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He went from being man **** to planning their future all within a couple weeks (or months) of dating. This book had me completely absorbed after the first chapter. The story dragged on too long when nothing was really happening. The incredible conclusion to the Empirium Trilogy that started... Thirteen Short Stories from Bold New YA Voices &... Graceling meets Red Queen in this exciting debut novel... Where have all the children gone? She kept the story going and made me not want to put the book down. REVIEW: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. ("So you do this but then you do that, you want it but then you don't...") In a story as dramatic and frustrating as this, you need a voice of reason that can agree with you about the stupidity of some of the things that are said and done and I felt those two provided that really well. I̢۪ll give it a fair 3 stars for being such a beautiful disaster. Please try again","bd_saving_percent_off":"{0}%
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document.getElementById('cloakbe3f3569db3e8a9e9c2552ed5b0e433c').innerHTML = ''; What is  11,40 €, 11,00 € Does it have t... @Erin Satie: Yeah, I agreed with Emma's statement about the ... Janine, I also really liked the ending with the dancing on t... @AMD: I think we're only supposed to guess at what Pheris di... First Page: Sylvan Legacy, YA Historical Romance with Fantasy Elements, Setting Up a New Library with Calibre: Essential Plugins and Getting to Know Metadata, SPOILERIFIC THREAD: Return of the Thief & the Queen’s Thief Series by Megan Whalen Turner. The story is explained well and I felt a connection with the characters all the way through. Seriously, the relationship between Abby and Travis sucked me in and I just could not tear myself away from it. If you ever have any questions, just email us at any time at This email address is being protected from spambots.  11,50 €, 8,03 € 8,49 € Travis...what can I say about Travis?  18,00 €, 8,33 € You can read book reviews by our staff or write your own!  11,40 €, 16,99 € What also bugged me was how fast he changed for her.  11,40 €, 12,99 € I had a hard time reading this and it was totally absorbing, if you’re looking for a light read step away!!  18,00 €, 12,05 €

I know that Beautiful Disaster showcases every violent and controlling behaviour found in an abusive relationship, and that it romanticizes that behaviour.  26,00 €, 19,58 € But hey if that's the only thing I can knock about the book, well that isn't too bad in my eyes.  11,50 €, 12,79 € So this delight was pushed to the back burner until Book Bash 2014 caused it to resurface. The book follows Tarisai, who...", "When I started A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe, I’m not sure what I was expecting. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; I think if an author can make you feel something about a character that that is the sign of a good writer. Beautiful Disaster is the first novel in Jamie McGuire's Beautiful series and is also her New Adult debut novel. Everything from the characters, to the writing, to the plot, which I agree there was no huge plot, but everything was so well put together and was an amazing read. Available. Read this book in one night. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter at @JamieMcGuire_.

WARNING: This book does have sex, alcohol, and bad language in it. I know it may seem like I didn't like the main characters in the book but I did. 2. I must admit that̢۪s the first time I̢۪ve read a book that opened with two guys beating each other to a pulp on purpose. BUT!

Star ratings in yellow are from our Staff Reviewers.  18,00 €, 14,76 €

I would have given the book 5 stars. Deliciously intense." Each story is undeniably well-composed...", "A CLOUD OF OUTRAGEOUS BLUE is a historical fiction read that takes the reader to 1348-1349. , including ads relevant to your interests on Book Depository and to work with approved third parties in the process of delivering ad content, including ads relevant to your interests, to measure the effectiveness of their ads, and to perform services on behalf of Book Depository.  9,50 €, 5,73 € It was adorable the way he became her best friend. There were just some personality quirks of theirs that I didn't like so much. Dear Ms. McGuire: Angela James loaned this book to me and I went on to purchase my own copy ($1.99 using the Kobodollaroff coupon). The book tells the more often than not tumultuous relationship between goody two shoes Abby and bad boy Travis Maddox and chronicles their ups and downs as they fight for and against each other.

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 8,80 €, 17,99 €  24,00 €, 8,99 € Though there is something I find a little fantastical about the school that just didn't have an basis in reality.

Copyright © 1998 - 2020 Young Adult Books Central, All Rights Reserved. Travis Maddox, handsome, built, and covered in tattoos, is exactly what Abby needs - and wants - to avoid.

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