gumball rob death

How he escaped is unknown. [The question], Snake creature - eaten by alive by fish bird creature. (The DVD), Mackerel - Gumball and Darwin gave Anais dead mackerel as a food. However, Gumball can make mistakes and not remember correctly how to use the Remote so SpongeBob would win if he erases Gumball with Magic Pencil and the wish of Magic Page. This leads them to the basement, where they find all of the stolen possessions that the mysterious stranger has stolen. Rob appeared again in The Rerun, where Gumball must stop him from destroying his life. When he is in his evil persona, his static become's a bit dark, while when he's angry or freaking out, his static becomes white. In later seasons, he becomes the villain of the show, and Gumball's sworn enemy, the former of which he swears revenge against. Carmen - Killed when the school exploded. In The Uploads, he has an internet channel called Dr. Killing the Van Shopkeeper while smiling about it. Then Anais died from being erased from existence, and Darwin died from being a normal fish, enraging Gumball who tries to attack Rob, but Rob pushes the same button that fast forwards Gumball into pushing Penny off the railing once again. The death of Gumball Watterson has made Rob aimless. After getting confronted, Rob tries to explain his actions, but Tina knocks him out. V.F Rob then tries to once again to break up Nicole and Richard but Gumball jumps on top of him and accidentally presses the rewind button that starts turning Richard and Nicole into babies. Il reste caché dans le sous-sol de la maiso… At worst, you take Movie Spongebob that's CB or whatever and he can win via that but eh. Bobert - Killed when the school exploded. He has a single large eye located in the center of his face with a pink iris. However, a hole opens up, and he states with horror that "it's started". These are two cats loved by kids but today one of them is gonna get rekted. Il arrive régulièrement que certains éléments de son corps, comme ses cheveux, se déforment l'espace d'un instant. In addition, he does value the lives of others, as he tried to save everyone he could from being sucked into The Void, a place where all the world's mistakes are sent, by making everyone into normal humans. Although he seems extremely knavish, dangerous, threatening and vituperative when he claims revenge he later proves to be extremely incompetent and inadequate at defeating the main characters in "The Nemesis" where he was shown to have multiple failed attempts at harming Gumball and Darwin, needing help from them to make him a better villain which even then doesn't help him that much. Barbara then caves in and uses her painting power. Rob has received critical acclaim by critics and fans of the show for his role as the series new villain, some going far into calling him the best character on the show after Darwin an Gumball. V.O They later chase him throughout Elmore and prevent his escape by throwing condiments at a car, Tina, and a truck driver. Depuis la saison 4 Néanmoins, il finit par se réconcilier avec Gumball après que celui-ci tente de le sauver, mais n'a d'autre choix que de sacrifier cette nouvelle amitié pour défaire tous les dommages qu'il a lui-même causé. List of deaths where two or more characters are killed together,, Angry Dog - Accidentialy slammed into a wall. Death Battle Analysis: Gumball Watterson Welp, Happy Birthday to me, lol, and to celebrate I am doing a blog on one of the greatest Cartoon Network characters of the decade. Gumball has a Multi-Galaxy durability feat and low-godly regen IIRC. She has a crush on him too, but both have trouble expressing their feelings to each other. In general, Rob is a minor antagonist of season 1 and 2, the overarching antagonist of Season 3, and the main antagonist of Season 4, Season 5, and Season 6. (The Responsible) Saison 2 [The Recipe], 100 Antons (clones) - they were reduced to wet bread by Ant-One. Première apparition In later seasons, he becomes the villain of the show, and Gumball's sworn enemy, the former of which he swears revenge against. This is shown when he assumed Elmore had a dam and tried to break it with the intent of flooding Elmore, though there was no dam in reality, as well as placing a bomb in the Elmore Jr. High school bus in an attempt to kill the students and teachers of Elmore Junior High and get away with a million dollars (although he also said it was his way of trying to kill Gumball as well). Inspecteur d'académie Malin DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. The Amazing World of Gumball first began in 2011 and has been consistently pumping … Then Rob made Richard and Nicole break up and go their separate ways by deactivating their parental filters, and he made Gumball break up with his girlfriend Penny and accidentally pushed her to her death and suddenly paused the scene, with everyone frozen in time (except Gumball and Rob).

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