a conspiracy of paper summary

It really kept me guessing and I love it when that happens. Weaver struggles to learn the intricacies of the "stock-jobber" system while confronted with a possibly-murdered father of his own, an estranged family, an interfering crime-boss and a beautiful young widow. Anyone know any other authors/stories like David Liss?

This novel fits the bill. 2001

Crime was rampant, murder common. Now he uses his intelligence and strength to different ends, serving as a quasi-detective and bill collector, sorting through mysteries, hunting down thieves, and flushing out debtors.

I found it interesting that the author added at the end that this novel was based on true events.

It was also a national bestseller, and is a book group favorite. Ben Weaver is a fascinating protagonist that is a mix of actions from honest morals and a display of flying meat hooks.

Taking place in 18th century London, Benjamin Weaver, a Jew and former boxer, is asked to investigate his own father's death. A Conspiracy of Paper (Benjamin Weaver, #1). Brilliant.

Much of the story revolves around financial issues, which I really enjoyed. The rest of the characters were interchangeable (in my opinion).

Then, I learned about how Jewish people lived and worked in the society. so i certainly wouldn't want to do it while reading for pleasure. Having left the family business years ago, in his early days he earned acclaim for his skills as a boxer, introducing a 'scientific' approach to the sport and retiring only after breaking his leg. David Liss is one of my favorite historical fiction authors, and A Conspiracy of Paper, his first novel, did not disappoint. After a successful career in bare-knuckle boxing, Weaver has found a new calling as a 'thief-taker'—roughly equivalent to a modern private investigator.

a conspiracy of paper by david liss. The story is set in 18th century London and told by Benjamin Weaver, a Jew who has also been a professional fighter and is now a thief-taker. Set in eighteenth-century London, the novel follows Jewish thief-taker Benjamin Weaver as he investigates the fraudulence of the South Sea Company, whose forged stock certificates lead to the world’s first stock-market crash, the “South Sea Bubble” of 1720.

While not a huge fan of historical fiction, I found I couldn’t put the book down. liss would have lost readers if he tried to use the language of the late 18th century--having read things written in that tongue, i know it's fucking hard, and i hated it. This was a complicated tale where our main character Benjamin Weaver is tossed on the seas of economic intrigue, caught between the Bank of England, the South Seas company and the machinations of the London underworld. In England in the early 1700's Benjamin Weaver is a retired Boxer, whose new profession is to retrieve stolen goods for people.

murders. This was supposed to be a suspense book filled with mystery and murder but I was not at all invested in the characters or the story.

Most of the city's residents lived in squalor.

Full of exciting intrigue and adventure, Liss also paints what I think it is a pretty historically accurate picture of London in…well, whenever this book is set (Liss seems to be fairly respected as a historian, or at least as a writer of historical fiction). He becomes determined to get to the bottom of this mysterious death in spite of a convoluted conspiracy that tests his competence as a detective. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. which leads him to his own father's death.

One can’t help but see the piquant parallels in our present day transition from paper currency to the abstraction of electronic transactions.

A Conspiracy of Paper is a 2000 historical thriller by American novelist David Liss.

I'm on a kick here with people who write really amazing books while doing other really amazing things. At least Liss was completing a PhD in English while writing a piece of literature - mind you, I couldn't write a piece of fiction while finishing my PhD (I had enough with finishing the PhD, and don't even get me started on these final revisions...) - but, like, books and English PhDs go together at least. but it was GOOD. A Conspiracy of Paper is a historical-mystery novel by David Liss, set in London in the period leading up to the bursting of the South Sea Bubble in 1720.

I wasn't able to concentrate well when I first began it; so I just read a chapter or so at a time. This is the book that introduced me to Benjamin Weaver, who stars in all my favorite books by David Liss.

The story is set in 18th century London and told by Benjamin Weaver, a Jew who has also been a professional fighter and is now a thief-taker. Economics has never been my strong suit, but I found myself completely fascinated by the story of the South Sea Company and the world of finance in early 18th century England, the background of this thoroughly engaging and enjoyable whodunit. The book itself, I feel was well-written, but this was such a disappointment as a mystery. i mean, he used a more formal language than we would use. Ben Weaver is a fascinating protagonist that is a mix of actions from honest morals and a display of flying meat hooks.
So it's about a boxer turned thief turned thief taker who is trying to uncover the mystery behind his father's not so accidental death.

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