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Both were fun to play. Now you have to convince the guard, to give a package to his lady. If none of them are, just pick the bonus that you like most. After this scene Mantides will come to you and after a short talk he will join your team. La ville a eu une histoire agitée et mouvementée.

Use these items on the young girl sarcophagus. C'était bon donc cela reste bon. You will find yourself in Undergate. 5. Step 5: To get to the next room you have to know the code. Follow Darius until you will get to the Cormaeril Company Sheds.

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He is hunting for adventurers here. I have a screen cup of what looks like my character head-butting the golem in the crotch... Saecon:You do get some slight dialogue differences if you meet him as a shield drawf monk, maybe you get some more dialogue when you meet his clan later but I never played that far as a monk, I play as that character when I need a laugh as it is always a emmense joy to watch him kill people by either punching or spin kicking people in the crotch. Main quests - Good Path | Main quests NWN2: MoW Guide, Companions - Mantides | Companions NWN2: MoW Guide, Main quests - Quests for both paths | Main quests NWN2: MoW Guide, Companions - Charissa | Companions NWN2: MoW Guide, Side Quests - After returning from "Dark Dahlia" | Side Quests NWN2: MoW Guide. Chest - Silver Ring; Vampire Arrow x6. Quest given by: From the representative of the Confederation of Guilds. You have to have these money. I admit though that it helps to have a 2 mainline fighters and a spoony bard to back you up in the later levels. When she will find that you are an adventurer, she will let you in. By the by welcome to the site, you'll have a grand time. Step 3: After a while ferrets will attack you. 7. My crossbow with nice bolts (and maybe 1 feat) did more damage than my spells as at least the crossbow can hit for 17-25 damage consistently.

Quest given by: Pentical Bleth, after completing quest: Unexpected Message. 4. He will show you something. The warlock spells themselves do crap for damage since they can be spammed (spell availability is not a big deal in NWN2 as it takes all 5 seconds to get back your spells), and many of the enemies at end are immune to most of a warlocks best spells. In basement, you have to find a hidden passage. Cormyr vous a dit qu'il était lié à la Confrérie des Masques. This fight is extremely hard. You will find: $ 53, Ring of Observer [Bonus to abilities: Spot +3, Use: Slow (5) 1 use / day]. Statue of king Verovan - Read an inscription and you will get 50 EXP. He will temp you to join him. You will find him in the "Black Eye" Tavern. Tudor will accept your proposition and dog will lead you to the thief. It will change your influence on Mantides [Mantides: influence -1] and Rinara [Rinara: influence +1]. Go to the Pirates Hideout.

Read it to see what happened here. You can do two things at the moment. He will give you amulet Lathander Grace [Use: Blessing(2) 1 use/ day]. He will tell you that he is planning to win the race. You must mean Mysteries of Westgate because NWN2 has only two official expansions. Go throw it and you will find yourself in a Human Cattle Factory. After the fight search corpses of all dead people and return to portal. Step 5: You can exit the mausoleum now. You have to collect two thing at the mansion: gold pouch and the list of names. NWN 2 - Mysteries of Westgate Non 3DR Game Discussion. You will find him in the Undergate. Ask about the murder and tell him that Obid had sent you. Use the comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide. Il me faut à présent partir à la recherche d'information (et

You have to tell her history of your mask, and she will let you in.

At that moment a vampire will jump from the crypt, but she will run away after a short fight. When you will want to exit the ghost will show up.

She is the missing dancer. During the conversation a building will be destroyed and beggar will run away. Tell Okuzo, that you want to take care of this problem. région mais on y compte pas moins de trois cités états, sept Go to his house (in Harbor Loop) and steal the token from the chest. This information you have obtained from Porthyria. 7. révolutionnaire : la musique et les voix sont issues des studios He will stop pretending and he will attack you along with other vampires. Step 1: When you will exit Pentical Bleth office, you will notice that something has happened in the next room. Dark Lady's Promise - You will find here Orunana Drearon, she will tell you about the Shar cult, and Velisha (she can sell you some interesting items) . If you will agree Ebon Claws will show up. Variak - $ 53; Key (door number 5); Chain Shirt +2; Adamantine Short Sword; Potions: Potion of Speed, Potion of Cat's Grace. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Atari or Ossian Studios. Tell him that you have a business with Dallia. Davey will tell you that you need to speak with Marv. Thayan Headquarters - You can get there after completing the quest: Tyrran's Enclave. You will see a short cut scene where Lathander guards are running away because of some Night Masks.

Beware, because the is lot of traps and undeads. I finally beat the original campaign and the mask of the betrayer expansion. As a matter of fact Rinara will leave your team - she's too scared at the moment. :). Certain versions of Mysteries of Westgate can be installed, but can not be played.

You will find her in Morningstar Haven in Arena District. You can leave him alone [Rinara: influence +1] or kill him [Rinara: influence -1]. Search mage corpse and take a key. I invite you to read this guide and look for the answers you are looking for. Fire Knife instructors and apprentices - $ 50; Fire Knife Medallion [Bonus to ability: Craft: Trap skill +4, Set trap +4; Only for: Assassin, Rogue; Use: Flare (1) - unlimited quantity]; Topaz; Potions: Potion of Cure Serious Wounds, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds. 2. guerre, toutes les aides sont bonnes à prendre et c'est sûrement 2. His equipment will be changed: Full Plate Mantides Armor [Bonus to AC: +3 (Armor); Only for: Paladin; Use: Heal (11)]; Two-handed sword +3 [Magic Resistance: 24; On hit: Dispel Magic ST=20; Special bonus to attacks against: Bad 2k4; Special bonus for upgrade for attacks against: Bad +5; Only for: Paladin; Use: Protection from Evil]. Before leaving the house do not forget to search Jeswick body a take a paper from him. Now go to Grunt, he will let you to the back. You will find that Captain is looking for someone who can identify the head.

Step 2: Go to the table where Tudor Fezziwink is. In this chapter I would like to present couple of simple hints that may simplify your game play.

His son was killed in this battle and Dorn want to revenge his death. Mysteries of Westgate has been designed to provide a balanced experience for all character races, classes, and alignments. You will find that Okuzo has died. Miranda. 2. After the fight take his key and open the door to the next room. You can kill them with sticks that Rinara will bring you. rois n'apportaient rien et finirent par donner le pouvoir à un 5. Remember that you can only work with one side: Lathander Church or Ebon Claws. N'oubliez pas de cliquer sur les images pour voir un agrandi! Step 3: The back is guarded by Grunt - stupid half-orc. You know I have all 3 expansions and yet i've never played them, farthest I ever got was about 6 quests after the trial, how are they? First of all take all items from the chest in the next room. Easily one of the best presentations of the Forgotten Realms setting to date, and that includes Baldur's Gate.

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