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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — It was hard to get a read on how much the Phoenix Suns valued acquiring Aron Baynes from the Boston Celtics in a trade where they also received the No. And those areas are where Deandre Ayton has to improve the most, which is why Baynes’ arrival in Phoenix is exciting.

And how about a weak-side recovery when he isn’t under the basket?

1) This was not a backroom deal. Baynes arrives in Phoenix at the age of 32 with seven years of NBA experience.

Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group. “He’s gonna be great for Deandre and teaching him just a little bit of nuance because of how talented he is,” he said. 'Well it was very, very impressive play tonight by this guy, Mr Baynes,' Heinsohn said following the game. He rebounds and likes to slam it home.

I think he is a guy you can count on to come in and give you 20 solid minutes a night. This guy isnt going to get pushed out of the lane for rebounds by guys like TT or Love. Are we happy about This? Baynes is limited in so many ways, and yet, he excels in the main areas you want your center to have a foundation in. Baynes had opted out of his 1/6.3 with Detroit a week or two before the Mook/AB deal was made. “It’s one of those things that he’s at a different level to where I was talent-wise in basketball but I know what I can do and I know what hard work allows you to do so I’m trying to instill some of that in him,” Baynes said on Monday. Likely his agent just misread the market and cost Baynes 2 million for the year.

'He looks like all of Australia. Baynes’ net ratings the past three years are 7.7, 6.5 and 5.9, meaning when he was on the court, Boston or Detroit were outscoring teams by at least five points per 100 possessions, a strong mark.

His hands are average and and he is not a leaper or shotblocker. “I used to hate playing against Aron,” he said Monday. WALTHAM — Aron Baynes owns something that no other Celtic suiting up in the playoffs has, but every one of them wants — an NBA championship ring.Baynes earned a ring …

He wins the Tommy award.'. He sets a mean screen and hustles. He has quickly made a resonating impression on local NBC sportscaster Tommy Heinsohn who spoke of seeing the 30-year-old in the showers while commentating a pre-season game. I imagine some Pistons fans have already chimed in somewhere in this thread, but I'm too lazy to read the whole thing. He is really put together', The NBA lists the Australian at a mammoth 6'10 (208 centimetres) in height and 120 kilograms in weight. The NBA lists the Australian at a mammoth 6'10 (208 centimetres) in height and 120 kilograms in weight. Grinding his way through the San Antonio Spurs system in his first three seasons, he spent two years with Detroit before his last two were in Boston.

Humphries added with back injury, Sign up for the Arizona Sports Insider email. Double amputee dancer whose breathtaking performance at London 2012 opening ceremony saw him hoisted high... Advertising tycoon Sir Martin Sorrell's estranged wife Cristiana Falcone says she 'totally lost' her... Census will ask public to provide details about their sexual orientation and gender identity for first time... Meghan Markle fans speculate she is wearing Princess Diana's £75,000 emerald cut aquamarine ring on her... Police launch probe after 'human bones' were found in a Greater Manchester town.

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Another really solid move by Ainge.

“It’s about time I headbutt somebody in practice and just go at ’em but also look up to them and respect them in a same way,” Ayton said.
Newly enthroned Archbishop of York Stephen Cottrell says he is 'disturbed' over Downing Street's snub of his... 'The ball is in their court': Michael Gove claims the EU is 'not serious' about striking a free trade deal... Scotland approves plans for second Trump golf course that will feature a 450-room resort hotel, conference... Jilly Cooper reveals she's never cried over her husband's death and got 'closure' for his six-year affair... Teenager, 18, becomes FOURTH person to die in horror road crash after losing his fight for life in hospital... Social media giants are accused of 'politically motivated censorship' after they blocked stories alleging... How long until web giants start censoring YOUR news? Aron Baynes, who grew up in Cairns, signed with the Boston Celtics as a free agent for $5.5 million in July and has quickly made a resonating impression on local NBC sportscaster Tommy Heinsohn who spoke of seeing the 30-year-old in the showers while commentating a pre-season game. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

Credit to Caris LeVert here for trying to move Baynes. ', Aron Baynes, who grew up in Cairns, signed with the Boston Celtics as a free agent for $5.5 million in July.

'I had question marks about him, but they've been erased. All content © 2000-2020 RealGM, L.L.C. They have manifested excellence by giving a damn. 11 Rings – Bill Russell 7 Rings … Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. Pop didn't like him in practice because people got hurt. -Red Auerbach, Pistons had minus 6.3 net rating with drummond, plus 5.2 with Baynes, Stephen Silas, Jeff Van Gundy, John Lucas Are Three Finalists For Rockets Job, Leon Rose 'Amenable' To Carmelo Anthony Returning To Knicks, Fred VanVleet Could Get Similar Contract To Malcolm Brogdon, Daryl Morey Takes Out Full-Page Ad In Houston Chronicle: 'James Harden Changed My Life', Five Biggest Storylines For 2020 NBA Offseason, The Coda To These Finals Is Where We'll Discover Novel Territory, Miami Has Found The Blueprint For A Post-Super-Team Future, Bama-Georgia Has Highest Regular Season SEC Ticket Price Since 2015, Patriots Have Another Positive COVID-19 Test, Expected To Still Play, Colts Reopen Facility After Retests Come Back Negative, Rams DC Likens Jalen Ramsey To LeBron James, Sick NFL Players Must Now Isolate Even If Negative,,, “So, it’s been a while and I’m excited. This team side of the ring has 56 stones representing the number of years the Warriors have been in the Bay Area. 'I took a look at Baynes in the shower,' Heinsohn said. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. I don't believe in statistics. They do not give any other measurements.

I know some Detroit fans have already chimed in with much better scouting reports I can give you but I think there is one really important thing this dude brings, toughness.

You can't measure a ballplayer's heart. He’s obviously a big dude, but it’s a craft for Baynes to understand the right angles to set those screens and he has some tricks too like planting his foot just as the defender arrives.

Again, though, hands straight up, not fouling and then swiping when the ball presents itself. Ayton is capable of just about anything on the court because of his athleticism and skill. Thousands rally in Paris in protest at murder of teacher Samuel Paty by refugee Islamist terrorist, 18, who... UK coronavirus infections rise by 32% in a week to 16,982 with another 67 fatalities taking death toll to... Police in Lake District issue warning to parents after schoolchildren were found eating sweets infused with... Twitter removes 'misleading' tweet from top Trump Covid adviser Dr Scott Atlas that said masks don't work. Most Championships By A Team. An Australian NBA player has certainly ingratiated himself with the local broadcaster of his new team after a commentator glowed about seeing him naked.

“He can definitely help me add on to this talent that I have because he’s already great himself and he has a ring so he’s seen it all.”.

'What he did was anchor the inside play.

Baynes is one of the best screen-setters in the league. ... left, and Aron Baynes of the Celtics on … All rights reserved. At least he gets to play for a contender, and he might even get more minutes. Team player and interesting to watch. Baynes is just about one, though, thanks once again to his feel and sound fundamentals.

The closer we get to the season, the easier it’s becoming to see that he was a large part of the deal. Even when he has to contain drives, he just simply moves his feet, doesn’t over-commit and keeps his hands up ready to come at the ball. Published: 15:53 BST, 3 October 2017 | Updated: 15:54 BST, 3 October 2017.
The comments below have not been moderated. The difference in when Baynes is on the court compared to off the court in those three seasons was 4.2, 4.4 and 10.0 points per 100 possessions. Tag: How Many Rings Does Aron Baynes Have. The Heat make winning look like a matter of practical magic- nothing they do is that remarkable besides how they do it.

He only averages 15.1 minutes per game over his career, and he somehow manages a big impact with those because his teams are always better when he’s on the court.

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“He’s just gonna bring that edge piece for us that we need, that toughness.”. “But at the same time, he’s all about doing it the right way anyway so it’s good to see that he’s not just [loofing] about, he’s focused and professional with the way he carries himself.”. There’s also that extra bit of physicality Baynes plays with that has earned him a reputation that can hopefully rub off on Ayton. It is not known whether Boston NBC commentator was referring to his Baynes' incredibly large frame or something else entirely. “Aron can definitely help me be great,” Ayton said Tuesday.

The future of concerts?

He played a tough guy, in the big guy (Dwight) Howard, so when you look at what he performed you can see he is going to be a terrific addition. Sean Elliot of the Spurs TV broadcasting used to call Baynes the Big Banger. When asked about coming in to mentor Ayton, Baynes sees the good habits in place already beyond that talent and said it’s a matter of a few tinkers here and there.

“Listen man, you see that guy, just walk the other way,” Kelly Oubre Jr. joked on Monday. Most Rings By A Player.

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