kristine and michael barnett

In February 2014, Michael filed for divorce from Kristine. Over the next few days the couple showered Natalia with attention, taking her to Disney World, enjoying ice creams, treats and playful pillow fights with her three brothers to slowly bring her out of her shell. Records are not publicly available but DailyMailTV has established that a judge ordered a fresh hearing to establish Natalia's age, with Michael Barnett and a number of experts giving evidence.

‘I saw her putting chemicals, bleach, Windex something like that, in my coffee and I asked her, what are you doing? — Michael and Kristine Barnett's celebration of their legal victories was short-lived. Thinking she was still a child, the couple tried to overturn the 2012 result,' explained Michael's attorney Kinnard.

'I was optimistic, she had a concrete plan for her life. He said Natalia fooled him, her parents and other physicians. The Daily Mail reported in September that Kristine Barnett said she began to suspect  her daughter was older than the adoption agency said she was after bringing her home. This was what I wanted to do. He thought he was doing the right thing 10 years ago when he took someone into his home," Kinnard said.

Oz'. During a Friday morning hearing, Meyer told prosecutors and the Barnetts' attorneys that he will delay implementing his order to dismiss the charges and will approve prosecutors' appeal of his order when they submit it later this month. Jacob who has autism is said to have a higher IQ than Albert Einstein. ‘With that she just got up and ran into the ocean.

Even so, Barnett says she and her husband rented an apartment for Natalia when she was discharged from secure psychiatric care in August 2012 and placed under the supervision of state healthcare provider, Aspire Indiana. I went to Canada to further my son's education. It’s just horrifying.’. Given just 24-hours to complete an emergency adoption, the couple raced to an adoption center in Florida to sign the paperwork and meet their ‘six-year-old’ daughter. ‘The last time we spoke on the phone, she told me she was cooking spaghetti for her new family. LAFAYETTE, Ind. 'I co-signed the lease and paid for the rent up front for a year. DailyMailTV asked the Tippecanoe County Prosecutor’s Office in Lafayette for comment.

‘I did not abandon anyone. That was only the start of the bizarre criminal case enveloping Michael and Kristine Barnett, who last week were charged with felony neglect. The couple have previously appeared on the US show 60 Minutes discussing their then 13-year-old son Jacob, who is said to be a child genius. When they took Natalia to a beach for the first time, she did something that would leave the couple speechless. LAFAYETTE, Ind. ‘Natalia was living on her own and a couple wanted to become her guardians. Kristine Barnett claims Natalia tried pushing her onto an electric fence, poured bleach into her coffee and threatened to stab the Barnetts in their sleep. The case drew so much attention that Meyer issued a gag order in late October, barring the people involved in the case from discussing the case with the media. ‘She was standing over people in the middle of the night. It does not explain, however, why detectives waited five years to put the allegations to Michael Barnett, who divorced Kristine in 2014, remarried and has settled back in Indiana. I was so shocked. We did notice immediately in the parking lot that she couldn't walk. ‘Police knocked on Michael’s door and he spoke to them, for three hours, without an attorney present. Both parents pleaded not guilty during an initial hearing. Kristine plans to fight the allegations made against her. In a 2019 interview with police, Michael said they continued to pay the girl's rent but not for any other living expenses. As for Natalia, neither the Barnetts, their attorneys, nor seemingly anyone else involved in this baffling case, appears to know her whereabouts.

Mrs Barnett also published a book titled: ‘The Spark: A mother’s story of Nurturing, Genius, and Autism’. ‘She was jumping out of moving cars. “It was a big move for our family and one that we knew was coming for Jacob,” Kristine Barnett told the IndyStar that year. He is due to appear at hearing in Tippecanoe Superior Court in Lafayette on September 24. Kristine Barnett, 45, and her ex-husband Michael Barnett, 43, are the couple who adopted Natalia in May 2010 from a Florida adoption center and took her to their home in Indiana. Barnett grew more alarmed when she saw the little girl naked for the first time. Michael and Kristine have been arrested and charged on two counts of felony child neglect.

At the age of 12, he was already studying physics and developing his own theories of relativity at IUPUI. Get your need-to-know The disorder is known for causing skeletal abnormalities, and on occasion, vision and hearing issues. Prosecutors say that, in June 2010, Kristine and Michael Barnett adopted an 8-year-old girl with dwarfism born in Ukraine.

By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. A former neighbor near her residence remembered that the girl attended classes at Lafayette Adult Resource Academy. The IndyStar story from that year said the family rented a farm after selling their Hamilton County home.

'There was no running to Canada': Dad charged with abandoning daughter on 'Dr.

In 2013, the Barnett family moved to Canada and abandoned Natalia in a Lafayette apartment for the next three years, placing her "in a situation that endangered the dependent's life or health." Tearful Kristine described how Natalia was treated by mental health specialists who determined Natalia was an adult and pressed for the courts to have her birth certificate changed, Michael Barnett is pictured holding his new daughter Natalia in May 2010 in Florida just days after collecting her from the adoption center, In 2012, Marion County Superior Court in Indianapolis, Indiana determined Natalia was born in 1989, rather than agreeing with her Ukrainian birth certificate which claimed she was born on September 4, 2003, The couple showered Natalia with attention, taking her to Disney World, enjoying ice creams, treats and playful pillow fights with her three brothers to slowly bring her out of her shell, ‘Natalia was extremely nervous. ‘At the time I ran a little school and I remember she said to me, these children are exhausting, I don't know how you do it,’ Barnett went on. Michael and Kristine Barnett have since been charged with felony neglect of a dependent. An attorney who represented the daughter during the case has disputed Michael and Kristine Barnett's age claim. Records show they legally changed her age. Barnett told DailyMailTV she feared Natalia had stopped taking her medication and was probably posing as a child again for another unsuspecting family.

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