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Wonderful feels like a rejection of the idea that a major-label debut needs to be a no-nonsense statement to be remembered for decades.

“Safe to say my life’s on fleek,” says Action Bronson on “Capoeira.” It’s also safe to say this description is accurate to describe the sound of his latest album Only For Dolphins. One of the bars that stuck out to me is below: “I may not be able to touch my toes but I will still fuck these hoes,” Bronson, you are my idol!

Only For Dolphins arrives nearly two years after Bronson’s last effort, White Bronco, a project that severely underwhelmed fans for reasons including its brief 26-minute duration. Pete Rock's name rings bells, especially where hip-hop purists are concerned. Just as welcome is hearing Golden Features migrate to time signatures outside of his norm, as 4/4 dance-track tropes are done away with in lieu of scattered 2-step and hip-hop concepts hinted back as early as 2014 debut EP favourite ‘Factory’ but not fully capitalized until now with the evocatively emotional compositions ‘KNOW ME’ and ‘DAWN’. ALBUM REVIEW: Action Bronson indulges in ecstasy on ‘Only For Dolphins’ New York has generated a wide array of distinctive voices in hip-hop; it’s the hometown of the genre, after all. What makes the band so special is the way they fuse various subgenres of metal together.

Now finally, it feels like things are in order for it to drop soon.

says Action Bronson on “Capoeira.” It’s also safe to say this description is accurate to describe the sound of his latest album Only For Dolphins. It has moments to ponder your own life and a potential better world like on the closer “DAWN,” but it is tough and gritty like what we must do to get through the predicament we are in today. One of the movies produced by him, 'Dark Tourist,' premiered at 'Filmfest München.'

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– The LIBRA (The Legend Is Back Running Atlanta) T.I. Piewack art (animation), Audiomack Even though Action Bronson is clearly the star of “Mongolia,” do not sleep on the verses that Hologram and Meyham Lauren put up. Learn how your comment data is processed. Bronson comes as close to genuine reflection as he ever has: “The weed don’t even hit me like it used to, when I was youthful / Man, I don’t even know how to pray, dog”. On “Capoeira,” Bronson takes on the production himself to set the tone with a little added flavor from a Yung Mehico saxophone feature.

When her web series was adapted into a television series, which was titled ‘Insecure’, she contributed as a co-writer and as the executive producer. What Does It Take To Reopen A Hotel During The Pandemic? Emotional Oranges – ‘All That’ (with Channel Tres).

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The word to describe the energy and feel of the album is comfortable.

The debut album was originally set to be released on Friday, July 17, but […] Many of the artists within the scene often take on each other’s elements, which has given the region its own distinctive sound. The “no pressure this is just me right now” Bam Bam Baklava is back and better than ever.

AAA Backstage I’ll choke you the fuck out like I’m a Diaz brother.”. In 2018 he became the first player in MLB history to win the Most Valuable Player, Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, batting title, and World Series in the same season. has shed light on the whole situation with the lyrics to his new John Legend collaboration, “We Did It Big.”.

Particular highlights are ‘Splash’ and ‘Marcus Aurelias’, which see Action swinging wildly between the grounded and fantastical with his usual flair.Â. Meshing the beauties of his food world with that of the music world, Action Bronson fires up the stove and serves up a fantastic dish with his new album, Only For Dolphins. Not quite as driving as Tom Stell’s traditional Golden Features fare nor as melodic as previous offerings from ODESZA’s Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight – if Stell’s The Presets collaboration RAKA was a self-indulgent proliferation of each’s respective sound then BRONSON defiantly protests it as a symbiotic partnership of the two.

I’m laid up while mami makin’ mangu.”, 3. We claim no credit for any images, music and/or videos posted on this site unless otherwise noted. The COVID-19 crisis has cut off our advertising revenue stream, which is how we’ve always funded how we promoted new independent artists. It’s just a shame that this is the first time in three albums that Action Bronson has aimed for something more difficult than just feeding the fans. ODESZA and Golden Features’ collaborative project, BRONSON, has been gathering support all summer.

The album’s closer ‘Hard Target’ is especially interesting. The Griselda Records rapper has paid a visit to Power 106 in Los Angeles to spit a freestyle over JAY-Z‘s classic 1996 song “Dead Presidents.”. It’s all exemplified in a line like, “Pop the hood, all chrome with the four turbos, This shit kickin’ harder than them four turtles.”. He uses his love for all types of food to connect with listeners, drawing on different meals to help make sense of what he says.

Indietronica If there’s truth in the age-old adage that collaboration is the greatest catalyst of improvement, it’s safe to say that what’s about come next will be nothing short of nuclear. The album’s closer ‘Hard Target’ is especially interesting.

New York rapper Junglepussy has announced a new full-length, ‘Jp4’, which will mark her third studio album to date.

With the mint leaves plated simply, for my family.”, 2. BRONSON – ‘BRONSON’ [Album Review] by Andrew Papa | Aug 20, 2020 Like the common hurdle faced by most, nothing can suffocate the human experience more than the repetition of the same rudimentary motions hour after hour, day after day. Going Solo This may not have been intentional from BRONSON, but the album fits with what we are dealing with. “My hash got me spinnin’ like a hula hoop.

A cryptocurrency enthusiast, he also wishes to make a documentary on 'Bitcoin.'

However, he has more on TV than in movies.

You get the following things on “Capoeira” — Dolphin squeaks, splash sounds, exuberant horns, and tons of drug-talk. .

Issa Rae is a famous American actress, director, producer and scriptwriter. On his latest single "Legacy" - which is dedicated to his late mother Kim Porter - the rapper opens up about dealing with loss and the pressure of being born into the Bad Boy empire.

Enter BRONSON. She has appeared in many TV series, such as ‘The Couple’, ‘True Friendship Society’ and ‘Instacurity’. Despite early comparisons to the likes of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone, Sade, then 25, saw not jazz but Black American soul as her band’s core influence.

Not only does it feature an instrumental that sounds like some 70s Latin jazz s**t, but it also features all kinds of weird-ass bars by Action Bronson.

She also authored a book of the same name and it became the bestseller of the year. “The dolphin is one of the most intelligent creatures ever created on whatever planet we’re on,” he said. It’s a surprise 10-track answer that exists almost as if in response to a theoretical ‘what-if’ question posed by comic book fans about the combination of their favourite superheroes, albeit without any of the subsequent guesswork.

(CNN) — Stevie Wonder released two new songs Tuesday with the launch of his new label, So What the Fuss Records. The Prince Of N.Y. Betts is also a professional tenpin bowler for the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA). Bronson comes as close to genuine reflection as he ever has: “The weed don’t even hit me like it used to, when I was youthful / Man, I don’t even know how to pray, dog”. T.I. There's some trap heat from a veteran MC from the Dirty South, hard-hitting lyricism from a Buffalo, N.Y. native, some laidback flows from a California artist and more. “I might not be able to touch my toes,” he says on “Latin Grammys.” “But I will still fuck these hoes.” One way or another, Bronson will get it done to continue enjoying the perks that he’s earned in his rap life over the last decade. New inductees to the Bronsonverse are better served by Rare Chandeliers and the first two Blue Chips tapes.

BRONSON has been one of the most highly-anticipated collaborations of this year, and their debut album doesn’t disappoint.

It’s less an equation of multiplication as it is a subtly calculated addition of each other’s talents resulting in the duo intuitively catering to the blind spots of the other’s wheelhouse. It moves through moments of light and dark, with … Drawing from progressive house and electro with flashes of synth-wave drama, BRONSON 's debut album is filled with tense, steadily building tracks which aren't afraid to venture into unfamiliar directions. I’m not saying that Action Bronson is the Dos Equis guy, but I’ve never seen both of them in the same room… Seriously, throughout Only For Dolphins, Bronson talks about driving drunk (And surviving), about getting into brouhahas with the meanest of dudes (And winning), about getting money, about eating well, and about smashing the sexiest women in the world. Recently, she told the world that year ago, Common sexually assaulted her as she was trying to sleep and later, she took part in an interview where she claimed she could tell that Summer Walker had been assaulted at some point, as well. Yeah, I’ll stand still for five minutes, so you can paint me looking diesel.”, 4.

Over the last few months, Jaguar Wright has been surfacing with scathing accusations against her fellow artists. Issa is an honorable recipient of Vanguard Award which she won at the 10thanniversary of ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards. Required fields are marked *.

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