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—sacredness noun [ uncountable] the sacredness of human life Examples from the Corpus sacred • The monotheistic order required that the feminine should be barred from the sphere of power, which coincided with the sacred. Religion is one form of our quest for the Absolute. If so, then it makes sense for Hitchens to maintain that the right to free expression is absolute, subject to no restrictions or limitations:  "the only thing that should be upheld at all costs and without qualification is the right of free expression.". 1 indefinite no thing; not anything, as of an implied or specified class of things I can give you nothing 2 no part or share to have nothing to do with this crime

If the transmitter is perfect, but the receiver imperfect, then one can expect noise with the signal. indicating the absence of meaning, value, worth, etc.

These people are contemptible in a  way in which many old atheists were not: their lack of respect for religion, their militant hostility to any and every form of religion, shows a  lack of respect for the unquenchable human desire for Transcendence. I think it means something like the following. I insist that religion must submit to rational critique. Mecca and Jerusalem are not holy because, again, nothing is sacred. If nothing is sacred, then man is the measure of all things; he is not measured by a standard external to him.

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For if nothing is sacred, then there is no God, no Allah, and hence no prophets of God. It must be open to revelation. If there is nothing that is originally sacred, then there is nothing that is derivatively sacred either. It all goes to show that in uncertain times, there is one solid thing we can be sure about – nothing, and I mean, absolutely nothing, is sacred for the No-Deal Brexiteers. Apparently people make porn of the new Sonic movie" "Damn, nothing is sacred." I now ask what it means to say that nothing is sacred. You should know by now that nothing is sacred for these tabloids. For journalists these days nothing is sacred (= they will write about anything).
(One cannot appropriately revere one's spouse, 'worship the ground she walks on,' etc.) nothing is so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse, nothing so bad but (it) might have been worse, nothing to do with (someone or something), Nothing Much Here Just Chilling Like Always.

no thing; not anything, as of an implied or specified class of things, a matter of no importance or significance, indicating the absence of anything perceptible; nothingness.

If there is no God, then there are no prophets or saints or holy relics or holy places or holy books. And of course no church of God either: no institution can claim to have a divine charter. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Selected for the The Times of London's 100 Best Blogs List (15 February 2009), « What ISIS Really Wants | While man cannot and must not place himself above God, he can and must evaluate what passes for the revelation of God -- for the latter is in part a human product. Human autonomy is absolute, the absolute. Is it Rational to be Politically Ignorant? They are reasonably rejected .

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I should think that something is originally sacred if and only if God or a suitably similar transcendent Absolute exists. | Save to | Stop Whining, Bostonians: The Great Blizzard of '78 was Worse ».

Since religion is our affair, our response to the Transcendent, it is a human product in part and as such limited and defective and a legitimate object of philosophical examination and critique. That is a legitimate question and the right to pose it and answer it negatively must be upheld. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, Something sacred: Hollywood's new men in black, Hydro dims the future of private generation by cancelling projects, nothing but skin and bones and skin and bones, nothing could be further from (something).

There are no holy relics and holy sites.

But this is not to say that what people take to be, Stop Whining, Bostonians: The Great Blizzard of '78 was Worse », First victim of "blasphemy laws" would be Islam itself, Maverick Philosopher II PowerBlogs Archives.

Nothing, nothing at all, is holy, venerable, worthy of worship; nothing is an appropriate object of reverence.

No God, then nothing originally sacred.

As such, it is open to rational criticism. Human autonomy is absolute, God reveals himself, but he reveals himself, It is reasonable to maintain, though it cannot be proven, that there is a transcendent Absolute and that therefore there is something sacred. What does nothing is sacred expression mean? He doesn't need one. He had no respect for everything I held sacred.

Is Muhammad a divine messenger? Part I, News & Opinion Aggregator | A New Civil War. not to concern or be significant to (someone). an expression of dismissal, disapproval, lack of compliance with a request, etc. BLEG: An Impecunious Reader Needs a Copy of Husserl's The Paris Lectures, Why Did I Move Away from Phenomenology? to have no compunction or hesitation about, he was warmly dressed in a shirt and heavy jumper, to say nothing of his thick overcoat, to be prepared to do anything; be unscrupulous or ruthless, a person or thing of no importance or significance, Nothing normally takes a singular verb, but when nothing but is followed by a plural form of a noun, a plural verb is usually used: it was a large room where nothing but souvenirs were sold, English Collins Dictionary - English Definition & Thesaurus, Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition, very little; very few; said to indicate that something.

Even Islam, the sorriest and poorest of the great religions, so testifies. nothing could be further from my mind, the truth, etc.

And the same goes for physical objects and places. • Look at how those …

| To criticize is to separate: the true from the false, the reasonable from the unreasonable, the genuine from the specious. And if nothing is originally sacred, then nothing is derivatively sacred either.

©2020 Reverso-Softissimo. This quest is part of what makes a human. • Some countries operate five-year plans but there is nothing sacred about this length of time.

You weigh like nothing; It costs like nothing; It is a big deal, but you make it look like nothing. nothing but, nothing doing, nothing loath, be nothing to. There is nothing beyond the human horizon except matter brute and blind. I reject it because I reject his naturalism and atheism.

Here is where things get interesting. Nothing, nothing at all, is holy, venerable, worthy of worship; nothing is an appropriate object of reverence. One ought not mock religion because religion testifies to man's dignity as a metaphysical animal, as Schopenhauer so well understood. 3 → is nothing sacred? Atheism rules out the sacred. That is a legitimate question and the right to pose it and answer it negatively must be upheld. And of course no Son of God. expression referring to the belief that those who hold the power are entitled to anything, If you lived in Newcastle you would know it. But this is not to say that what people take to be embodiments of the sacred are sacred.

There is nothing that transcends the human scale. • Our time at home with our kids is sacred.

A phrase commonly used when something respectable is fucked up, or something innocent has been made disgusting. " Yesterday I quoted Christopher Hitchens as saying that nothing is sacred. I'm not opposed to being a progressive society, but for kids these days it seems like nothing is sacred! I think it means something like the following. God reveals himself, but he reveals himself to man.

Since water of the womb I knew I'd have to face you The color of my bites Yes they remind me of you In your blood I write I am not afraid This is who I am And I will never be like you I do not kneel All I'm asking Is nothing sacred anymore?


nothing is sacred phrase. Man is autonomous: he gives the law to himself.

Man is autonomous: he gives the law to himself. I reject the New Atheist extremism of Hitchens & Co. Is Jesus God? To answer it negatively, however, is consistent with holding that something is sacred. Yesterday I quoted Christopher Hitchens as saying that nothing is sacred.

One obvious problem with Hitchens' position is that it is by no means obvious that there is nothing sacred. He needs religion as little as he needs philosophy: he is the truth in its paradigm instance; he has no need to seek it.

A set phrase used to bemoan a lack of respect for something or some topic. I reject the position of Hitchens. One ought not mock religion, and not just for the prudential reason that one doesnot want to become the target of murderous Muslim fanatics.

This quest, which will surely outlast the New Atheists and their cyberpunk acolytes, must not be denigrated just because many of the concrete manifestations of the religious impulse are fanatical, absurd, and harmful.

Reason, in its turn, must be open to what lies beyond it. It is reasonable to maintain, though it cannot be proven, that there is a transcendent Absolute and that therefore there is something sacred.

God has no religion.

Rational critique aims to separate the signal from the noise. But I also reject the position of those -- call them fundamentalists -- who think that there are people and books and institutions to which we must unconditionally submit. If nothing is sacred and there is no God, then there is no revelation of God in any form, not in nature, not in a human person such as Jesus of Nazareth, and not in any scripture.
If nothing is sacred, then nothing is so far above us in reality and value as to require our submission and obedience as the only adequate responses to it. Common in NE England, You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries...), English Portuguese translation in context, Free: Learn English, French and other languages, Reverso Documents: translate your documents online, Learn English watching your favourite videos, All English definitions from our dictionary.

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