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[110], Following the events of Universe One and Zera's guidance, Romeo and the majority of Fairy Tail make their way to the north, to where their guild is now located, to push out the Alvarez forces occupying their home. Guild Mark Location

[56][57], Later, Romeo watches as the new Fairy Tail Team enters the battlefield.

Luckily, Natsu tracks her down and is able to catch her just in time before she crashes to the ground. After Romeo questions why she is dressed like that, she asks him if he dislikes young women in swimsuits, much to his embarrassment, and then saves the group by making a hole on the floor.

Romeo keeps watching the match with tension. [19], A few days later, at the guild, Romeo, Macao, Wakaba, Mirajane, Elfman, Lisanna and Kinana are discussing Laxus and his upcoming duel with Natsu. The last scene shows Wendy crying as Carla tells her not to weep.

[82] With the Eclipse Gate demolished, the Dragons and the Miniature Dragons go on to disappear, leading Romeo to celebrate with the rest of his guild members. His blows are usually enhanced by Fire Magic, apparently making them stronger. This response is the subjective opinion of the management representative and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

She does so, and Romeo, along with Natsu and his other guild mates, board on Kanaloa to search for Lucy.

more. Wendy is becoming more confident and brave as time goes on, and she always tries to be of help wherever she can.

[72] However, once Laxus delivers an uppercut to the Wizard Saint and defeats him, Romeo looks on in amazement.


[48][49], Romeo is left speechless when Erza defeats one hundred monsters during the Pandemonium event. Romeo looks down, saddened, and agrees to go. He then prepares to attack them with Purple Flare, but Thibault just blows it out with his mouth, and it disappears.

At first, Romeo is anxious over seeing that Lucy does not return, even after all the engraved seals have disappeared, but he soon hears her voice coming from all over the Clock Tower, thus concluding that she has fully merged with the clock. When he was younger, Macao had longer, thicker, spikier hair, and quite a bit less facial hair.Macao's guild mark is loc…

When he sees Natsu stand on Lucy's foot, he assumes that social dance is a game in which you try and step on your partner’s feet. We've stayed at extremely modern and minimalistic hotels in Switzerland and Thailand which were impeccable and perfect.

Romeo has an idea and tries to tell Wendy but they are soon surrounded by Ichiya's. She wears thigh high socks and wing like attachments in her hair to keep it up in pigtails. If, however, it's for the sake of her guild or friends, Wendy will fight without hesitation.
Upset, Romeo punches Makarov in the face calling him a jerk.

Momentarily, Mirajane walks in with a new mission at hand, requesting Natsu and Gray.

To cheer him up, Macao tells his son that he had slain nineteen monsters on the mission, which Romeo decides to boast to the bullies the next time he is picked on.

[20], The group meets the archaeologists on their journey, After Natsu and the others return to the guild, having engaged in a fight with Legion and acquired "Key of the Starry Heavens", Romeo listens to Lucy talking about the true content of the book and decides to follow Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Michelle in their search for the clock part. [81] However, as Ultear activates Last Ages and rewinds the time, Romeo and others manage to predict these events and save themselves, wondering whether it was a dream or a premonition. Erza's sudden appearance catches his attention however, as the female Mage creates a large hole in the center of Cube with her weapon. Romeo then sacrifices himself without hesitation so that Wendy can escape, showing that he cares a lot about Wendy. This hotel looks great on the website but stay here was the worst ever (my husband and I are frequent private and business travelers and even a 2 star hotel is better than this).We stayed here one night in June 2015 as a pass through from our wedding before departing with the train.We had chosen it due to near the train and the way it looked on the website. We checked out the gym which just contains a couple of exercise bikes and free weights - not possible to have a proper workout. Romeo tells Thibault they have no money to pay them. Clean cups, glasses and instant coffee were brought to the room in about 10 minutes time after calling, so, plus points for that.


Fairy Tail 3: Trouble Twins

The room itself is very modern, but also very badly designed. Image Gallery, Romeo Conbolt (ロメオ・コンボルト Romeo Konboruto) is the only son of Fairy Tail's Mage, Macao Conbolt,[2] and a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild.

During their battle with Alvarez Empire, Wendy notices Romeo watching the battle with a terrified expression on his face. ロメオ・コンボルト Year X778 She learned her Dragon Slayer abilities from her foster mother, Grandeeney.

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