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An odd strategy that starves her potential replacements of profile. Ramsay was a lawyer before his movement into the community sector. After completing a Degree in Linguistics and a Graduate Diploma in East Asian Studies, McClure worked in the federal public service before devoting herself to raising her family. She commenced her career in the public service as an ANU graduate. The SA House of Assembly and NT Legislative Assembly both have single member electorate systems, making 3rd party entry difficult. "I'm shocked but what's most important is that they are okay. Notable declared candidates See also: Timeline of announcements in the presidential election, 2020 The following four notable candidates are running for president. Shane Rattenbury Candidate for Kurrajong. Jakeman worked in the Climate Change section for nearly 11 years analysing the economics of domestic and international climate change policy, demographics and long term Australian and international energy markets. Reported to police and support has been offered. McClure moved to Canberra with his parents in 1965. If 351 voters switched directly from Cheyne to Esguerra this would have resulted in the Greens winning, but it should be noted that Labor was very effective at distributing their votes evenly between their candidates, and it’s likely a drop in the Labor vote would come from all candidates, so a bigger swing would likely be required. Bourke’s preferences favoured his three remaining colleagues, particularly helping Berry pass a quota, and pushing Cheyne and Ramsay into third and fourth place. My vollies were victims of a hijacking overnight. Lloyd grew up in regional Queensland and holds law and economics degrees from the University of Queensland. I understand the cost of living pressures felt by families and it’s why I’ll always look to improve the range, efficiency, accessibility and quality of our public services. Kindness | Equality | Rationality | Non-Violence. Email. What is both a hindrance and a help to this is the extra parties running here, left (CCJP, AJP, SUST) v right (SFF, DLP, LDM). Here is your chance to vote for a kinder vision by voting number “1” for the AJP in Ginninderra. Click on the electorate name for a full profile of each electorate and its candidates. He is currently an APS employee and runs a small freelance design business. It recently won a Canberra iAward and an ICON grant. @Tom what I meant was that they will underperform despite getting media nareatives as contenders. "My vollies were victims of a hijacking overnight. TOSS-UP for 3rd ALP, 1st GRN, 2nd Lib and 1st Belco. They has been married for 28 years and raised 3 children who have been home-schooled by her. clock. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Two Labor seats and two Liberal seats are safe here. Belco party got some media attention, have a relatively high profile leader (though “high profile” in ACT politics doesn’t amount to much), and are very well funded, but I don’t see them doing well enough to take a seat. Anyone with information or dash-cam footage is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or via the Crime Stoppers ACT website, quoting reference 6626011.

The Liberals are losing Vicki Dunne’s personal vote, but Dunne is still doing many campaign/policy announcements. He was recognised in 2014 as a finalist in the ACT Local Hero category of the Australian of the Year awards. 137 candidates formally declared for 2020 ACT Election. Mainul … Rebecca Vassarotti Candidate for Kurrajong. Meet Carolyne Drew and Lara Drew, your two Animal Justice Party candidates for Ginninderra Carolyne Drew Broadly, as an AJP candidate for the seat of Ginninderra, I want to protect the environment that wildlife, and the people of Ginninderra, call home. He came to Canberra as an APS graduate and has since worked on small business programs, science policy, institutional responses to abuse program delivery, national security and productivity policy. He played as a rover in three premierships for the Ainslie AFL club and was an ACT representative player before leaving Canberra in 1981 to play for St Kilda in Melbourne for two years, followed by two years with the South Australian Panthers. Ginninderra has always elected five MLAs. McClure moved from Tamworth to Canberra in 1992 to study at ANU. Understanding that kindness and compassion also underpin social justice and equity, important to the heart of any community. Animal Justice Party Limited Order of Candidates. In 2008, the third Labor seat was lost to the Greens’ Meredith Hunter, one of four Greens elected across the territory. I have to say the Belco Party really has clouded my thinking here and Vicki Dunne retiring will hurt the Lib Vote. A car, believed to be the stolen vehicle, was recovered burnt out in Sutton on Tuesday afternoon. Cheyne lived all over Queensland while growing up and says she never she had a 'home town' until moving to Belconnen. Tara Cheyne is the Member for Ginninderra and a Labor candidate in the 2020 ACT election. The 2020 Candidates Tournament is an eight-player chess double round-robin tournament to decide the challenger for the World Chess Championship 2021.The winner will earn the right to challenge the defending world champion, Magnus Carlsen of Norway. The fifth seat has alternated between Labor and a succession of crossbenchers. Today’s formal declaration of candidates for the 2020 ACT Legislative Assembly election might be … He currently manages the tax disputes section at ACT Revenue Management. One man exited the vehicle and demanded personal belongings before driving off in a Holden Trax with ACT registration YOG72C. Online Discussion Terms & Conditions. Ramsay was appointed to the Ministry after his election and is Attorney-General; Minister for the Arts, Creative Industries and Cultural Events; Building Quality Improvement; Business and Regulatory Services and Minister for Seniors and Veterans.

Dubey contested this seat as an Independent in 2016 and had originally been chosen as a Liberal candidate for Kurrajong at the 2020 election before falling out with the party. Combined with my advocacy work, I hold a PhD in Education and research and publish in the field of adult learning, social movements, community development and Critical Animal Studies. Show Map. Ngep is a leader of the Canberra Cambodian community and a small business personality with, he states, a high expectations of the city to deliver a quality future for families and our children. Clay is the lead candidate on the Green ticket for Ginninderra. She tweeted that she had always felt safe while campaigning but issued a warning to other candidates to "stay safe". She manages recycling service, Send and Shred. March 16 — April 4. Ramsay has been involved in a wide range of local and ACT-wide bodies, including ACT Anti Poverty Week, ACTCOSS, and has been a member of the ACT Community Inclusion Board and a Community Inclusion Advocate.

Kevin Bonham calls even vote splitting “the Ginninderra effect” for a reason, and in recent elections Labor have tried to lean into it with their campaigning, with candidates picking specific areas for campaigning. Ms Lam further tweeted that she believed it was not a targeted offence but that the volunteers were in the "wrong place at the wrong time". Labor has always won two seats, and the Liberal Party has also won two.

If 3-1-1 (ALP-Lib-GRN) is ever going to happen, it’s at this election. I want to end the Dubey has been a small business owner, teacher and public servant and lived in the Belconnen region for over a decade. Candidate statements - Brindabella; Candidate statements - Ginninderra; Candidate statements - Kurrajong; Candidate statements - Murrumbidgee; Candidate statements - Yerrabi; Polling places 2020; Interstate at election time? Cheyne was first elected at the 2016 election. He contested Yerrabi for Sustainable Australia at the 2016 ACT election. Yvette Berry (Elected 1), Tara Cheyne (Elected 4), Gordon Ramsay (Elected 5), Vicki Dunne (Elected 2), Rlizabeth Kikkert (Elected 3).

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