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I wasn’t stuck in that dairy every day. You’ve got to publish it. Sheehan’s reporting from Vietnam won him a place with the most prestigious newspaper in the United States, The New York Times. ). He couldn’t take any regular infantrymen. I’m glad now I did it. People called it the “Marine Corps of Journalism,” and there was this tremendous turnover. The withdrawal of French colonial forces had left the Vietnamese peninsula divided.

I remember she said the rosary all the way up and all the way back. And then, during World War II, Roosevelt appointed the right man to lead us, General Marshall, really a very wise decision. We were not going to compromise the national security of the United States, but it was full of political and historical secrets which were going to cause an explosion, because that’s what politicians care about. It was the central archive of the war, because the historians from the Pentagon who had done this had appended the actual documents to their narratives, and they had had access to all the documents in the State Department, all the documents in the Pentagon, and a lot of the White House stuff went through both places.

It was like going to war. They had to come out. Stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eddie Redmayne share their 5 reasons not to miss The Trial of the Chicago 7 on Netflix. Charley wrote them a story — he was their Southeast Asia bureau chief — the first sentence in his report, because he showed it to me, was “The war in Vietnam is being lost.” They tore it up and threw it in the wastebasket and concocted out a whole clause, a story in New York, saying that we were making up our stories in the Caravel Hotel bar in Saigon, and Charley resigned over it. Take a message,” and I took the message. It was the only private boys’ school in New England that had black students and no quota on Jews. A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam, ( You are not an advocate. They paid him a lot more than UPI was paying. They would have seized power. Come and see me in the morning.” It was from Hoberecht, the boss, and he told me that the guy who had broken me in, who had trained me for the desk and who had gone down to Saigon, had just quit and gone to work for Time magazine as their stringer. A Communist regime in the North, led by Ho Chi Minh, received support from the Soviet Union and China. You saw Fox News. My school was not a fancy school, and it had three, I discovered, was the quota, and since I was at the top of my class, I got in. So I went down there, and I was there six months. It was ripe for the Supreme Court. It was such an arrogant, incredibly arrogant thing to tell a man who’s running The New York Times and whose editors are telling him, “You’ve got to publish this material. Neil Sheehan: There were some very important teachers to me at Mount Hermon. While editing the weekly. That put the fear of God into me. He said, “Come in for the 3:00-to-11:00 shift.” So I came in, and I was sort of an assistant to the guy who was pulling the shift, because there was only one American reporter and one Japanese reporter on each shift. I’d get there too late.” Well, it was that attitude I had going to Vietnam as a young reporter. Are we going to war with Israel because they have dozens of nuclear weapons? So you had a lot of the White House memos there as well: Johnson telling them to keep this secret, how they bamboozled the country over the Tonkin Gulf Resolution and had gotten a blank-check declaration of war in 1964, which the President could cash whenever he wanted. Then they’d take ten to 15 from Andover, ten to 15 from Exeter. They sent me up to Vietnam for our third year in Vietnam. It said that the guy — I’ll never forget his name, it was Dabovich — he cabled up, and he said his draft board had notified him. Mount Hermon had been founded by a Protestant evangelist in the 19th century. I went to work for them for a very simple reason. A book sits on the shelf, and I really wanted to do this. So I decided if I write a book, a biography of John, I can reach out to the larger history of the war and to whom the Vietnamese are, et cetera, and I can bring them into the story, and that’s what set me off writing the book. The pressure was enormous, but we believed in the war. This tremendous battle occurred within The New York Times between Rosenthal and the other editors, mainly the business side, and the main legal counsel for the paper. In 1966, he became the newspaper’s Pentagon correspondent, and in 1968, began reporting on the White House. We will replace you.” So a couple of nights later, a message came in, and it said, “What about my plane fare home, Ernie?” and I called Mr. Hoberecht at his home, and I read that to him, and he said, “Take a message,” and the message said, “Dabovich, if your draft board wants you, they can pay your way home. So I got out of Harvard, graduated. It was really disturbing to me.

He had us reading The Waste Land and writing essays. Today, Neil and his wife, Susan, also a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, live in Washington, D.C. Neil Sheehan, an early critic of the Iraq War, continues to write and speak on American foreign policy. So here I was in Tokyo, working at Stars and Stripes, putting out a weekly newspaper. Hire whoever you want to. Neil Sheehan: That’s right. In those days, it was the wire, the foreign editors.

We believed all those shibboleths of the Cold War, all of which turned out to be mirages: the “domino theory” that if South Vietnam fell, the rest of — Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia — they were all going to fall one by one. Plus, he managed to get a Vietnamese division. In 1972, Sheehan published a book on another scandal of the Vietnam War. The Times assigned Sheehan to Jakarta, Indonesia, where he covered the events leading up to large-scale massacre of suspected leftists by the U.S.-backed Indonesian military.

You’ve got 7,000 pages and a million words. It was the archive of the war. He had the foreign editor who had been in government — a man named James Greenfield — read some of this stuff, and Jimmy said, “Yeah. They sent me back to Washington to be a Pentagon correspondent. Why didn’t you go? I had read all of his commentary on the Shakespeare plays, and we talked them all through. I was very proud of the paper because the executive editor — first of all, I briefed all the editors. The Kennedy war — the advisors and helicopters and fighter bombers to support the Saigon regime’s troops — had failed, and the Viet Cong had grown from a band of poorly armed guerrillas into a very powerful striking force, and they were about to take over the country. Again, Vietnam, in a very traumatic, emotional, exhausting, but fulfilling way.
It was the first time since the Revolutionary War that the government sought prior restraint. He was a very shrewd politician, and he knew that he had to get a really good general to destroy Lee’s army, which was the key to destroying the Confederacy.

Then they sent me to Washington to be the Defense Department correspondent.

We’ll pay you ten dollars a night.” So I called my boss in Korea, a major who was the information officer for the division, and I said, “Can I do this?” He said, “Yeah, sure. Eliot. She wanted them to be educated, and she encouraged me to apply. He received a number of grants to continue his project; an advance from his publishers and the sale of partial serialization rights to The New Yorker enabled Neil Sheehan to finish his monumental narrative. I have never been to the Middle East, except as a tourist, but I learned things. “Oh,” I said, “I’d love to go down there.” I was the logical choice. So he had come to personify the American venture in Vietnam. The chief pallbearer was William Westmoreland, who had been the commander-in-chief in Vietnam, and William Colby, who had been the CIA head at one point, was another pallbearer, and here are all these others. I wasn’t afraid going to war. They said, “Look, we will make you a University Professor, which means you can do whatever you want. I spent two weeks hidden down here in the Jefferson Hotel, which was a dump at the time, with one of the assistant foreign editors, and the two of us went through all of this stuff, and I was astonished at how much they had been able to hide. I thought I’d never write another book afterwards, because it was exhausting. When I was younger, I loved getting out in the woods, fishing. I jumped at it. So down I went. We were encouraged to drink then, and it wasn’t until I got in the Army that I discovered what was wrong with me. In any case, I came in.

If you go to war, you absolutely have to, and we didn’t have to go to war in Vietnam.

Many of them were corrupt. I should switch to history, because I liked history, and I always read history. He offered me a job, and the sergeant I was working for in this miserable place up by the DMZ let me go. He did not write or say too much, even in his short rejoinders.
We had no business being there. How do you see the journalist’s role in American society? So every nickel Hoberecht spent was coming out of his own pocket. It was all shorthand. I discovered I was reading and discussing at Harvard all the courses, all the books I was taking in my English courses. “Get out of the room. He is married to the writer Susan Sheehan. You had press barons like Murdoch who were pushing the administration’s point of view, and if you didn’t broadcast what Rupert Murdoch wanted or print what he wanted, he’d sack you.

In 1967, Secretary of Defense Robert MacNamara had assigned his subordinate, Leslie Gelb, among others, to compile a history of United States-Vietnam relations. Please try your request again later. The decision by The New York Times to publish the Pentagon Papers was a very controversial one.

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