cliffhanger examples in movies

Oh, and the machine army is still heading straight for the last remaining human city, even as Neo’s arch enemy Smith – in a human body – also lies unconscious inches away from our hero! The climax of middle film The Desolation Of Smaug sees hobbit Bilbo Baggins and his dwarven comrades enter the Lonely Mountain, going toe-to-toe with the dragon of the title. Leave your audience desperate for the next instalment - just make sure you deliver on it! Scheherazade tells a series of stories to the king for 1,001 nights, ending each on a cliffhanger, to save herself from execution. So why would she go visit them? Interestingly, when Volume 1 and Volume 2 were combined into one, four hour long movie known as The Whole Bloody Affair, the cliffhanger scene was actually removed. Even so, when done well, cliffhangers can be a thrilling way to wrap up a film, dramatically raising the stakes even as they surprise viewers with shocking revelations and happenings. The second is ruthless baddie Lord Beckett gaining control over Jones and the supernatural crew of the Flying Dutchman.

As such, the cliffhanger at the end of The Dark Knight may be the only entry on this list that teases the events of a possible sequel, whilst simultaneously delivering a genuinely conclusive finish. Signs A Broken Bone Is Not Healing, Big screen adaptations of video games have a notoriously patchy track record, so much so that 1995’s decidedly average Mortal Kombat film actually stands out as one of the more solid efforts. Bill Murray plays an aging American movie star who has traveled to the country for a Japanese Ad campaign, where he meets a recent college grad Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson). Movie cliffhangers have been keeping us on the edge of our seats since the dawn of cinema. What’s worse, they also turn his attention to their human allies in Lake Town, and the overgrown lizard decides it’s time to sort out his defenceless neighbors once and for all. Head Over Heels Series Hbo, After Earth’s champion Liu Kang defeats evil soul-sucker Shang Tsung, he and fellow warriors Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage return to the earthly realm as heroes. The superb native 4K image packs a lot of detail, so much so that it highlights some of the painted backdrops and stage sets that are mixed amongst the location shooting. The Cliffhanger: In the final moments of the film, the two leading characters embrace in the busy streets of Tokyo before Bill Murray's character Bob departs. Groupe Casino Naturalia, Not to be confused with stand alone films containing ambiguous, “open” endings, this storytelling device sees films draw to a close without a true resolution, but rather with the promise of more events to come. Warner Brothers Ranch, Mt Baker Wa Weather, Say what you will about the Pirates Of The Caribbean sequels – that they they’re overlong and needlessly convoluted – but the climax of Dead Man’s Chest is undeniably impressive all the same.

Leon Miller is a freelance writer at Screen Rant, contributing regular list articles covering a wide range of pop culture subjects. Dublin Intermediate Hurling Championship, There’s nothing wrong per se with the cliffhanger in 28 Weeks Later – in actual fact, it’s really pretty great! True, The Dark Knight Rises was able to satisfyingly expand on this finale, which involves Batman taking the wrap for Harvey Dent’s crimes and going on the run from the police. In addition to his work for Screen Rant, Leon is an up and coming writer and artist in his own right, and you can view his portfolio on his website, The Pop Culture Studio.

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