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Scott Murray, Fri 26 Jun 2020 14.09 EDT “Manchester City have a brilliant side and it shows how good Liverpool are to be so far ahead. “I moved to Manchester from Liverpool in the late 80s just as Liverpool FC were going off the boil,” writes Stuart Lea. 1976/77: Liverpool 3-1 Borussia Mönchengladbach (McDermott 28, Smith 65, Neal 83p; Simonsen 51) Enjoy, Liverpool fans.”. Life is sweet ... Another question for you, readers: where does this Liverpool team rank among the great English league champions? Here’s Jonathan Wilson on the tactics that enabled Liverpool to overcome Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Fair play to Klopp, he could have had the pick of any club potentially, but he came in and said we can win the league in five years and rewrite our own history.”. Someone like Adama Traoré would be fantastic. To play us out, here’s the Kop in full voice. All rights reserved. Bryan Armen Graham and Firmino and Salah need competition, Origi isn’t good enough and the jury’s out on Minamino. Gunnersauru “And here we are: English, European and World champions. The consistency is difficult to improve, if we can keep that level of consistency that would be already really nice. Afternoon, everyone. The final word goes to (who else?) “I’ve had good parts in my career but not this good. Rick Jones reckons Liverpool are right up there: “The Invincibles drew lots of games, and had a lot fewer points. You’re in luck: Liverpool is a city that has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic and local government budget cuts, but today is a celebration - even for some Evertonians. I know a lot of scousers and they are really good people. There is just so much joy here. Since 1964, they have won fourteen European and Worldwide trophies, more than any other British club. They never stop since Pep is there. Liverpool's five final wins. I’d probably still have Bob Paisley’s first team at the top, because they retained both the league and the European Cup, but I’d certainly put Liverpool 2017-19 alongside 1981-84 and 1987-88. “United won three leagues in a row between 2007 and 2009. Liverpool never really looked back: In the 2018-19 season, Liverpool kept on City’s heels with a number of last-gasp wins. We really have to - and will - stay focused, we see the opportunity ... but that doesn’t mean we will win everything, we just want to improve. First published on Thu 25 Jun 2020 17.14 EDT. “I would rank Liverpool below the Invincibles, United in 1998-99 and 07-08, or Mourinho’s first Chelsea team. I’ll level with you: I can see both sides! We’ve romped to the league, but our squad’s thin and our performance in the cups has been disappointing. The most relevant here is technique against physique. I am not sure it was possible to do more, from a training and intensity point of view, we were already squeezing everything out. Another plug for our quiz on Liverpool’s glorious campaign. That’s all from me. Chelsea won back-to-back titles, which this Liverpool side haven’t done yet. A season is really long, you need to be lucky in some moments, especially with injuries, so you can never be sure but I knew we would become a really good football team. I know it is a really big achievement, and it was an incredible ride to get here. Based on some of the early comments, I wouldn’t bother. Paisley’s record was incredible and the dominant swagger, wow, just wow (hat tip to Ferg for eclipsing Paisley’s leagues). “We all crowded round his old TV, and when the final whistle went, we shook up our beers and poured a bottle of lager over his Dad’s head, before running out into the streets, wild-eyed with glee. “Biased Arsenal fan here,” writes “But... this team... Klopp didn’t have to win to already be a hero, the way he conducts. We had a Facetime call. Quiz: how much do you remember about Liverpool's title-winning season? On my honeymoon I witnessed the horror of Heysel. The Reds lost only one of their final 23 matches as John Barnes led the way for Sir Kenny Dalglish’s side with 22 top-flight goals. Mike Hytner, Drop me a line with your thoughts. The mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, has been talking about last night’s celebrations outside Anfield. Rob Smyth , We didn’t do more, we did it again. In sad times, a happy, happy day.”, The afternoon-after thoughts of Jurgen Klopp. You have to change each year, bring new things, that’s how it is. Will we actually sign anyone? In February, West Ham rocked up at Anfield and took a 2-1 lead. They are different. “I revelled in the Paisley era. But then came a first league defeat of the season at Watford, and a Champions League exit to Atlético Madrid. Personally, I think that given the circumstances, this was among their best performances: Here’s a poignant email from Steve Jenkins: “I’m 57, born in Liverpool and enjoyed the halcyon years of the 70’s and 80’s. Helen Pidd has been out to capture the mood: Liverpool fans have been out and about around Anfield today, although thankfully in smaller, better distanced numbers than last night. Liverpool (35.4%) have become the first side to win the Champions League final despite having less possession than the opposition since Jose Mourinho's Inter Milan beat Bayern Munich in 2010. This video is well worth a watch, as my colleague (and diehard Liverpool fan) Sachin Nakrani recounts his team’s progress in five years under Klopp: Want representations of the historical significance of Liverpool’s title in chart form? How Jürgen Klopp turned Liverpool into Premier League champions – video analysis Niall McVeigh , Rob Smyth , Mike Hytner , Bryan Armen Graham and Scott Murray Fri 26 Jun 2020 14.09 EDT “The hope is that they build a squad that can go deeper into Cups and build a dynasty like United did in the 90s. If we stay humble we have a good chance to be successful in the future as well. Any suggestions?”. All the other messages, maybe I should use this opportunity to say sorry I cannot answer all of them, but I will read all of them. Find out for yourselves: “As a 100% biased Liverpool fan, I would rank them equal to or above Man City 2017-2018,” writes Jeremy Rechtien. How Jürgen Klopp turned Liverpool into Premier League champions – video analysis. Other than absorbing every bit of media around this that I can, I am struggling to know exactly how to commemorate this momentous day. But the effect on me, awe, pride, is already surprisingly greater than it was for seven-year-old me.”. I love the way they love life in the city of Liverpool, I love the way they want to be different. Liverpool have finally been crowned Premier League champions after 30 years and the Guardian's Sachin Nakrani talks through the highs, lows and everything in between over the past five years under Jürgen Klopp, Available for everyone, funded by readers, Jürgen Klopp was not under pressure to win titles when he took charge of Liverpool in 2015 so he set about his own Project Restart, Jürgen Klopp was overcome with emotion at the end of Liverpool’s 30-year wait to be crowned champions of England, See if you were paying attention as Liverpool stormed to their 19th league title by testing yourself with these questions. But if Chelsea or Manchester City had won the league, we would have seen the same scenes outside Stamford Bridge or the Etihad. Liverpool responded in trademark fashion, their relentless drive belying a 22-point gap at the top: This was the moment Liverpool fans started to truly believe; one goal up against United, Mo Salah broke away to seal victory and the Kop went ballistic. Really happy. But if you really want to tell the story of the Klopp years, you need to look at their defensive record. “I’ve waited a long time for this and have taken a lot of stick. But that connection is still there – it is urging me to come home, twanging like some long, unplayed chord. We badly need a creative attacking midfielder (no, not Coutinho). I wouldn’t forget the Champions League as a sign of a team’s greatness either. As for my beloved Arsenal, they’re still the only team to go unbeaten in the modern era, which shows what a special team the Invincibles were.“The current Liverpool team aren’t far off this level though; another title or Champions League and they would be up there. Suddenly the biggest threat to the title was a null-and-void season. Dalglish, Rush, Hansen, Neal, Thompson, Case, Bruce, and my hero (really) McDermott... it was astounding year after year.

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