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LINKS TO SECTIONS OF THE ANALYSIS ON THIS PAGE: In these films then there is had the idea of the final judgment and what exactly that means for men and women who way or may not have free will, whose actions may or may not be predestined. 1 Aerial shot. See the location and how it looks today. That is the question Burgess posed in his book. Even if it is only illusory, aren't illusions also a part of the story. Examining the potential labyrinth that comes to light in the mapping of the shots of the ascent to The Overlook. The car in the film, however, is still moving east to west as it passes through the West Tunnel so it is traveling in the opposite direction on this road, though moving in the same compass direction at this point. This car that is approaching indeed may be a light color patrol car of some type, its lights barely discerned to be flashing, or this may very well be an optical illusion. The album includes the complete version of Carlos's composition "Timesteps", originally intended as a lead-in to an electronic arrangement of the fourth movement to Symphony No. Hal sings, and is as afraid as mere mortals at the thought of losing himself and not being, and we struggle with esteeming him culpable or a victim. After this momentary glimpse, he cuts away before we get a more comprehensive view that makes us believe we've a complete understanding of the geography of the lodge. Serpentine bends. In Eyes Wide Shut, Full Metal Jacket and Barry Lyndon the titles are a flat white on black. Once you hear the magisterially ominous sequence of notes, you might immediately think of Wendy Carlos’ themes for The Shining and A Clockwork Orange. This latter piece, which depicts Alex's near drowning at the hands of his ex-Droogs, utilizes motifs from The Thieving Magpie plus the medieval religious theme of Dies Irae (Day of 'Wrath), which is also heard in the title music, plus authentic rain storm sounds (as in Wendy's Sonic Seasonings album) plus a suggestion of Singin' in the Rain. One of the most stupendous opening shots ever on celluloid. Fig. Fig. Later, trying to orient what is seen on the set with what is observed of the real Timberline/Overlook, the viewer can toy with the idea that the set maze perhaps rests behind the lodge, but as will be discussed later in the analysis this is impossible. 10 - The bird/helicopter veers away and over the lake again. For complete listing see IMDB. There is a light colored vehicle that perhaps bears some kind of insignia on its side and lights mounted on the top. Dies irae, dies illa Dies irae, dies illa Tuba mirum spargens sonum Descendit in inferno Dies illa, dies illa ... dogpole. A Side Trip on the Trivial Incidental of the Helicopter and then Back to Thoughts on "Dies Irae". 2 - Veering to the right, toward the Going-to-the-Sun road. Anne Jackson - Doctor Read The 1974 film Himiko and its relationship to why we view the helicopter in Kubrick's The Shining. The Yellow VW We see in the lake's mirroring effect, especially to screen right, an image that reminds of a Rorschach ink blot. The title of Tony Burton (Larry Durkin) had entered with the cut. King flinched. To the right there is a battered red VW with different color wheel hubs and rear, which may be significant as toward the end of the film, in the "8 am" section, we see a red VW crushed by a Mack truck. Fig. 2. Without getting into all the etymology, pteron is akin to petition, a supplication or prayer, based on the idea of seeking, to rush or fly, and wing, feather. Rattlesnake 08. 9 - We are given the opportunity to glimpse a driver, forging a connection with Jack. After this, we get the story on Danny's injured arm from Jack as he spitefully unloads his version of the event on Lloyd, the ghostly bartender, enraged that he will ever be unable to escape his past, and we see full well how profoundly besieged by guilt Jack is, and susceptible to avoiding the burden of self-judgment through re-framing himself as the victim. 14 - Further into the alpine green. The record label did not attempt to use images from the movie on the album cover. About the chant :Dies irae, (English: “Day of Wrath”), the opening words of a Latin hymn on the Last Judgment, ascribed to Thomas of Celano (d. c. 1256) and once forming part of the office for the dead and requiem mass.The hymn ascribed to Thomas of Celano contains 18 rhymed stanzas (17 tercets, 1 quatrain), to which a later, anonymous writer added an unrhymed couplet, ending in “Amen.” The impressive plainsong melody to which the hymn was sung was used by composers of religious works from the 16th century onward, either in its original form or as the basis of a polyphonic composition. As the camera follows the VW up the road to the vanishing point, at the film's beginning, is the famous revealing of the helicopter's shadow on the lower right side of the canyon. Scatman Crothers - Dick Hallorann See the location taken from Google street view. Symmetries and doublings are often used by Kubrick, which I discuss at great length especially in my analyses of his early works. For some viewers, when they can no longer ignore changes and disorientations concerning the lodge's exterior and its maze is when the entrance to the maze shifts position at the end of the film in shot 601. Just as Kubrick scorned the ending of Burgess' novel in which Alex's pathology is blithely explained away as a product of youth, impulses to excesses from which he awakes as he grows a little older, so too does Kubrick avoid King's sentimentality. Logan's Pass is approximately at the Continental Divide. Soaring bird-like past the VW toward the lake, the music predatory with sounds suggestive of a raptor, the camera passes over what may be a cleared area with a possible rock embankment that gives the peculiar feeling that something may have been previously here, constructed by people, perhaps a building. Jack would kill as ruthlessly as Hal in 2001, who murdered and yet extracts buckets of soulful empathy with his singing "A Bicycle Built for Two" as his brain is shut down, the audience aware that Hal has been programmed for unconflicted treachery by virtue of his mechanical loyalty to the math that rules him. After the west tunnel. I can't say. Note that we don't observe the lodge's hedge maze in this shot. The words of the Dies Irae ("Dies iræ Dies illa. The title for Anne Jackson (the Doctor) enters at 2:07 and passes over the cars, Kubrick cutting away just before the two cars pass each other. Having studied the road, and plotted where these shots were made, the tunnel is the West Tunnel and is on a far removed section of the Going-to-the-Sun road from where the previous and following shots were filmed. 12 - Having exited the tunnel, the VW passes a two tone sedan. This lake in the opening is St. Mary lake, filmed in Montana at the Glacier National Park. Link to the main TOC page for all the analyses, GOT A HOME PAGE It's all right if you didn't because I have a map and further description over in the Closing Day section. After the vanishing point we return to the car which will momentarily and briefly disappear into a tunnel. So that is a bit of fun, that we don't know the name of the road is "Going to the Sun", but we have, in the helicopter, a reference to the sun. See the location as taken from Google street view. The title for Scatman Crothers (Dick Hallorann) enters at 1:47 and briefly eclipses both autos just as the VW reaches then passes the wagon. I explore that subject in this post. One of the more compelling symmetries of Kubrick is at the end of 2001 as the camera zooms in on the monolith. Does The Opening of The Shining Perhaps Pay Homage to L'Inhumaine? See the location taken from Google street view. Fig. Wendy Carlos Williams' version is based on Berlioz' Symphony Fantastique, in which "Dies Irae" appears in the 5th movement, parodied during a Witches' Sabbath. Thereafter the piece developed into "an autonomous composition with an uncanny affinity for 'clockwork'" (the last word being Carlos's way of referring to the book). First placed online 2007-2009 in loose form. Fig. Barry Nelson - Ullman Did you follow all that about the road and the tunnels? We are oriented, and we later build the lodge in our minds according to this initial orientation, disregarding all conflicts until they can't be ignored. GOT KUBRICK AND ANTONIONI FILM ANALYSES At 2:23 we've the title for Stephen King, the movie based upon his novel. Perhaps it was the so human and yet uneasy ambiguity of King's characters, and in particular Jack, who is quite like Alex of A Clockwork Orange after all, as well as the Humbert of Lolita. Our participation in the sensation of the unseen raptor's passing of the vehicle, in its interest, introduces the eerie feeling of the supernatural. As above, so below. I'm aware that there are people who look upon Kubrick's work as cold and distant. What' s the Food forThought? That there may be two could possibly have significance if we consider what I'd earlier written about the dual nature of the story in the film, the doubles (or near doubles) that we confront over and over again in Kubrick's work. The way the cut is done, the VW from the end of shot 3 nearly intersects with the VW in the beginning of shot 4 at an X formed by the roads crossing, which we would see if we had another crossfade. In Review, What has Kubrick Given Us in This Section? If this is so, is it a Forestry Service vehicle? 4 - The solitary yellow VW on the Going-to-the-Sun road. In recent years, the theme appears regularly in movies, to name but a few: The Shining (from which the intro music is taken), Star Wars: A New Hope, Clockwork Orange, The Lion King, Home Alone, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jurassic Park.The original melody had strong appeal during the Romantic period and was used, often in the form of a parody or to suggest the supernatural or the macabre, in many secular compositions by Hector Berlioz, Camille Saint-Saëns, Ralph Vaughan Williams, and other composers.------Credit :Opening Music: Theme from the movie \"The Shining\"00:22 Abbaye Notre Dame d'Argentan06:50 San Pierre de Solesmes13:27 Abbaye de Notre Dame de Fontgombault--------Latin Text : Dies irae dies illasolvet saeclum in favillateste David cum SibyllaQuantus tremor est futurusquando judex est venturuscuncta stricte discussurusTuba mirum spargens sonumper sepulcra regionumcoget omnes ante thronumMors stupebit et naturacum resurget creaturajudicanti responsuraLiber scriptus profereturin quo totum contineturunde mundus judiceturJudex ergo cum sedebitquidquid latet apparebitnil inultum remanebitQuid sum miser tunc dicturusQuem patronum rogaturuscum vix justus sit securusRex tremendae majestatisqui salvandos salvas gratissalva me fons pietatisRecordare Jesu piequod sum causa tuae viaene me perdas illa dieQuaerens me sedisti lassusredemisti Crucem passustantus labor non sit cassusJuste judex ultionisdonum fac remissionisante diem rationisIngemisco tamquam reusculpa rubet vultus meussupplicanti parce DeusQui Mariam absolvistiet latronem exaudistimihi quoque spem dedistiPreces meae non sunt dignaesed tu bonus fac benignene perenni cremer igneInter oves locum praestaet ab haedis me sequestrastatuens in parte dextraConfutatis maledictisflammis acribus addictisvoca me cum benedictisOro supplex et accliniscor contritum quasi cinisgere curam mei finisLacrimosa dies illaqua resurget ex favillajudicandus homo reusHuic ergo parce Deuspie Jesu Dominedona eis requiem Amen In the hallucination he is condemned to death, suffers over his guilt on the scaffold, and experiences his execution as an onlooker. The image chosen was a surrealistic collage of objects and images representing ideas in the film by visual artist Karenlee Grant.

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