badminton scoring rules

The receiver in consequence will receive the serve from their odd side. You may be thinking what will happen deuce and advantage situations? DriveFlat and fast shots played at shoulder height almost straight to the other side. Serve: Inner back line – Outer side line – Service line Ball in play:Back line – Outer side line In Doubles the outer sidelines are significant at all times. Although you move around during the rally, the service courts don’t change. Service is done diagonally and it should lands in same colored area to be considered as a valid service(on the line shuttle is valid).

If they choose to "set", the score reverts to 0–0 and whoever scores five points wins the game. As good as a linesman may be, the human eye can not always see correctly, if a shuttle was in or out. If you looses a point than service will be given to your opponent. The first service is usually determined by the equivalent of a coin toss. A 1.55 metre net should be fixed securely across the center of the court. Gravity usually reverts the heavier rubber ball section to face downwards as it flies through the air. How to Win a Badminton Game. 6. This can be even better, if you hit the slice to the opposite direction as the slicing motion with the racket would suggest. The Badminton court dimensions vary depending on whether you play Singles or Doubles. Get all the BWF official rules and regulations in badminton game right here - made easy to understand! A short serve, which is the most popular choice among professional players, especially in Doubles Disciplines. In first box write “0” in both players column after that which every player scored the first point write his score in his row after “0” now you can see in the example the next point is also scored by Lin Dan now score is 2-0, but next point wins by Lee so now score is 1-2 as you can see in the picture above “1” is written after the points of Lin it means that the basic rule you need to follow while recording in score sheet is to avoid overlapping of score. No, you don’t have to be serving to score in Badminton. If I'm not with family I'm either playing or watching Badminton with the mission to be the best I can be. BadmintonsBest. The service passes consecutively to the players as shown in the diagram. But there is a risk of hitting the shuttle wide then, plus the opponent will expect that. Kevin Sanjaja Sukamuljo is very gifted here as well. Hawk-Eye / ChallengeAn electronic system that can validate, if a line call was correct or not. The server must always start the match from the right service box and serve to the player in the adjacent service box. Apart from specific badminton shoes that are allowed for use on a badminton court and also fulfil the specific needs for badminton movements, the equipment rules are directed mostly at the badminton racket: Badminton is definitely an indoor sport, because even the slightest bit of wind can make it very hard to hit the shuttle correctly. In Singles the inner sidelines are significant, as well as the backline. Scoring is capped at 30 points, including the golden point rule at 29–all. The simple aim of winning in shuttle badminton rules and regulation is to triumph at rallies against your opponent. Mastering the fundamental badminton laws and official match rules will give you the edge.

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