ida pro vs ghidra

Since Ghidra is free and open-source (coming soon™), I expect a torrent of contributions in the form of tools, plugins and scripts. If it's more freely available, and more people have experience with it, then the compensation might go down as the supply of people with this experience goes up. And they didn't take my money, break my key in an update, and ghost me while I was still in the support period.

This explains their advantage.

AFAIK the author is Russian but lives in Belgium. "Eschew flamebait. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Radare exists. It's worth to note NSA has quite specific needs. This is the reason I call it "unnecessarily" complex - it is in the interest of companies who sell support services that the product is not as easy to use as it could be. But the main reason I’m excited about Ghidra is that I have the source code.

We use it only once every couple of years to debug some kind of compatibility issue like this, and so we usually have to dig around to figure out if we still have valid licenses, deactivate systems that we're no longer using, and so on. I tried cutter again a few months ago and went back to ida after an hour of frustration. Ghidra probably won't have plugins to support all of these weird old legacy formats and CPUs which the full IDA package does for a while, but hopefully it'll get there eventually. GhIDA assists the reverse-engineering process by decompiling x86 and x64 PE and ELF binary functions, using either a local installation of Ghidra, or Ghidraaas ( Ghidra as a Service) — a simple docker container that exposes the Ghidra decompiler through REST APIs.

I judge this an acceptable answer, not a wrong answer.

Why are there so many references to high bill rates in these comments, is the pay especially notorious? Ghidra’s source source code was not released.

Quite ironically for the GP, that's exactly what has happened in this case: a taxpayer-funded governmental organisation (NSA) has produced and released a public good for free consumption. I use r2 almost all the time, it's just so fast and convenient, and it makes working with Binary Ninja easier. If you wanna run this thing, you should probably build it from source yourself (don't trust the binaries) and even then run it in a pretty well sandboxed virtual machine. I practically had to beg Hex Rays to take my money. Other common software in the industry costs way more.

- Ghidra and IDA both use Python for scripting. Let the market speak.

What you have to wonder is how much code was contributed by some seemingly normal community member that is actually a front for the NSA to introduce subtly flawed code that they can use to their advantage while being plausibly just a bug?

It still works like that. :-P, I'm complaining about IDA.

The pricing of Ida Pro is set to limit the size of the support work and to avoid liabilities. However, NSA could also reasonably want that their targets (who have extensive capabilities of their own, likely including insiders in various companies) can't find out that NSA needs that very specific small functionality by next monday. I'm curious what feature specifically prompted the NSA to develop their own IDA Pro alternative. etc. That includes malware analysis, vulnerability research, and emulator development. It depends on what you're doing.

I could never do the same with IDA or Binary Ninja. We normally get nothing but praise during any customer support interaction.

Wait, IDA has a collaborative mode? Time to stop driving the Mass Pike (I know, regional humor/rant.). Any tool can make nice output if you feed it nice input.

Funds are thus improving quality in ways that customers request.

I think IDA's lack of significant competition until now is nearly a textbook example of how charging a lot for a tool is no indication that the funds will go toward improving the quality. Want to secure national infrastructure? If you're suggesting we should fund critical software in the same way that we fund bridges, then I support that motion. In this case, it's money, but it could easily just have been something like popularity, beauty, connections, location, or even plain old brains. However, Ghidra's Python is actually Jython, which gives it access to the entire state of the system (minus the decompiler, which is native code - but you can interact with all the code that drives the decompiler). Maybe for automated analysis for example. Not every niche is going to be covered by the benevolent interests of your local friendly cloud provider. What self service site did you use? Businesses have really enjoyed having their cake and eating it too with the transition away from a highly involved acquisition process that generally resulted in a tailored solution that the USG owned, to the present COTS policy that allows them to then go on to sell software to people that have already effectively paid for it through taxes. This means that incentives would be wrong, because then developers would be incentivized to produce difficult to use (but useful!)

I’m a casual bystander who has only played with these tools, but I’ve been interested in this field for a long time.

Video game modders certainly use IDA. My company alone probably gives them more than two million dollars per year.

Since everything is open source, if ghidra is as good as people say it is, I’m sure people will make better guis for it (and tui) in no time. Most reverse engineering done nowadays is not for derivative works. That basically excludes how Open Source is supposed to get monetized. If a symbol is renamed in the disassembler view, the function must be removed from cache and decompiled again to update the symbols name in the decompiler view, . code is not provided.

I think there's an industry business case study in what Hex-Rays could have done to keep this from happening, though. (That includes just about anything related to the decompiler.) Code navigation by double-clicking on symbol name: A double click (or right-click -> Goto) over the name of a function in the decompiler view, automatically opens the selected function in the decompiler and disassembler view. All the source is in .zip files in the download.

They are certainly worth the investment.

To be fair, without undo, Hex-Rays can only move forwards. but I believe that reverse engineering should be accessible to beginners and amateurs. To be fair, IDA Pro has a decompiler plugin to do this. and to be quite honest, its just fun to me to reverse a program. Do not know how it works now, but many years ago, as you were buying Ida Pro, they were asking questions and if anything seemed to imply that you want to hide the buyer's identity, they refused to sell.

No need to reverse engineer anything. The most recent liberation of useful taxpayer funded software that I can think of was over ten years ago, when NIST released NFIS2 - the fingerprint software that the FBI relied on. Out of curiosity what kind of job involves doing binary reverse engineering full time?

Plus you probably don't want it phoning-home either... Maybe it's all just an elaborate recruitment ad. I have no complaints about BinaryNinja. ), But I'll say this: if you put me into a situation where I had to reverse something, I'd pay for an IDA license 10/10 times even if every Radare developer was at my command, and I'd probably still get it done faster (most RE tools I know of lack even the most basic, fundamental features IDA has had for years -- such as FLIRT -- that can dramatically improve reversing speed.).

nneonneo on Mar 6, 2019. Whether or not we can come up with examples of this off the cuff is completely immaterial to the constraint that proposed tools should be open-source. If this is expensive to you, then it’s not for you. Well, mere mortals are, at least; the NSA has enough money that it.

It's a compile flag, it is not enabled by default. Screw the decompiler.

The concrete difference between the two is that vulnerability research is mostly focused on the technical security aspects.

When I worked for a hedge fund we had to deal with this sort of thing (not classified obviously, but wanted exemptions from certain things), but it was actually pretty easy to deal with. IDA Pro still doesn't support collaboration, although there are very broken hacks that attempt to add it.

We could be talking about chrome just as easily as IDA pro here.

I realized in the meantime that in order to enter this "computer security" field and especially in order to be good at it you need to have a different set of skills and especially a different way of looking at things compared to other computer programmers. Both technical controls as well as procedural operations are in scope.

It's being released at RSA as open source, so it's more correct to say that it's not open source yet. to me, it just sounds like an inefficient market because there's not enough competition (justification on the ground that it does much more than any competitor and thus can command a premium does though).

I always wanted to be popular and loved by many, but I came to accept long ago that it just wasn't going to happen. > It's certainly a concern but many companies make it work. Isn't that considered evil/wrong by pure capitalists?

Thank you!

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