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Be warned: this is not for the faint of heart.

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Unfortunately, this didn't happen. But see for yourself.

In true Silence Of The Lambs style, the now-incarcerated Deber (Carole Bouquet) offers her expertise to the police in order to help them hunt the copycat. |

The series opens with a particularly gruesome murder.

External Reviews As is the case with real life, the intentions might be good but we are all judged by the results.
This is the moment I stopped watching. Synopsis:Rotten Tomatoes, home of the Tomatometer, is the most trusted measurement of quality for Movies & TV. Throughout the series the police acts in the most unprofessional way. Not even in a Rob Zombie picture. For this reason, I am rating it as a 9. I'm enjoying LA MANTE (Netflix). Im hoping there is a season 2. To be honest, the first thing you need to know is that there are a few inconsistencies which can make you think that this can't be real. | Gripping series, very well done. Many surprises.

Passable thriller... some uneven performances... Great acting, Great directing, Horrible Writing, Worth a Watch for Spiral (Engrenages) Fans, An uninteresting realization of an interesting idea. The acting, particularly by the amazing lead, Carole Bouquet along with Fred Testot, who plays her son, is riveting. The Following's James Purefoy On Serial Killers, Serial Killers Will Dominate Our Screens In 2019, The 20 Best Serial Killer Movies Of All Time, This Amazing New Phone Charger Will Get You To 100% In 20 Minutes, The Trailer For David Fincher's Nerve-Wracking 'Mindhunter' Looks To Get Inside The Heads Of Serial Killers, 'American Gangster' Is Getting A TV Prequel, And It Sounds Amazing.

Every episode Is beautifully crafted with fantastic character work. Will There Be a Second Season of Ratched? The interesting central idea gets corrupted by an unnecessary plot, the actors can't get themselves seriously or go to extremes to make their performances meaningful, behaving like extras in their own show, the pacing is slow, not because it tries to build on something but because nothing makes sense from an early point on, and the finale is unbelievable, so that it looks as if the writers had given up until they decided to throw every trick of the book at the same time.

9/10. Not even in a Rob Zombie picture.

The characters are very strong and combined with several great plots, this combines for a perfect thriller/detective.

The other actors are also good and credible. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. This content is imported from Twitter. I have seen many thrillers (The Fall, The Killing, The Disappearance), but have not seen this particular mother/son dynamic before. While the plot has some unrealistic elements, the relationship between the mother and son was portrayed with emotion and was compelling to watch. Keep in mind, it is French made, and a Netflix series, so no, it isn't Academy Award good.

Netflix recommended this because I liked Le Chalet, and they do have elements in common.

François Ozon’s disorienting erotic thriller nods to Hitchcock and Cronenberg but becomes something uniquely his own . Though the premise of the tv series can be considered promising, the execution fails sort. It's a must-see show.

Slow burner with good characterisation and a few twists. About halfway through, things start to turn ridiculous.

La Mantis is a stain on French police stories. That’s high praise from King, who’s penned some particularly horrifying tales over the years.

Extra points if you can binge the six part series by the weekend, like these fans clearly did.

Someone might argue that there are two broad categories of films and tv series: the good ones and the bad ones. Carole Bouquet, a glam star from past decades, plays a Mom doing a life term for a series of brutal killings.

This is a well written, well acted, tense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and thirsty for more. The series opens with a particularly gruesome murder. I don't believe I've ever seen a man slowly drowning in an industrial washer before. The gripping performances by the brilliant actors in this series will have you overlooking every single implausible moment until it, unfortunately, all becomes too much. In order to solve this officers seek the help of Jeanne Deber (Carole Bouquet), a now-incarcerated serial killer who plagued France for over 25 years.

When this Netflix original series popped up it looked right up my ally. There's the usual transgender aspect that appears in stories like this. Decent acting, decent story line. Police procedural with a family aspect to it. Was this review helpful?

Awards Carole Bouquet is stunning with her charisma. this is a must see. Yes, there were some flaws: a few stupid decisions by the police and a little overacting; but overall it was a great series with a complicated plot that in the end made sense.

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