), Jim Cummings (season 2), Ernst Strepfinger is a recurring villain shown throughout Ozzy & Drix starting with the episode "Strep-Finger". At first, he was reluctant to stay, but soon they realized that they can do more good in Hector than they ever could in Frank. Occupation General Malaise is a bacterium who uses sugar to make his army of bacteria multiply.

Protozilla is an allergen with a weak form and a monster form with his monster form only usable in a body that's allergic to him. Ripkuna | After nearly cornering him, Thrax manages triggers a sneeze with pollen as a distraction before riding the shockwave out of Frank. Osmosis and Drix blow up the Zit and Thrax is presumed dead, but actually manages to escape. She was also a romantic partner to Osmosis Jones. Although he manages to fend off the local white blood cells, Ozzy and Drix fend him off and Scarlet Fever hijacks an attack helicopter, intending to go to the heart. Vitruvius | Feature films Animated Features

He does at the end, though. Barbara Maitland | The series had twenty-six episodes in two seasons. Scooby-Doo | Dick Hallorann | Scabies instead mocks him and orders Bruiser to beat him and bury him alive in a blackhead; Thrax breaks Bruiser’s arm, and Scabies sends the rest of his men after him. King Kong |
He is partially based on Thrax, with his abilities being very common. Ivy | Bruiser is a one-eyed germ with four arms. His best friend's Drix and he has a crush on the mayor's secretary Leah Estrogen. Master Wu | Hughley, Matthew Broderick, Alex Winter, Cuba Gooding Jr., Harry Enfield, Woody Harrelson, Chris Tucker, Chris O'Donnell, Todd Stashwick and Martin Short were considered for the role of Osmosis Jones. Raiden | After causing a runny nose by breaking the dam, Thrax attempts to expand his mob at a meeting at the Zit. He eventually became convinced on Thrax's plans.

Ozzy explains that two years ago, Frank was at the science fair of Shane's school and ate some potentially rotten Oysters off a random kid's science project. Diamond Destiny | He was one of two germs killed by Thrax once the latter lost his patience. At the liver, a Flu Shot informs them that Thrax's big time and that he's currently in The Zit club, a hangout for all the germs in the body. Billy Bob Bile is a stereotypical Hillbilly and owner of an appendix hotel who was causing detours which it resulted in Hector's appendix almost bursting. Germs, making mistakes, being made fun of, not being taken seriously, Frank or the city in danger, Elasticity, Shape-shifting, Martial arts, Detachability, Strength, Speed, Intelligence, His car, His police badge, Thrax's DNA bead chain (briefly). Alignment The Goonies (Mikey, Brand, Chunk, Mouth, Data, Andy & Stef) | At the throat, Ozzy encounters a Spanish Germ who saw Thrax's earlier attack and he refers to him as "The Red Death" before being accidentally frozen by Drix. Ishiro Serizawa | Mayor Phlegmming offers to reassign Drix to another partner, but Drix decides to stay with Ozzy.

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Get declared as a hero with the Chief of Police who gives him his job back.

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