evil eye jewelry meaning

So the idea that too much fortune, frame, or praise can bring lots of attention to yourself (and thus, many eyes) means that you're more likely to catch the gaze of someone knowingly (or unknowingly) giving you the evil eye. The pupils of the eyes are made with enamel in layers of blue, white, and black. In the USA, the power of the evil eye is not as significant since it has merely carried on in the form of a metaphor. It looks great overall and most importantly, it is popular and easily recognized by people. It was strongly feared among ancient Egyptians and other groups from the same time period and it wasn’t long before people across most cultures began to seek ways to protect themselves and their family from it. There is a strong connection between the evil eye figure and casting negativity away. There is clearly a lot of freedom and space for creativity while working with the evil eye. Evil eye jewelry is unisex and it can be displayed in endless ways. By using this website, you automatically accept that we use cookies. The evil eye has a long history and its existence is almost as old as civilization itself. The band is thin and dainty. Altogether, this is a very fine pair of earrings with a wonderful evil eye design. To include more incredible touches, additional details are also stamped into the disk above and below the eye. This gives them an expensive and sophisticated edge without raising the price too much. Later, the Aegean Islands were able to create beautiful blue glass beads with the eyes on them. This symbol is also the almond shape opposed to the round shapes you sometimes see in this type of jewelry. The gold-plated iris also features a circle of inlaid tiny black cubic zirconia stones. Therefore, this is a really great figure to work within jewelry and fine jewelry. Below are some of the most popular colors and what they mean. Then, right at the center of the eye, a small ring silver circle holds a slightly larger blue sapphire. The entire ring is made from solid 925 sterling silver. It focuses specifically on the iris and pupil of the eye rather than the entire eye. Therefore, it’s only normal that evil eye users are not entirely aware of the significance of this figure. But, the general rule dictates that the evil eye stands for bad luck and it is responsible for casting curses, bring misfortune, and inflict injuries into someone’s life. The specific area is a place once called Tell Brak. Everything You Need to Know. You can also choose a rose gold tone or yellow gold tone instead of the polished silver if you prefer either of those. It is held on a sterling silver chain with a soft, delicate look to it. Well, that’s a question that most people wouldn’t be able to answer. The eye is sometimes used outside of jewelry such as to place on a home for additional protection. This iconic symbol is now part of our lives and it can be found basically anywhere. This is actually a relatively popular choice. It is easy to assume that evil eye jewelry symbolizes something evil, but that actually is not the case at all.

You may have heard someone giving you the "evil eye" from across the room - and many people around the world believe this to be more then just a saying.People can knowingly wish negative thoughts on you, but the power of the eye is that some people unknowingly and innocently cast the curse on others. It also has a strong influence in the fashion and design industries and it is a very impactful figure in pop culture.
When it comes to jewelry, the evil eye is not just a symbolic or mythical figure. And more recently, other A-list celebrities like Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan, Cameron Diaz, Rhianna, Kim Kardashian (more on this below) and many more have been photographed wearing evil eye jewelry. The blue ended up coming out because of the elements found in the mud. What for? The pendant is an almond-shaped evil eye. This is supposed to be particularly true when the person receiving the look is unaware of it. Delicate and stylish goods for everyday wear. These stones are all AAA cubic zirconia that shines and sparkles brilliantly!

After all, the evil eye might have different backgrounds in different cultures and religions but it presents the same in its true essence no matter the place. If you think earrings might be the right choice of evil eye jewelry for you, check out these stunning choices! This is a city that is quite old even amongst the other cities of what was then Mesopotamia. You can find the evil eye mentioned in ancient Greek and Roman texts, and even famous literary works like the Bible, the Koran, and even Shakespeare's plays. The pupil is simply more of the antiqued silver. Possibly one of the most popular versions of the evil eye is as a pendant.

The evil eye is believed to be cast by malevolent glares from envious and ill-intentioned individuals. Given all this history, it's easy to pass of the evil eye as an ancient, irrelevant belief that has no place in modern world. However, it is definitely most commonly made into jewelry. These celebrities that are in the spotlight know they need to carry with them the protection of the evil eye to protect themselves! At the center of the large crystal, there is a perfect blue circle depicting the iris of the eye. These marvelous earrings are called Lucky Eye Earrings because of the protection from the curse that they are supposed to provide. Especially, this jewelry is made as protective objects against a curse known as evil eye. Each earring features a small evil eye. If you want to view other evil eye jewelry designs, then check our, For more information about our items and evil eyes, please, Two Quick and Easy Ways to Find Your Ring Size at Home, Most Popular Engagement Ring Shapes in 2018.

For anyone that doesn’t understand the history and meaning behind the evil eye, calling the jewelry evil eye jewelry can be confusing and misleading. While the point of the jewelry is to actually ward off the evil eye curse, the eyes on the jewelry itself are often referred to as evil eyes. It is simple, easy, and works great for a variety of people including younger girls! In recent years, many celebrities have been spotted wearing evil eye jewelry, including Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Nicole Richie, and Rihanna. The origins of the evil eye as an amulet date back to Greece. The eye is usually the focal point if not the only thing included in the jewelry. On the other hand, the belief in this figure only started being significant in Ancient Greece. Before science was able to explain many misfortunes like bad luck, ill health, an accident, or environmental woes like a drought or disease, many people attributed these harmful situations to a curse. Whether you actually believe in the curse and the ability of the evil eye charms to protect from the curse, this symbolic jewelry can make an interesting piece and even an excellent conversation starter. We can protect ourselves from the evil eye in many ways - with prayer, by exclaiming “ftou!” 3 times (yes, you've seen this in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and, of course, wearing the evil eye symbol on our body.

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