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Phantom Lady is a 1944 American film noir directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Franchot Tone, Ella Raines and Alan Curtis.The film was Siodmak's first Hollywood noir and the first film produced by Joan Harrison, Universal Pictures' earliest female executive, who was associated with Alfred Hitchcock.The film was based on the novel of the same name written by Cornell Woolrich but … Stories published decades later by DC Comics would give her a proper origin, which was altered several times to give Sandra a more active role. Enhanced Vision Visor: Stormy wears a special visor as part of her costume. The role of Phantom Lady has been taken by a completely new character, Jennifer Knight. Like other members of the Blüdhaven team, this incarnation of Phantom Lady is a cold-blooded killer, although there are indications in issue #1 of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, as she finds herself defending her actions, that she may be disturbed by what she is ordered to do. In the subsequent clash between Image Comics superheroes and Golden Age superheroes, Phantom Lady wound up fighting Witchblade until the misunderstanding between the two groups was resolved. Gonzo began acting on Father Time's behalf, backing legislation that would effectively allow the country to be run as a dictatorship, enforced by Time's metahuman army. Devastated by her father's death, Stormy began to take drugs and drink heavily in order to cope. In Blackest Night crossover, Tyler was reanimated as a member of the Black Lantern Corps. alongside her other Golden Age contemporaries, and many of Erik Larsen's original characters, where they battled subterranean demons invading the surface. [2] As published by Fox Feature Syndicate in the late 1940s, the busty and scantily-clad Phantom Lady is a notable and controversial example of "good girl art", a style of comic art depicting voluptuous female characters in provocative situations and pin-up poses that contributed to widespread criticism of the medium's effect on children. In 1956, DC Comics obtained the rights to the Quality Comics characters, which they believed included Phantom Lady, and reintroduced her 17 years later with a group of other former Quality heroes as the Freedom Fighters in Justice League of America #107 (Oct. The Fox version which premiered in Phantom Lady #13 (taking over the numbering of Wotalife Comics) [8] is better known to contemporary comic fans than the Quality version because of the "good girl art" of Matt Baker. Also in issue #1, her father is depicted in a more sympathetic light as a man who might disband the Blüdhaven team if elected. Her body was hung on the Washington Monument along with the Human Bomb and Black Condor.

This led to a horrific incident where, during the heat of battle, she murdered a supervillain called Thunderer in front of live television cameras. The group was ambushed while investigating the meeting place of other supervillains. This figure, a cyborg named Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard, is impersonating Senator Knight. Public Domain Super Heroes is a FANDOM Comics Community.

DC Comics Blog: "Announcing Phantom Lady and Doll Man," Alex Nagorski, 5/11/12, 8:00 AM EDT. This article lists the ghost powers seen in Danny Phantom.A few abilities are formally named in the show itself, such as the Ghost Sense and Ghostly Wail, while most of the abilities detailed below are descriptively … For the second Phantom Lady (active from 1989 - 2005) see: Dee Tyler. 's questionable activities, which prompted Father Time to have the Senator covertly assassinated and impersonated by a villainous cyborg called Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard. Intellect: Stormy possesses a genius-level intellect, and is a brilliant quantum physicist who helped design and build her wristbands and visor. Later, Stormy received an offer from Oracle to join the Birds of Prey, but declined the invitation. This successor Phantom Lady never received a series of her own, but was a periodic guest star in other titles, including the 1988 Starman, Flash, and most frequently in the 1994 Starman title. I personally prefer equipment though it be only allowed to turn her invisible and intangible Sandra Knight, the daughter of Senator Henry Knight, is a Washington D.C. socialite who fights crime as the costumed heroine known as the Phantom Lady. She used a "black light projector", a device which allowed her to blind her enemies and make herself invisible. With Franchot Tone, Ella Raines, Alan Curtis, Aurora Miranda. It was heavily implied in that series that she was not alone in being thus trained and equipped, as her "college roommate" Marie Saloppe also appeared in the guise of Phantom Lady in Action Comics Weekly #639. [15] Jennifer is later rescued by Dane, who had become miniaturized. As a result of Mister Mind "eating" aspects of this reality, it takes on visual aspects similar to the pre-Crisis Earth-X, including the Quality characters. The two were paired on several missions and fought a Soviet-backed agent named The Baron, actually the German Baron Blitzkrieg, a foe both had met during World War II.

[5] That issue established her alter ego as Sandra Knight, the beautiful Washington, D.C., debutante daughter of U.S. 1 Origin 2 Public Domain Appearances 3 Notes 4 See Also Sandra Knight, the daughter of Senator Henry Knight, is a Washington D.C. socialite who fights crime as the costumed heroine known as the Phantom Lady.

Tyler was wounded by the Cheetah and then fatally impaled by Deathstroke.

There, she appeared in her own title. In Brave New World, a radio program names her as Stormy Knight.

At the end of 2011, DC rebooted their universe with the New 52 event. She and the Freedom Fighters joined forces with Batman and Plastic Man to save Earth from invading forces sent by the Supreme Chairman of the planet Qward. Phantom Lady appears in Justice League Unlimited tie-in comic #17. The company also published her as a backup feature in two issues of Wonder Boy. The Earth One version appears in the episode three. Her father was a U.S. Acting: Stormy is a talented actress who has won awards and critical acclaim for her performances in feature films.

The Golden Age Phantom Lady made her return in Savage Dragon #199 as part of the Special Operations Strikeforce (S.O.S.)

© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. Black's Phantom Lady was an even more undressed version of the Matt Baker character, and a mask and ordinary handgun were also added. Senator named Henry Knight, just like the original Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight), but no actual relation to Sandra has been established. The names of the characters and the team are not mentioned in the panel in which they appear, but a character visually similar to the Sandra Knight Phantom Lady appears. Stormy Knight has not appeared in the New 52 universe, and it can be assumed that her character, though not dead, is on indefinite hiatus. Senator, though no connection to the other Knight characters has been established.

Dimensional Manipulation: Her wristbands also give her the power to manipulate matter between dimensions, which effectively allows her to bend reality (Reality Manipulation). Baker's cover for Phantom Lady #17 (Apr, 1948) was reproduced in Seduction of the Innocent, the 1954 book by Dr. Fredric Wertham denouncing what he saw as the morally corrupting effect of comics on children. Stormy's preliminary costume concept looked very similar to the original Phantom Lady costume worn by her predecessors, including the flimsy sling-bikini top that appeared prone to 'wardrobe malfunctions.'
The Stormy Knight version of Phantom Lady appeared along with the rest of the Freedom Fighters team in the episode Cry Freedom Fighters!

Heightened Agility A +10 2. In the final issue of 52, a new Multiverse is revealed, originally consisting of 52 identical realities. Attractive Female: Stormy is blessed with movie-star looks and an hourglass figure, and has been shown to provoke intense jealousy from other women. To further augment her abilities, Stormy was envisioned as a genius inventor who helped design the wristbands herself, unlike the earlier Phantom Ladies whose wristbands were created entirely by others.

Publications. Sinking further into despair, Stormy attempted suicide by slitting her wrists, but was found in time by her teammate Doll Man.

Cobweb appeared in Tomorrow Stories, an anthology title in Alan Moore's America's Best Comics line. These wristbands grant her formidable dimensional powers: Teleportation: Stormy can instantly teleport herself and the entire Freedom Fighters team across great distances, and can even teleport herself and others between different dimensions. After she drunkenly cuts a super-powered troublemaker in half on live television, Black Condor takes her to the extra-dimensional Heartland, where Uncle Sam tells her she won't leave until her habit has been kicked.

She seems to know Father Time and has hinted that they've met before with him in a different guise, referring to his look as "this year's look is Colonel Sanders, Time?" She joined a new version of the Freedom Fighters in the 1999 JSA series. By then, Wertham's efforts had led to a Congressional investigation into the comics industry, and publishers formed the self-censoring Comics Code Authority in the fall of 1954. Sandra Knight assumed the identity of Phantom Lady in a costume consisting of a green cape and the equivalent of a one-piece yellow swimsuit. Her teleportation targeting is very precise, allowing her to remove individual organs or body parts from opponents if she chooses to be so ruthless. The character, created by Moore and Melinda Gebbe, was an eroticized homage to Phantom Lady. Senator Henry Knight. When Iger Studios stopped producing art for Quality Comics, Iger took the character to Fox Feature Syndicate under the assumption he owned the rights.

Miss America removes all the toxins from her systems, allowing her to recuperate better. Invisibility: Stormy can use her wristbands to alter light waves around her person, making her invisible to those with normal sight. Phantom Lady first appeared in Quality's Police Comics #1 (Aug, 1941), an anthology title the first issue of which also included the debut of characters such as Plastic Man and the Human Bomb. Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Blüdhaven #2 - The Battle for Blüdhaven, Part 2. [17], Based on comments by Grant Morrison, this alternate universe is not the pre-Crisis Earth-X.[18]. Her father had been one of the best reporters on the Daily Planet's crime beat, and was close to breaking the case against crime boss Robert Bender, until Bender found out. Shadow Lady is a character seen in Big Bang Comics, all of whose characters are parodies of DC Comics.

After escaping from Communist Poland, Sandra wanted out of the spy game and turned to an old friend, Roy Lincoln. View full history. For the original Phantom Lady (active from the Golden Age through 1989) see: Sandra Knight. She was engaged to Don Borden, the agent of the State Department's counter-intelligence division - though the fact that she was engaged didn't stop Sandra from occasionally flirting with other men.
Though Phantom Lady's name was given as Stormy Knight, she wore a costume that resembled the classic Phantom Lady costume worn by Sandra Knight and Dee Tyler, rather than Stormy's updated costume.

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