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This film had many opportunities to flourish with authenticity in representing East Los and its culture, but in the end, the film fell backwards by focusing on an outside antagonist who didn’t really need to be included. It opens with a flashback in East L.A. to 20 years ago, when the masked vigilante called “El Chicano” kills a local crime lord that’s witnessed by two boys and their best friend, the crime lord’s son Shotgun (David Castaneda). (director/writer: Ben Hernandez Bray; screenwriter: Joe Carnahan; cinematographer: Juan Miguel Azpiroz; editor: Jason Hellman; music: Mitch Lee; cast: Raul Castillo (Diego Hernandez/Pedro Hernandez), George Lopez (Captain Gomez), Aimee Garcia (Vanessa), Kate del Castillo (Cartel Member), Jose Pablo Cantillo (Detective Martinez), David Castaneda (Shotgun), Marco Rodriguez (Jesus), Sal Lopez (El Gallo), Marlene Forte (Susana), Roberto Garcia (Jaws/Mr. “I refocus energy into myself”: The turn to energy crystals, Your guide for where to buy eco-friendly masks, UC Davis Health participates in research consortium to answer COVID-19 questions, Women leading COVID-19 research at UC Davis: Cristina Davis, professor and department chair of mechanical and aerospace engineering, How to approach flu season during a pandemic, Unhealthy air conditions due to wildfires may cause long-term health effects, In Photos: March for Our Lives Sacramento. Torn between playing by the book and seeking justice, he resurrects the masked street legend El Chicano. The website's critic consensus reads: "El Chicano represents a step forward for representation in superhero cinema -- unfortunately, its clichéd story is nothing more than ordinary. In El Chicano, the evil Mexicans are an invading horde. The film misses the opportunity to develop a stronger backstory for the relationship between the brothers, so when we see Diego Hernandez finding the objects his brother left behind, there is a missing connection for why this drives him to become the new El Chicano. Their initial hit, "Viva Tirado", was a jazzy soul rock rendition of Gerald Wilson's original song about a bullfighter. When the masked El Chicano kills a bunch of thugs in a criminal hangout nightclub, he appears almost ready to set the record straight about his extra-curricular activities. Twenty years ago, the twins and a childhood buddy, Shotgun, witnessed the violent murder of Shotgun’s father. [9] Writing for TheWrap, critic Monica Castillo similarly drew attention to the "fear-mongering cartel tropes" that failed to "undo the damage of hateful rhetoric aimed at Latinx and Latin American people". Diego goes to his only trusted confidant Father Jesus who mentions Pedro changed after being released from prison and how he got involved with Shotgun and another member Diego has yet to identify. In theory, viewers are supposed to be cheering because Diego is a superhero and an American. Well, as much as I liked Hush, I still love Knightfall as a series of comics from way back in…. The film then flashes back to the Hernandez twin brothers hanging out with their friend Shotgun. [8], The Hollywood Reporter praised the cast, including Castillo's "charismatic performance in the lead role" and the "vivid impressions" left by Marlene Forte and Aimee Garcia. Diego alongside his partner David investigate a crime scene were Shotgun’s gang has been murdered except for one member; Silent. They pitched the script for El Chicano in 2017, but interested studios expressed concerns about the all-Latino cast, and ultimately passed on the film. Critics Consensus: El Chicano represents a step forward for representation in superhero cinema -- unfortunately, its clichéd story is nothing more than ordinary. The inevitable final battle involves Diego and his childhood friend rolling around the barrio in the mud, beating the tar out of each other, both motivated by vengeance. [3] The Los Angeles Times positively noted the more inclusive take on "Hollywood cop movies from the ’80s, when masculinity came only in a macho shade", but also criticized the film's portrayal of Mexican nationals as "demonized, criminal, carnage-friendly, nationalist invaders". Unfortunately, El Chicano isn’t equipped with that kind of savvy or awareness about the world around it. Shotgun and Jaws are now at a nightclub living the high life. Had a felling. The developing background of Hernandez’s character is disorganized and feels clunky in the beginning, and the audience finds a sense of relief when there are more action-packed scenes to make up for the confusing beginning. Carnahan and Bray then completed the script in a four-week collaborative writing session at Carnahan's home near Palm Springs. ICE is never mentioned; concentration camps for immigrants are never mentioned. El Gallo; Jaws’ father hears the news and swears vengeance on both El Chicano and the Police. Superheroes are basically cops in tights and capes, plus some enhanced abilities and generally minus any oversight or accountability to the law. Earnest but uneven Latinx crime drama is very violent.
Back in Mexico El Gallo’s wife La Hembra has now become the new leader and swears revenge on El Chicano while back in LA Diego now has accepted the mantle and made peace with his Brother wanting to do him and his home proud by keeping it safe from the Cartel Invaders and all who come.

Is he Batman, or the thug who killed Batman’s family?

El Chicano hits theaters on May 3. The first scenes encapsulate the problems with putting a superhero in the East Los Angeles barrio. Pedro follows the way of the law and becomes a police officer, while Pedro carries out a life of crime until he reportedly commits suicide. But law and order stories about punching out criminals are still the superhero’s bread and butter. Americans are superheroes, superheroes are American, El Chicano tells us. Diego looks for answers from his brother's old belongings and realizes Pedro was changing wanting revolution and justice for Los Angelas. The story is clunky and is confusingly told, as it carries on as a macho violent police procedural and vigilante drama masquerading as a super-hero film. No one in Diego’s community speaks in favor of immigrants or criticizes American racism, unless you count Diego’s chief complaining about the white FBI agents horning in on his murder investigation. Hernandez takes another look at the case and delves deeper into the reason behind his brother’s unexplained death. From there, the plot runs as expected, with a minimum of wit and effectively workaday gritty filming, with Diego strewing bad guys and fight scenes behind him on his path to inevitable triumph. The film’s few action sequences are poorly edited. Hollywood Passed, but 'El Chicano' Is Coming", "Review: Superhero flick 'El Chicano,' starring Raúl Castillo, has a disturbing undercurrent", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=El_Chicano_(film)&oldid=979575361, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from August 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 September 2020, at 14:24. The movie opens from the perspective of three kids: twins Paco and Diego Hernandez, and their friend Shotgun. Then in a visit to the elderly East L.A.community historian priest Jesus (Marco Rodriguez), he gets more info to pursue his hunch that his brother may have assumed the role of El Chicano himself.Soon the two detectives have a violent confrontations with Shotgun, who has become a local crime kingpin, and El Gallo (Sal Lopez), the brutal head of the Mexican cartel who is expanding into L.A..

But he keeps stumbling onto complicated questions he doesn’t want to acknowledge or resolve. Frustrated by how ineffective the legal system is in stopping gang activity in his community, Diego goes rogue and follow in his brother’s costumed vigilante super-hero mode. El Chicano (2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.
Growing up in East Los Angeles, California Twin brothers Diego and Pedro, along with their friend José hear stories of a legend called El Chicano; a vigilante who defends the streets by eliminating gang bangers and other criminals. The stage is set for a confrontation between the cartel, the police, and El Chicano. They all have on their arm his twin brother Pedro’s nickname “Mito” as well as their birthdate. American superhero stories don’t have to be so xenophobic or so accepting of the status quo. After the police leave, El Chicano, a masked vigilante, rides in on a motorcycle. That show has a superhero fighting on behalf of indigenous marginalized people in New Zealand, against a near future totalitarian police force. After he lost his twin brother to gang violence, he chose to pursue a life of justice instead. The only people who object to this anti-immigrant nativism are the bad guys. ), Sign up for the The gang kills people Diego is close to, and to take revenge, he dons the mask of the semi-mystical vigilante El Chicano.

Shotgun escapes Along with Jaws; the other person who knew Pedro and the son of a cartel leader, but Shotgun kills Jaws and pins the blame on El Chicano. Superheroes are supposed to be rescuers and saviors. That said, I have no…, Great story / movie / series. REVIEWED ON 5/1/2019 GRADE: C   https://dennisschwartzreviews.com/. Your email address will not be published. Diego discovers that a Mexican cartel led by El Gallo (Sal Lopez) is partnering with Shotgun to take over East LA. Diego and his partner later stake out a party held by Shotgun but are ambushed resulting in Deigo being injured and his partner dying. Diego while investigating the execution-style killing of some gang members by a Mexican cartel, convinces his boss, Captain Gomez (George Lopez), to let him pursue his belief these killing were like the one he witnessed as a child by a costumed avenger using an Aztec knife. Directed by Ben Hernandez Bray. “The first all-Latino superhero movie is unfortunately an uninspiring B movie. When LAPD Detective Diego Hernandez (Raúl Castillo) is assigned a career-making case investigating a vicious cartel, he uncovers links to his brother's supposed suicide and a turf battle that's about to swallow his neighborhood. Diego, dressed up as El Chicano, walks in and wreaks havoc on Jaws and Shotgun’s associates. As the kids watch, a bunch of cops roll up to harass Shadow, who they say has been involved in the deaths of some fellow officers. Diego goes to Shotgun for answers but he evades the questions and taunting by Diego when bringing up his abuse by his Mother. The film then flashes back to the Hernandez twin brothers hanging out with their friend Shotgun. Batman (1989) & The Dark Knight. Every so often, a narrative like Cleverman will flip the script in an intelligent way. Instead, El Chicano is in the tradition of Death Wish or a Dirty Harry movie. [1], As of August 2020[update], the film holds an approval rating of 38% on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, based on 24 reviews by critics with an average rating of 4.56/10. I almost said SHIFTER : Back to the Future in twitter post.

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